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Community IBM (cIBM2004) Maps
Six Mitochondrial Genomes from Maize and Teosinte.

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Adamo, A; Dall-Aglio, C; Dolfini, S; Gavazzi, G; Consonni, G. 2004. MNL. 78:41-42 -- The fdl (fused leaves) mutation affects shoot apex organization and seedling growth.

Akimova, G; Sokolova, M; Makarova, LE; Nechaeva, L. 2004. MNL. 78:18 -- Differentiation process of maize root cells at reduced temperature.

Anderson, L, et al. 2004. MNL. 78:16 -- High resolution crossover maps for each bivalent of Zea mays using recombination nodules.

Anderson, L, et al. 2004. MNL. 78:16-17 -- Integrating genetic linkage maps with pachytene chromosome structure in maize.

Balconi, C, et al. 2004. MNL. 78:7-8 -- Screening maize genotypes for resistance to Fusarium verticillioides comparing in vivo plant response and in vitro bioassays.

Baschalkhanov, S; Mashnenkov, AS; Kobzev, V; Katyshev, A; Konstantinov, Y. 2004. MNL. 78:24 -- AFLP analysis of the DNA in subline A344-CP5.

Bassie, Y; Onokpise, O; Odland, W; Bass, HW. 2004. MNL. 78:59 -- FISH analysis of retroelement distribution patterns along mitotic chromosomes.

Bernatene, EA; Corcuera, V; Naranjo, C. 2004. MNL. 78:31-32 -- Maize quality breeding: plant and prolificity traits of single-crosses obtained and tested in Argentina.

Bharti, AK, et al. 2004. MNL. 78:47-49 -- High-resolution physical mapping of the maize genome and sequencing a part thereof.

Biasutti, C; Alemanno, G. 2004. MNL. 78:12-13 -- Preliminary studies on combining ability effects for canopy temperature in corn (Zea mays L.).

Bonea, D; Urechean, V; Paraschivu, M. 2004. MNL. 78:57 -- The influence of low temperatures on seed germination.

Borovskii, GB, et al. 2004. MNL. 78:18-19 -- Cold adaptation induction of AOX isoform in maize.

Burak, R; Broccoli, A. 2004. MNL. 78:36-38 -- Confirmatory factor analysis of morphological variables of the ear and kernel in popcorn cultivars.

Carvalho, C; Saraiva, LS. 2004. MNL. 78:36-38 -- Maize pachytene chromosome images straighten through use of digital software.

Chase, SS. 2004. MNL. 78:53 -- Research not done; ideas left over.

Chase, SS; Kernan, P. 2004. MNL. 78:53-54 -- Twins, pseudo-twins, and other seedling and kernel abnormalities in maize: a long-term record.

Corcuera, V; Bernatene, EA; Naranjo, C. 2004. MNL. 78:29-30 -- Quality maize hybrids developed in Argentina: chemical evaluation of endosperm.

Corcuera, V; Bernatene, EA; Naranjo, C. 2004. MNL. 78:30-31 -- Kernel quality, evolutive cycle length and yield of waxy, high protein qualtiy and double recessive inbreds developed in Argentina.

Dresselhaus, T; Schreiber, D. 2004. MNL. 78:17-18 -- The large second intron of the MADS box transcription factor gene ZmMADS2 is transcribed in maize tissues where the protein seems not to be required.

Dzubetskiy, B; Satarova, TN; Cherchel, V; Klyavzo, SP. 2004. MNL. 78:15-16 -- Electrophoretic analysis of progeny of maize matroclinal haploids.

Fauron, C, et al. 2004. MNL. 78:50-52 -- Sequence comparisons of six mitochondrial genomes from maize and teosinte.

Figueroa, D; Bass, HW. 2004. MNL. 78:58-59 -- The Single myb histone (Smh) gene family of maize; detection of two PCR products from maize with primers for Smh1.

Findley, WR; Jones, M. 2004. MNL. 78:69-70 -- Conversions of the interchanges in reciprocal chromosomal translocations in maize to homozygosity for linkages to genes.

Gabay-Laughnan, S; Chase, CD. 2004. MNL. 78:66-67 -- Recent studies of CMS-S restorers-of-fertility have led to a change in nomenclature.

Gabay-Laughnan, S; Chase, CD. 2004. MNL. 78:67-68 -- CMS-S restorers-of-fertility from multiple sources cluster on chromosome 2L.

Galinat, WC. 2004. MNL. 78:69 -- Colors and their role in survival.

Gavazzi, G; Stucchi, C; Pilu, R. 2004. MNL. 78:40-41 -- The a1-eap allele of A1 represents a specific marker for the selection of embryogenetic mutants.

Gavrilescu, L; Bonea, D; Dobre, M; Paraschivu, M. 2004. MNL. 78:56-57 -- Effect of different moisture conditions on total chlorophyll content.

Gavrilescu, L; Bonea, D; Dobre, M; Paraschivu, M. 2004. MNL. 78:57-58 -- The influence of the planting density and soil moisture on the foliar surface index and the net rate of assimilation.

Giuilini, A, et al. 2004. MNL. 78:42 -- Characterization of new vp mutants not impaired in carotenogenesis.

Gonzalez, G; Confalonieri, V; Naranjo, C; Comas, C; Poggio, L. 2004. MNL. 78:33-34 -- Genomic affinities between maize and Zea perennis using classical and molecular cytogenetics (GISH-FISH).

Habben, J. 2004. MNL. 78:26-27 -- Use of anthocyanin pigmentation as a diagnostic tool to visualize drought stress in maize.

Huarte, H; Jatimliansky, J-; Molina, MC. 2004. MNL. 78:35 -- Germination of Andean Patagnoian maize (Zea mays ssp. mays) inbreds selected for cold tolerance.

Huarte, H; Jatimliansky, J-; Molina, MC. 2004. MNL. 78:36 -- Evaluation of seedling growth of maize inbreds (Zea mays ssp. mays) selected from Andean-Patagonian populatins for cold tolerance.

Jackson, JD et al. 2004. MNL 78: 65-66 -- Additional linkage tests of waxy1 marked reciprocal translocations at the MGCSC.

Jackson, JD. 2004. MNL. 78:66 -- Allelism testing of miscellaneous stocks in the Maize Coop phenotype only collection.

Jackson, JD. 2004. MNL. 78:66 -- Allelism testing of viviparous stocks with pink scutellum in the Maize Coop phenotype only collection.

Jiang, C; Peterson, TA. 2004. MNL. 78:2 -- Analysis of the maize Myb gene superfamily: conserved motifs and functional characterization.

Kass, LB. 2004. MNL. 78:24-26 -- Identification of photographs from the Barbara McClintock papers on the National Library of Medicine website.

Kim, S; Han, H; Kim, P. 2004. MNL. 78:52-53 -- Progress of maize breeding and production increase in North Korea.

Kravchenko, A; Saltanovici, T; Rojnevschi, M. 2004. MNL. 78:10 -- Effect of radioactive pollution of soil on maize chromosomes.

Kravchenko, A. 2004. MNL. 78:9-10 -- Male maize gametophytes as a possible test system for radioecological monitoring.

Kravchenko, A; Jacota, A. 2004. MNL. 78:9 -- Effect of low positive temperature on callusogenesis and somatic embryogenesis of maize.

Kulhanek, DJ; Keppinger, J; Rivin, C. 2004. MNL. 78:13-14 -- Re-targeting of a duplicated gene product and the evolution of novel gene function.

Maslobrod, S; Ganea, A; Grati, M; Corlateanu, L; Romanova, I. 2004. MNL. 78:10 -- A new aspect of the shape effect of maize and chickpea plants.

Maslobrod, S; Ganea, A; Corlateanu, L. 2004. MNL. 78:11-12 -- ""Memory" of the system of two swelling seeds of maize and distant transmission of structural bioisomerism from one seedling to the other, determined by this "memory" under stress.

Nepomnyaschih, D; Koulintechenko, M; Konstantinov, Y. 2004. MNL. 78:20 -- Are there some species-specific differences in DNA import activity in mitochondria?.

Okagaki, R, et al. 2004. MNL. 78:49-50 -- The distribution of chromosome breaks in radiation hybrid lines from chromosome 3.

Osipova, E; Troitskij, A; Dolgikh, Y; Shamina, ZB; Gostimskij, S. 2004. MNL. 78:43-45 -- Nucleotide sequence analysis of scar markers from Zea mays somaclones (Zea mays L.).

Owusu, EO; Rivin, C. 2004. MNL. 78:14 -- Two classes of Tousled-like kinases indicate two rounds of gene duplication.

Owusu, EO; Rivin, C. 2004. MNL. 78:14 -- Tousled-like kinases of maize are up-regulated in dividing tissue and can functionally complement the tousled mutant of Arabidopsis.

Pan, D. 2004. MNL. 78:38-39 -- On the nature of plant chromosome transition state: gravity, plant vigor and chromosome aberration (an hypothesis).

Pan, D; Zhou, W. 2004. MNL. 78:39 -- Phenotypic variations of maize after dry seeds exposure to space conditions.

Paraschivu, I, et al. 2004. MNL. 78:54-56 -- The usefulness of multiple index improvement of a diallel of (7x6) corn lines.

Pilu, R; Cassani, E; Landoni, M. 2004. MNL. 78:39-40 -- ra1-154, a new allele of the ra1 mutant.

Sandoval, M; Corcuera, V; Bernatene, EA; Naranjo, C. 2004. MNL. 78:33 -- Behaviour of maize inbreds and single-crosses to spontaneous infections of Puccinia sorghi Schw..

Santos-Serejo, J; Aguiar-Perecin, MLR; Bertao, M. 2004. MNL. 78:45-47 -- Maize chromosome polymorphism: A comparison between pachytene chromosomes and mitotic chromosomes using C-banding and FISH of 5S rDNA and Cent-4 probes in tropical hybrids.

Schaeffer(Polacco), ML. 2004. MNL. 78:125-137 -- Community IBM (cIBM2004) Maps.

Shmakov, V; Mashnenkov, AS; Konstantinov, Y. 2004. MNL. 78:20-21 -- "Characterization of callusogenesis in A344, A344-CP5 and Sg25 inbred lines and their hybrids".

Stinard, P. 2004. MNL. 78:60-61 -- The Spotted-dilute controlling element system revisited.

Stinard, P. 2004. MNL. 78:62 -- Spf from the Spotted-dilute system is a member of the En/Spm controlling element family.

Stinard, P. 2004. MNL. 78:62-63 -- New inr1 and inr2 alleles.

Stinard, P. 2004. MNL. 78:63 -- Three point linkage data for wx1 inr2 v30.

Stinard, P. 2004. MNL. 78:63-64 -- The controlling elements Fcu and arv-m594 map to chromosome 2.

Stinard, P. 2004. MNL. 78:64-65 -- The isolation and characterization of Fcu revertants.

Stinard, P. 2004. MNL. 78:65 -- Three point linkage data for su3 T4-9g wx1 .

Stojkov, S; Rosulj, M; Stankovic, G. 2004. MNL. 78:3-5 -- F2 population size for resistance to root and stalk lodging in maize.

Stupnikova, I, et al. 2004. MNL. 78:19-20 -- Drought induction of AOX level in maize was accompanied by lowering of AOX respiration activity.

Sturaro, M; Hartings, H; Motto, M. 2004. MNL. 78:8-9 -- Cloning and characterization of the Glossy-1 gene of maize.

Subota, I, et al. 2004. MNL. 78:21-22 -- The effects of the glutathione redox system on DNA binding activity of nuclear DNA topoisomerase I.

Tarasenko, V; Subota, I; Kobzev, V; Konstantinov, Y. 2004. MNL. 78:22-24 -- Isolation of a redox dependent mitochondrial DNA binding protein which binds specifically to the coxI promoter.

Trimnell, M; Fox, T; Albertsen, MC. 2004. MNL. 78:27 -- ms23 and ms35 are alleles of the same gene that maps to chromosome 8.

Trimnell, M; Fox, T; Albertsen, MC. 2004. MNL. 78:27-28 -- New chromosome 4 male sterile mutant: ms52 .

Trimnell, M; Fox, T; Albertsen, MC. 2004. MNL. 78:28-29 -- New male-sterile mutant alleles.

Vancetovic, J; Vidakovic, M; Rosulj, M. 2004. MNL. 78:2-3 -- White dent population from the Yugoslav variety collection carries the Ga gene.

Vancetovic, J; Vidakovic, M; Stefanovic, L; Simic, M. 2004. MNL. 78:5-6 -- In the material of the MRI gene bank, only imidazoline resistance was found among a group of total and selective broad-spectrum herbicides.

Vancetovic, J; Vidakovic, M; Rosulj, M. 2004. MNL. 78:6-7 -- A high incidence of the sources of cytoplasmic male sterility (cms) in the Maize Research Institute (MRI) gene bank.

Woll, K; Hochholdinger, F. 2004. MNL. 78:59-60 -- Isolation of a new root mutant rum1 affected in lateral and seminal root initiation.

Wright, AD. 2004. MNL. 78:12 -- One mutant rescues another: orange pericarp restores DIMBOA production to bx .

Please Note: As is the policy with the printed version, notes submitted to the Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter may be cited only with consent of the authors.

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