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Volume 77, 2003

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Reports From Cooperators

Akimova, G et al. 2003. MNL 77:33-34 -- Abscisic acid in maize roots at low positive temperature
Balconi, C et al. 2003. MNL 77:7 -- Nitrogen-induced changes in the metabolism of in vitro grown developing kernels of defective endosperm maize mutants
Bauer, M and Birchler, J. 2003. MNL 77:18-19 -- Doubling and quadrupling the chromosome number in endosperm
Blakey, CA and Dewald, CL. 2003. MNL 77:57 -- Tripsacum SR5 genetic map - a new generation
Blakey, CA et al. 2003. MNL 77:56-57 -- Isolation of stage- and ploidy-specific floral RNA in Tripsacum dactyloides for cDNA library construction - a pilot study for large-scale isolations
Blakey, CA et al. 2003. MNL 77:55-56 -- Tripsacum SR5: Shatter resistance study population
Bonea, D and Urechean, V. 2003. MNL 77:67-68 -- Reciprocal cross effects for grain yield and content of raw protein in maize grain
Bonea, D et al. 2003. MNL 77:68-69 -- The influence of climatic conditions upon grain yield and content of raw protein in maize grain
Braun, D and Freeling, M. 2003. MNL 77:10 -- Molecular characterization of mutations resulting in a liguleless1 phenotype
Burak, R and Broccoli, A. 2003. MNL 77:49-51 -- Selection of popcorn hybrids as an alternative crop in a non-traditional maize production region in Argentina
Carson, C et al. 2003. MNL 77:19-24 -- A first report of mutants mapped using SSR markers at the University of Missouri
Carvalho, C et al. 2003. MNL 77:80-81 -- B chromosome derivatives in maize somatic cells
Chalyk, ST et al. 2003. MNL 77:29-30 -- Aneuploidy as a possible cause of haploid induction in maize
Cheng, V et al. 2003. MNL 77:28-29 -- The study of epidermal replica by oblique microscopy
Cheng, WY et al. 2003. MNL 77:52-53 -- Wind-stress induces the initiation of crown roots
Chernov, AA and Mihailov, M. 2003. MNL 77:14 -- Genetic, phenotypic and ecological correlations between flowering and productivity traits in maize
Conti, E et al. 2003. MNL 77:8-9 -- Improving in vitro culture and transformation conditions in Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of maize
Corcuera, V and Naranjo, C. 2003. MNL 77:48-49 -- Phytosanitary behaviour of waxy and high quality protein maize hybrids developed in Argentina
Corcuera, V and Naranjo, C. 2003. MNL 77:46-48 -- Yield of waxy and high quality protein maize hybrids developed in Argentina
Eric, I et al. 2003. MNL 77:6 -- Genetic diversity among ZP maize hybrids from different selection cycles obtained by protein markers
Fauron, C et al. 2003. MNL 77:63-64 -- New genetic map of Zea mays mitochondrial genome (NB) derived from sequence data
Fowler, J. 2003. MNL 77:26-27 -- A gametophyte factor on chromosome 9 affects both male and female gametophytes
Frey, M et al. 2003. MNL 77:30-31 -- A 2-oxoglutarate-dependent dioxygenase is involved in DIMBOA-biosynthesis
Gardingo, J and Mondin, M. 2003. MNL 77:60-61 -- Paramutation in traditional varieties from Brazil
Goldman, SL et al. 2003. MNL 77:72-73 -- Tripsacum stage- and ploidy-specific floral cDNA libraries
Golubovskaya, I et al. 2003. MNL 77:10-13 -- Novel meiotic mutants of maize identified from Mu transposon and EMS mutant screens
Gonzalez, G et al. 2003. MNL 77:49 -- GISH affinities between subspecies of Zea mays
Grabelnych, O et al. 2003. MNL 77:36-37 -- The functioning of different electron transport pathways of the respiratory chain during low-temperature stress in maize mitochondria
Has, V et al. 2003. MNL 77:76 -- Progress in development of maize inbred lines in Turda, Romania
Has, V et al. 2003. MNL 77:74 -- The use of cytoplasmic male sterility in maize seed production
Has, V. 2003. MNL 77:74-75 -- Heritability of some yield components and kernel quality in sweet corn
Jackson, JD et al. 2003. MNL 77:80 -- Additional linkage tests of non-waxy (Waxy1) reciprocal translocations involving chromosome 9 at the MGCSC
Jackson, JD et al. 2003. MNL 77:79 -- Additional linkage tests of waxy1 marked reciprocal translocations at the MGCSC
Jiang, C and Peterson, TA. 2003. MNL 77:2 -- Analysis of the maize Myb gene superfamily: a progress report
Kass, LB and Murphy, RP. 2003. MNL 77:41-43 -- Will the real Maize Genetics Garden please stand up?
Kermicle, J. 2003. MNL 77:52 -- Which loci in kernel-spotting collection R-r: Venezuela 594 are unstable?
Kirsch, J et al. 2003. MNL 77:31-32 -- Further analysis of the regulation of anthocyanin gene expression in maize--influence of C1, R and In1 on Whp (white pollen) and C2 expression
Konstantinov, Y and Arziev, A. 2003. MNL 77:38-39 -- RNA editing affects the potential protein kinase phosphorylation sites in mitochondrial proteins
Konstantinov, Y et al. 2003. MNL 77:37-38 -- Effects of redox conditions on DNA binding activity of mitochondrial topoisomerase I
Korotaeva, N et al. 2003. MNL 77:34-35 -- Maize seedlings accumulate smHSPs in response to water stress but not to treatment by an oxygen radical generating agent
Koterniak, VV. 2003. MNL 77:58-59 -- About similarities between the Bg-rbg and some other transposable element systems of the hAT superfamily
Kumari, J and Gadag, R. 2003. MNL 77:57-58 -- Analysis of genetic relationships in elite maize inbred lines and their relationship to heterotic grouping
Kynast, RG et al. 2003. MNL 77:62-63 -- A novel maize ditelosome 10 addition to oat cv. Sun II for use in radiation hybrid mapping
Lanzanova, C et al. 2003. MNL 77:7-8 -- Ectopic expression of the endosperm albumin b32 in transgenic maize
Lazic-Jancic, V et al. 2003. MNL 77:4-5 -- Changes in RFLP allele frequencies during recurrent selection for high oil content in maize
Lazzaroni, N et al. 2003. MNL 77:9-10 -- Molecular evolution of the regulatory locus opaque-2 from Zea
Lee, D and Quackenbush, J. 2003. MNL 77:61 -- TIGR Maize Gene Index
Maslobrod, S and Caranfil, V. 2003. MNL 77:17-18 -- Maize and sunflower germs are the indicators of left and right torsion fields of geometrical figures
Maslobrod, S et al. 2003. MNL 77:16-17 -- Detection liquid memory under the influence of electrical appliance fields in changing seed quality and corn sprouts
Maslobrod, S et al. 2003. MNL 77:14-16 -- The estimation of the mutual influence of maize seeds with different germination capacity in pure and mixed genotype groups by changing seed germination capacity during storage
Mihailov, M and Chernov, AA. 2003. MNL 77:13-14 -- Expression of plant height and cob weight in maize haploids
Multani, DS and Johal, G. 2003. MNL 77:45-46 -- bk3, a new brittle stalk mutant of maize
Multani, DS et al. 2003. MNL 77:45 -- The premature senescence mutant (pre1) maps to the long arm of chromosome 1
Nedev, T et al. 2003. MNL 77:72 -- Screening of herbicide resistance in maize calli in vitro
Osipova, E et al. 2003. MNL 77:53-55 -- SCAR marker creation for maize somaclones using some specific RAPD and ISSR fragments
Pan, D. 2003. MNL 77:51-52 -- Defect of phosphofructose kinase activity in a sugary 2 mutant
Pan, D. 2003. MNL 77:51 -- Identification of glucosidase-transferase enzyme in developing maize endosperms that affects starch synthesis in the glt1 mutant
Pokutta, L et al. 2003. MNL 77:32 -- Characterization of FPF1-homologous genes in maize
Rotarenco, V and Eder, J. 2003. MNL 77:30 -- Possible effects of heterofertilization on the induction of maternal haploids in maize
Satarova, TN and Chernousova, N. 2003. MNL 77:27-28 -- Anther culture response of maize reciprocal hybrids
Simmons, CR et al. 2003. MNL 77:43-45 -- Comparison of mRNA structure and expression between high and low GC mode maize genes
Smolkina, Y and Tyrnov, VS. 2003. MNL 77:65 -- Development of haploids on haploids of parthenogenetical maize lines in crosses n x 2n by different pollination delay terms
So, Y et al. 2003. MNL 77:32-33 -- Genetics of general resistance in tropical sweet corn to Puccinia polysora, Underw.
Song, Rentao and Messing, J. 2003. MNL 77:59-60 -- Maize alpha zein genes map to seven positions in the maize genome
Stinard, P. 2003. MNL 77:77-79 -- A wide variety of r1 haplotypes respond to Fcu
Stinard, P. 2003. MNL 77:76-77 -- Linkage relationships of inr2 on 9L: Three-point linkage data for sh1 wx1 inr2 and wx1 inr2 wc1
Ting, Y and Tran, L. 2003. MNL 77:13 -- High frequency of parthenogenesis in a cross of tetraploid x diploid
Ting, Y and Tran, L. 2003. MNL 77:13 -- More studies on the expression of cloning gene in tetraploid maize
Tyrnov, VS and Smolkina, Y. 2003. MNL 77:65-66 -- Production of unreduced apomicts by diploidization of lines predisposed to reduced parthenogenesis
Urechean, V and Bonea, D. 2003. MNL 77:71-72 -- The relationship between the genotype, the changes of the suction force in different phases of maize development, and the production capacity
Urechean, V and Bonea, D. 2003. MNL 77:69-71 -- The selection of maize genotypes depending on the intensity of transpiration and the capacity of folliar absorption
Vejlupkova, Z and Fowler, J. 2003. MNL 77:25-27 -- A simple, high-throughput method of DNA extraction for maize using the Matrix Mill
Vejlupkova, Z and Fowler, J. 2003. MNL 77:24-25 -- Maize DNA preps for undergraduate students: a robust method for PCR genotyping
Verbitski, D et al. 2003. MNL 77:39-40 -- Some molecular characteristics of ORFs in S1, S2 and 2.3 kb linear mitochondrial plasmids in VIR42 MV hybrid
Vidakovic, M et al. 2003. MNL 77:5-6 -- The maize variety accession No. 366 from the Yugoslav MRI collection carries a T cytoplasmic male sterility (cmsT)
Wang, Y and Peterson, TA. 2003. MNL 77:3 -- p1-vv85, a new maize variegated pericarp allele, contains an insertion similar to the CACTA element, Mpi1
Woll, K and Hochholdinger, F. 2003. MNL 77:73 -- ZmGrp3 is exclusively expressed in epidermal cells of the root-tip and columella
Wu, J et al. 2003. MNL 77:82 -- Identification and molecular tagging of two complementary dominant resistance genes to Maize Dwarf Mosaic Virus
Zavalishina, A and Tyrnov, VS. 2003. MNL 77:66-67 -- The starting mechanism for paramutation: cytoplasm as a factor
Zeng, M et al. 2003. MNL 77:3-4 -- su1 type mutant induced by space flight
Zhang, F and Peterson, TA. 2003. MNL 77:2-3 -- Molecular analysis of the maize P1-rw allele
Zhang, F et al. 2003. MNL 77:81 -- Structure and sequence analysis of the R region in S-type CMS maize

Please Note: As is the policy with the printed version, notes submitted to the Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter may be cited only with consent of the authors.

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