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Volume 68, 1994

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Reports From Cooperators

Ajmone-Marsan, P et al. 1994. MNL 68:13-14 -- RFLP mapping of QTLs for grain yield and agronomic traits
Alleman, M. 1994. MNL 68:82-83 -- A new maize ring chromosome - ring10:A1179
Austin, DF and Lee, M. 1994. MNL 68:7-8 -- Comparative linkage analysis of RFLP loci and QTL in F2:3 and F6:7 recombinant inbreds
Azevedo, RA and Arruda, P. 1994. MNL 68:75-77 -- Selection of plants resistant to S-2-aminoethyl-L-cysteine
Azevedo, RA and Lea, PJ. 1994. MNL 68:77-79 -- Aspartate kinase activity extracted from seedlngs of the ask1 mutant
Barkan, A and Walker, M. 1994. MNL 68:41 -- Isolation and genomic mapping of cDNAs encoding the chloroplast Rieske Fe/S protein: two unlinked genes are transcribed in maize
Barkan, A et al. 1994. MNL 68:41 -- Mapping and allelism results: nuclear mutations affecting chloroplast biogenesis
Barre, M et al. 1994. MNL 68:58-59 -- Evidence for the tri-hybrid origin of Tripsacum andersonii Gray
Bates, K and Walden, DB. 1994. MNL 68:56-57 -- RFLP analysis of genotypic variation in callus
Becker, H and Kunze, R. 1994. MNL 68:21-22 -- The DNA-binding sites of the Ac transposase
Behrens-Jung, U et al. 1994. MNL 68:20-21 -- The Ac transposase consists of several, functionally distinct domains
Blair, DL. 1994. MNL 68:115 -- Partners for progress
Blakey, CA et al. 1994. MNL 68:35-37 -- Current status of the Tripsacum dactyloides (Eastern gamagrass) RFLP molecular genetic map
Blakey, CA et al. 1994. MNL 68:37-38 -- RFLP locus-site designations for interspecific mapping of molecular markers derived from Tripsacum dactyloides and maize
Bodeau, J and Walbot, V. 1994. MNL 68:95-96 -- Structure and regulation of the Bronze-2 promoter
Bodeau, J and Walbot, V. 1994. MNL 68:98-99 -- Anthocyanin genotypes in an A188 background, and their pigment phenotypes in embryogenic calli
Bosio, D et al. 1994. MNL 68:14 -- Effect of sucrose and asparagine on the synthesis of storage products in in vitro grown maize endosperms
Buckner, B and Janick-Buckner, D. 1994. MNL 68:45-46 -- Distribution of carotenoids and Y1 mRNA in maize kernels
Buckner, B et al. 1994. MNL 68:46-47 -- Carotenoid content in the endosperm of pale yellow and white kernels tha are homozygous for a recessive allele of Y1
Burilkov, V et al. 1994. MNL 68:50-51 -- Mutagenic effects of laser radiation and 6-mercaptopurine on seedlings
Byrne, PF et al. 1994. MNL 68:35 -- Silk browning, maysin content, and corn earworm resistance
Calderon-Urrea, A and Dellaporta, SL. 1994. MNL 68:70 -- A microsatellite linked to the ts2 locus
Causse, M and Rocher, J. 1994. MNL 68:44-45 -- Locating QTLs for carbon metabolism and early growth, using candidate gene approach
Causse, M et al. 1994. MNL 68:42-44 -- A composite map of expressed sequences, based on four individual maps
Chalyk, ST et al. 1994. MNL 68:47 -- Transgressive segregation in the progeny of a cross between two inducers of maize maternal haploids
Chandel, G et al. 1994. MNL 68:84-85 -- Size and distribution of stomata in maize and its wild relatives
Chandel, G et al. 1994. MNL 68:85 -- Pollen size variation in Coix
Chandler, VL. 1994. MNL 68:115 -- Using maize in K-12 education
Chang, R-Y and Peterson, PA. 1994. MNL 68: 5-6 -- Resistance to Helminthosporium maydis: one gene or two genes?
Chang, RY and Peterson, PA. 1994. MNL 68:4-5 -- An attempt to tag rhm with transposable elements
Charcosset, A et al. 1994. MNL 68:44 -- Investigation of the effect of genetic background on QTL expression using three connected RIL populations
Chatterjee, S and Starlinger, P. 1994. MNL 68:23-24 -- Characterization of the Ac sequences required in cis for transposition
Chen, S and Chen, W. 1994. MNL 68:113-114 -- Chromosome linkage study of Rf locus for cms-C
Cheng, PC and Samarabandu, J. 1994. MNL 68:17-18 -- Determining the nuclear volume in a pollen grain by using laser scanning confocal microscopy and multi-dimensional image analysis
Chernov, A et al. 1994. MNL 68:49-50 -- The effect of the chromosome 1 segment marked by the Adh1 locus on quantitative traits
Chi, Y et al. 1994. MNL 68:16 -- The lg3 locus maps to the short arm of chromosome 3
Chiavarino, AM et al. 1994. MNL 68:52-53 -- Meiotic behavior of maize B chromosomes in the native race "Pisingallo" from NW Argentina
Choe, B et al. 1994. MNL 68:100 -- Tillering and prolific inbreds
Close, PS et al. 1994. MNL 68:29-30 -- Increasing sensitivity and reducing cost and prep time using the "modified dry blot" procedure for Southern and Northern analyses
Corcuera, VR and Naranjo, C. 1994. MNL 68:53-54 -- Development of waxy maize inbred lines
Corcuera, VR and Naranjo, C. 1994. MNL 68:54 -- Evaluation of protein content in a maize native race from Argentina
Das, OP and Messing, JW. 1994. MNL 68:80-81 -- A heritable interaction between P-pr and P-rr
Das, OP et al. 1994. MNL 68:79-80 -- Effect of P-pr on pigmentation conditioned by P-rr
Das, OP. 1994. MNL 68:79 -- Quantitative extraction of pericarp pigments
Dash, S et al. 1994. MNL 68:67 -- Centromeric fusion and knob fusion in maize
De Leon, C et al. 1994. MNL 68: 10-11 -- Four new tropical lowland downy mildew resistant populations
Dewald, CL et al. 1994. MNL 68:38 -- Gynomonoecious sex form1 gene (gsf1) of Tripsacum dactyloides: description and Tripsacum linkage map location
Doebley, JF and Stec, A. 1994. MNL 68:88-89 -- Teosinte branched1 and the origin of maize
Doebley, JF et al. 1994. MNL 68:87-88 -- Suppressor of sessile spikelets1(Sos1):a dominant mutant affecting inflorescence development
Doebley, JF. 1994. MNL 68:91-92 -- Terminal ear1 and the origin of maize
Dooner, HK and Ralston, E. 1994. MNL 68:74-75 -- Light requirement for anthocyanin pigmentaion of C aleurones
Dorweiler, J and Doebley, JF. 1994. MNL 68:85-86 -- Teosinte glume architecture1 controls silica deposition in the glumes of maize
Dorweiler, J and Doebley, JF. 1994. MNL 68:89-91 -- Photos of teosinte glume architecture1
Egli, MA et al. 1994. MNL 68:92-93 -- Identification and mapping of maize acetyl-CoA carboxylase genes
Erygina, EP and Mashnenkov, AS. 1994. MNL 68:51 -- Effect of growth environment on development of Zea x Tripsacum hybrid kernels
Eubanks, M. 1994. MNL 68:40-41 -- Rootworm resistance in F1 Tripsacum x Zea diploperennis
Ferl, RJ et al. 1994. MNL 68:41-42 -- Brain protein homologs and gene names
Foster, T and Hake, S. 1994. MNL 68:2 -- It's a Gnarley one!(Gn1)
Frappier, JRH et al. 1994. MNL 68:55 -- Expression of some maize 18 kDa HSP's result from the translation at internal AUG codons
Frey, M et al. 1994. MNL 68:62-63 -- Cytochrome P450 enzymes of the maize seedling
Frova, C et al. 1994. MNL 68:60 -- Mapping QTLs for pollen thermotolerance in recombinant inbreds
Gabay-Laughnan, SJ and Laughnan, JR. 1994. MNL 68:105-106 -- Silencing of restorer-of-fertility genes of cms-S
Galinat, WC. 1994. MNL 68:109 -- The identity of Mga(maize glume architecture) on 4S confused with a multiple allelic series at the Tu(tunicate)locus
Galinat, WC. 1994. MNL 68:109-110 -- Significant differences between populations grown from single pd compared with paired Pd spikelet seed borne in variegated arrangements on individual ears
Gayen, P et al. 1994. MNL 68:65 -- Chromosome doubling in haploids through colchicine
Gayen, P et al. 1994. MNL 68:66 -- Meiotic studies on haploids
Gayen, P et al. 1994. MNL 68:68 -- Translocation heterozygosity in Coix
Geiger, HH et al. 1994. MNL 68:99 -- Herbicide resistance as a marker in screening for maternal haploids
Greyson, RI et al. 1994. MNL 68:55-56 -- In situ hybridization of 18 kDa HSP antisense RNA in maize root tips using digoxigenin detectin
Haas, G and Orr, AR. 1994. MNL 68:18-19 -- Organogenesis of the maize mutant Fascicled ear (Fas)
Heinlein, M and Starlinger, P. 1994. MNL 68:22-23 -- Ac allele-specific variegation patterns are not due to modifier genes
Heinlein, M and Starlinger, P. 1994. MNL 68:23 -- Dosage effects of Ds
Heinlein, M et al. 1994. MNL 68:22 -- In vivo aggregation of Ac transposase in nuclei of maize endosperm and petunia protoplasts
Heinlein, M et al. 1994. MNL 68:22 -- Correlation of aggregation phenotypes and activity of mutant Ac transposase derivatives
Helentjaris, T et al. 1994. MNL 68:101-104 -- Compilation of mapping/sequencing results for randomly selected maize cDNAs
Heredia-Diaz, O et al. 1994. MNL 68:30-34 -- Combined F2 and IF2 RFLP map
Holland, J et al. 1994. MNL 68:85 -- Linkage of RFLP markers to genes controlling resistance to southern corn rust
James, MG and Myers, AM. 1994. MNL 68:8 -- Cloning of sugary1 by transposon tagging with Mutator
Jeffers, D et al. 1994. MNL 68:58 -- Evaluation of tropical inbred lines for resistance to Fusarium moniliforme ear rot
Khavkin, EE and Coe, EH, Jr. 1994. MNL 68:61-62 -- Are there clusters of growth-related genes in maize?
Khavkin, EE and Zabrodina, M. 1994. MNL 68:61 -- Pollen-specific Px2
Klinge, B et al. 1994. MNL 68:24-25 -- The Zmhox2a/b gene pair is highly transcribed in meristematic maize tissues
Koterniak, VV. 1994. MNL 68:75 -- The pattern of distribution of the allele Bg-3449 in inbred Zpl 2077/54-14
Krivov, NV and Lysikov, VN. 1994. MNL 68:48 -- The influence of chronic gibberellin treatment on the expression of the heterochronic mutation Cg2
Krivov, NV. 1994. MNL 68:48 -- Expressivity of the heterochronic mutation Cg2 and its correlation with gene dose
Krivov, NV. 1994. MNL 68:48-49 -- The interaction between genes suppressing heterochronic mutant Cg2 manifestation and the cytoplasm genome
Krone, T and Phillips, RL. 1994. MNL 68:92 -- Genes encoding methionine-rich proteins: Chromosomal location of a duplicate locus of zps10/(22)
Krueger, RW. 1994. MNL 68:115 -- Industry/education interactions
Krugh, BW et al. 1994. MNL 68:25-27 -- The solid-state chlorophyll meter: a novel instrument for rapidly and accurately determining the chlorophyll concentrations in seedling leaves
Kumar, A et al. 1994. MNL 68:84 -- Effect of media on callusing and rhizogenesis from cultured root explants of genotype TUXP237-2
Kumar, H and Kumar, M. 1994. MNL 68:84 -- Differential tissue culture response of seedling explants of cv. Swan
Kumari, AS et al. 1994. MNL 68:83 -- Embryoid formation from cultured anthers of two inbreds and their hybrid
Kumari, AS et al. 1994. MNL 68:83 -- A simple method for pollen karyotyping in maize
Lazzari, B et al. 1994. MNL 68:60-61 -- Sequence analysis of an opaque2 mutant of Zea mays
Lee, H et al. 1994. MNL 68:100 -- Tillers taller than the main stem are heritable
Lee, I et al. 1994. MNL 68:100 -- Genetics of super thin pericarp
Lee, W et al. 1994. MNL 68:71 -- Mapping the centromere of chromosome 4 in maize using a telocentric for 4S
Li, X et al. 1994. MNL 68:10 -- Analysis of the 5' region of the P gene as a potential floral-specific promoter
Lin, B and Yu, H. 1994. MNL 68:100-101 -- A new type of non-chromosomal stripe from Taiwanese maize
Liu, Y et al. 1994. MNL 68:12 -- Studies on the superior new germplasms in sweet corn (Zea mays saccharata)
Lu, H et al. 1994. MNL 68:113 -- Allozyme polymorphisms within and among local varieties of maize in Southwestern China
Lugli, J and Azevedo, RA. 1994. MNL 68:77 -- Isolation of aspartate kinase from Coix lacryma-jobi
Lupotto, E et al. 1994. MNL 68:14-16 -- Conditions for electroporation of intact type II maize calli
Madan, J et al. 1994. MNL 68:65 -- Morphometric characters of seed in relation to callusing ability (%) and callus growth
Madan, J et al. 1994. MNL 68:66 -- Effect of silver nitrate on callusing ability
Maddaloni, M et al. 1994. MNL 68:12-13 -- Role of the transcriptional regulator opaque2 in carbon partitioning between starch and proteins in the sink
Maillet, D et al. 1994. MNL 68:56 -- RI mapping of two ubiquitin sequences in maize
Marrs, K and Walbot, V. 1994. MNL 68:97-98 -- Bronze2 and related genes: a clue to the function of the Bz2 protein?
McMullen, MD et al. 1994. MNL 68:38 -- Three genes control resistance to wheat streak mosaic virus in the maize inbred Pa405
Mikula, BC and Besaw, B. 1994. MNL 68:38-39 -- When does paramutation take place?
Mikula, BC and Besaw, B. 1994. MNL 68:39 -- Clonal pattern of pigmented cells in aleurone is host-determined in the second week of seedling development
Mikula, BC and Besaw, B. 1994. MNL 68:39-40 -- Host-controlled timing of clonal-pattern expression in the third week of seedling development
Molina, MC and Garcia, M. 1994. MNL 68:54-55 -- Cytogenetic abnormalities in callus and plants derived from one maize embryo after 60 months in culture
Muehlbauer, G et al. 1994. MNL 68:93 -- Threonine-overproducing, lysine-insensitive aspartate kinase (Ask2) map location
Muehlbauer, G et al. 1994. MNL 68:94 -- Aspartate kinase-homoserine dehydrogenase bifunctional enzyme
Nadiger, S and Notani, NK. 1994. MNL 68:17 -- Non-Mendelian breeding behaviour of sh1-B (shrunken1-Bombay) allele
Neuffer, MG and Briggs, SP. 1994. MNL 68:28 -- Designation of bif2
Neuffer, MG and England, DJ. 1994. MNL 68:27 -- Location of blh*-2359 on chromosome 8L
Neuffer, MG and England, DJ. 1994. MNL 68:27 -- Location of Yg*-2448
Neuffer, MG and England, DJ. 1994. MNL 68:27-28 -- bif1-pro1-lg4 linkage on chromosome 8
Neuffer, MG and England, DJ. 1994. MNL 68:29 -- Dominant lesion mutants on chromosome 2 and designation of les18 and les19
Neuffer, MG and Wright, AD. 1994. MNL 68:28 -- Another pair of factors expressing orange pericarp
Neuffer, MG. 1994. MNL 68:28-29 -- New mutant designations
Neuffer, MG. 1994. MNL 68:29 -- Tests for allelism among dominant lesion mutants
Niral, V et al. 1994. MNL 68:63-64 -- Genetic characterization of R-mb:cc, mutable derivative from R-mb
Niral, V et al. 1994. MNL 68:64 -- Tassel maturation and R-mb:cc expression
Niral, V et al. 1994. MNL 68:64 -- Anthocyanin pattern formation in vitro
Pan, D and Nelson, OE Jr. 1994. MNL 68:57-58 -- The absence of debranching enzyme activity and the presence of phytoglycogen in the germinating seeds of sugary1 mutants and commercial sweet corns
Paul, A and Ferl, RJ. 1994. MNL 68:41 -- A summary of the chromatin structure and other architectural features of the maize Adh1 5' flanking region
Pereira, MG and Lee, M. 1994. MNL 68:7 -- Genomic regions affecting plant height in maize and sorghum
Poggio, L et al. 1994. MNL 68:52 -- Cytological studies in alloplasmic lines of maize
Prasad, MNV et al. 1994. MNL 68:83-84 -- Cytotoxicity of a herbicide in maize
Quarrie, SA et al. 1994. MNL 68:73-74 -- QTL for drought responses in an F2 population
Richman, A and Walden, DB. 1994. MNL 68:57 -- Analysis of environmental effects on RFLP stability in maize inbreds
Robertson, DS. 1994. MNL 68:10 -- Information on the Iowa State Mutator and other stocks from the Robertson laboratory
Robertson, DS. 1994. MNL 68:8-10 -- Some thoughts on the nature and utilization of the Mutator system
Sachan, JKS and Nath, Y. 1994. MNL 68:68-69 -- Interracial differences in mechanical properties of the cob in relation to knob composition
Sachan, JKS et al. 1994. MNL 68:66-67 -- Somatic pairing in maize and teosinte
Sachan, JKS et al. 1994. MNL 68:67 -- Amphidiploid theory of maize origin - revisited
Sachan, JKS. 1994. MNL 68:69 -- Restructuring maize plant type for higher productivity
Sarkar, KR et al. 1994. MNL 68:64-65 -- Stablization of high haploid inducer lines
Scanlon, MJ et al. 1994. MNL 68:16 -- The pleiotropic mutation dek*-Mu1364 maps to chromosome arm 9L
Schichnes, DE et al. 1994. MNL 68:16-17 -- The lxm1 gene maps near position 88 on 3L
Shatskaya, O et al. 1994. MNL 68:51 -- Mass induction of maternal haploids in corn
Shatskaya, O et al. 1994. MNL 68:51-52 -- Autodiploid lines as sources of haploid spontaneous diploidization in corn
Shaver, J et al. 1994. MNL 68:93-94 -- Identification of point mutations which confer lysine-insensitivity to maize dihydrodipicolinate synthase
Shivakumar, T et al. 1994. MNL 68:68 -- Comparative pollen grain size in the tribe Maydeae
Smith, LG et al. 1994. MNL 68: 3-4 -- Loss of the dominant knotted1 phenotype by EMS mutgenesis
Smith, S et al. 1994. MNL 68:45 -- Associations among inbred lines of maize using RFLP and DNA amplification technologies (AFLP and AP-PCR), and correlations with pedigree, F1 yield and heterosis
Sprague, GF. 1994. MNL 68:105 -- Stocks and new factors
Stapleton, AE and Walbot, V. 1994. MNL 68:96 -- Shielding and repair: responses to ultraviolet radiation
Stinard, PS and Schnable, PS. 1994. MNL 68:107 -- o12 and cp2 are allelic to dek7
Stinard, PS and Schnable, PS. 1994. MNL 68:107-108 -- New alleles of et2 and su3
Stinard, PS and Schnable, PS. 1994. MNL 68:108 -- The new, improved TB-9Lc
Stinard, PS. 1994. MNL 68:107 -- Three-point linkage data for su1, lw4, and gl4 on chromosome 4
Stinard, PS. 1994. MNL 68:107 -- Three-point linkage data for pr1, lw3, and v2 on chromosome 5
Styles, ED. 1994. MNL 68:108-109 -- Notes from a corner in Victoria
Swarup, S and Messing, JW. 1994. MNL 68:81 -- Mapping of a novel d-zein and a proposal for revising nomenclature of the d-class zeins
Swarup, S et al. 1994. MNL 68:81-82 -- Analysis of dzs23, which encodes the highest methionine containing zein
Tarchini, R et al. 1994. MNL 68:59-60 -- Identification of a RAPD marker associated with Rf3
Teissonniere, N et al. 1994. MNL 68:70 -- A study of the progeny of monosomic-4 plants in maize
Thatiparthi, VR and Peterson, PA. 1994. MNL 68: 6-7 -- Multiple gene loss on the short arm of chromosome 9 in C-m925408U is not induced by Ac
Ting, Y. 1994. MNL 68:19-20 -- Molecular markers of anther culture-derived plants
Tracy, WF. 1994. MNL 68:116 -- Corn webbing in Wisconsin
Tuveson, R and Steffensen, DM. 1994. MNL 68:106-107 -- A photoxin in maize leaves, disease resistance?
Ueberlacker, B et al. 1994. MNL 68:24 -- Ectopic expression of Zmhox1b alters the development in transgenic tobacco
Vollbrecht, E. 1994. MNL 68: 2-3 -- lethal ovule2 causes aberrant embryo sac development
Vollbrecht, E. 1994. MNL 68:3 -- Deficiency analysis of megagametogenesis
Walbot, V. 1994. MNL 68:115 -- Providing ears, seeds to local high schools
Wang, Liming et al. 1994. MNL 68:23 -- Studies on Ac/Ds methylation
Warren, C and Walbot, V. 1994. MNL 68:94-95 -- MuDR-like elements in Zapalote chico maize
Weck, EA. 1994. MNL 68:71-73 -- Illustrating multigene mapping data in a spreadsheet format
Wessler, S. 1994. MNL 68:115-116 -- A presentation to my daughter's first grade class
Zehr, BE and Wright, S. 1994. MNL 68:111-113 -- Regions of genomic similarity among four 'Stiff Stalk' inbred lines as measured by multiple restriciton enzymes in RFLP analysis
Zehr, BE et al. 1994. MNL 68:110-111 -- QTLs for degree of pollen-silk discordance, expression of disease lesion mimic, and leaf curl response to drought
Zeng, MQ and Liu, Y. 1994. MNL 68:12 -- Origin of Chinese waxy maize (Zea mays sinensis)
Zhang, J and Peterson, TA. 1994. MNL 68:10 -- A new P-ww allele and Ac element with high negative dosage effect and novel suppressing activity

Using Maize in K-12 Classrooms

Last year at the Education Workshop during the Maize Genetics Meeting, there was a great deal of enthusiasm for promoting the use of maize in K-12 Science Education. During the workshop several ideas were discussed. Among them was establishing a section of the Maize Cooperation Newsletter that contained ideas for using maize in the classroom. This year is the first, of what we hope is an annual section in the newsletter. Thanks to everyone who submitted their ideas and activities!

Your ideas are needed for future editions. If you have visited classrooms, given advice to or worked with teachers, or in any other way used maize in the classroom, your colleagues would love to hear about it. I will act as the coordinator to assemble the Education Section of the newsletter. Your ideas can be submitted to me via E-mail, Fax, diskette, or old-fashioned mail. I will put the section together and submit it as one piece to Ed Coe. In future years, I will need to get the information from you by December 15th, so that it can be submitted by the January 1st deadline.

At the 1993 Maize Genetics Meeting, it was decided that a committee would be established to gather information on current programs, establish contacts with those programs and national teaching organizations, and report back to the maize community what type of help it could best provide. Coordination with scientists using other genetic organisms will also be crucial to prevent redundancy of efforts. Ten persons, representing academic and company perspectives, volunteered to serve on this committe. Vicki Chandler (Univ. of Oregon), Ralph Bertrand (Colorado College), David Duncan (Monsanto), Julia Bailey-Serres (UC Riverside), Roger Krueger (American Cyanamid), Ronald Phillips (Univ. of Minnesota), Torbert Rocheford iv. of Illinois), Mary Schramke (BioRad), and William Tracy (Univ. of Wisconsin). Numerous other scientists had excellent suggestions and expressed a willingness to participate in various projects. I am attempting to keep an updated mailing list of all persons interested in receiving information regarding using maize in the classroom. If you did not receive a mailing from me last spring and fall and would like to be added to the list, please send me your complete address, telephone, Fax, and E-mail.

Vicki Chandler
Inst. of Molecular Biology
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-1229
(503)346-5136 (phone)
(503)346-5011 (FAX)

Partners for Progress -- Debi Blair, Pioneer Hi-Bred

 Industry/Education Interactions -- Roger Krueger, American Cyanamid

 Corn Webbing in Wisconsin-- Bill Tracy, University of Wisconsin-Madison

 Providing maize ears for local high schools -- Virginia Walbot, Stanford University

 Presentation to my Daughter's First Grade Class-- Susan R. Wessler, Department of Genetics/Botany, University of Georgia 

Please Note: As is the policy with the printed version, notes submitted to the Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter may be cited only with consent of the authors.

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