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Volume 56, 1982

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Zealand 1982

Reports From Cooperators

Baszczynski, CL et al. 1982. MNL 56:111-112 -- Analysis of the heat shock response in maize
Baszczynski, CL et al. 1982. MNL 56:112-113 -- Studies on the heat shock response in different tissues and genotypes of maize
Baum, JA and Scandalios, J. 1982. MNL 56:136 -- Purification of the chloroplast-associated superoxide dismutase of maize
Baum, JA and Scandalios, J. 1982. MNL 56:136-138 -- Amino acid analysis of cytosolic superoxide dismutases of maize
Beckert, M et al. 1982. MNL 56:37-38 -- Maize anther culture
Beckert, M et al. 1982. MNL 56:38 -- Analysis of genetic variation in scutellum culture
Beckert, M et al. 1982. MNL 56:38-39 -- Analysis of genetic variability in regenerated inbred lines
Beckett, JB. 1982. MNL 56:47 -- TB-4Lb and TB-5Sc, two new B-A translocations on the long arm of chromosome 4 and the short arm of chromosome 5
Beckett, JB. 1982. MNL 56:47 -- TB-8Lc, a new B-A translocation on the long arm of chromosome 8
Bird, R and Hake, S. 1982. MNL 56:90-92 -- Further analysis of some recent data
Boothe, JG et al. 1982. MNL 56:113-114 -- A possible injury response observed in polypeptide patterns from treated maize leaf tissue
Boyer, CD. 1982. MNL 56:120-121 -- Soluble starch synthases and starch branching enzymes from developing seed of teosinte
Brettell, RIS et al. 1982. MNL 56:13-14 -- Analysis of mitochondrial DNA from four fertile maize lines obtained from a tissue culture carrying Texas cytoplasm
Brettell, RIS. 1982. MNL 56:12-13 -- An anomalous line derived from a Texas male-sterile cytoplasm tissue culture: A case of nuclear reversion?
Burnham, CR. 1982. MNL 56:149-150 -- Tests of Hooker-Russell exotic sources of cytoplasm converted to inbred A632
Burnham, CR. 1982. MNL 56:150 -- Linkage tests of T8-9a (semi-sterile #2) with bk2 bm4 (backcross data)
Burnham, CR. 1982. MNL 56:150 -- Segregation patterns in maize interchange heterozygotes
Burnham, CR. 1982. MNL 56:150-151 -- A method for counting pollen abortion in heterozygotes for chromosome aberrations
Carlson, W. 1982. MNL 56:73-75 -- A new method of duplicating chromosome segments using B-A translocations
Carlson, W. 1982. MNL 56:75-77 -- Further evidence for a role of centromeric heterochromatin in B chromosome nondisjunction
Ceska, O. 1982. MNL 56:160 -- Flavonoids from pollen of Zea mays relatives
Chandlee, JM and Scandalios, J. 1982. MNL 56:135 -- Altered catalase gene expression in the scutellum of maize
Chang, MT. 1982. MNL 56:44 -- Allelism tests for the virescent mutants
Choe, B and Park, K. 1982. MNL 56:62 -- A maize line with high tillers and ears
Chourey, PS and Kemble, R. 1982. MNL 56:70 -- Transposition event in tissue cultured cells of S-cms genotype in maize
Chourey, PS. 1982. MNL 56:70-71 -- Protoplast culture in maize
Coe, E, Jr and Modena, SA. 1982. MNL 56:50-51 -- White pollen as an enrichment screen
Coe, E, Jr. 1982. MNL 56:49 -- The occurence of whp in K55 and other inbred lines
Coe, E, Jr. 1982. MNL 56:49-50 -- Genetic interactions of c2 and whp and their duplicate function
Coe, E, Jr. 1982. MNL 56:52-53 -- Mixed pollinations with white pollen
Doring, H et al. 1982. MNL 56:40 -- Ds at the shrunken locus
Doring, H et al. 1982. MNL 56:40-41 -- An unstable adh1 mutant
Doyle, GG. 1982. MNL 56:55-58 -- The population genetics of chromosome aberrations in autotetraploids
Dunn, G and Beck, DL. 1982. MNL 56:64 -- DIMBOA and aphid resistance
Echt, C and Schwartz, D. 1982. MNL 56:16-18 -- Analysis of the Mp mutant wx-B3-M
Fedoroff, NV and Mauvais, J. 1982. MNL 56:8-10 -- A purification scheme for the bronze-encoded UDPglucose: flavonoid glucosyl transferase
Findley, WR et al. 1982. MNL 56:165-166 -- Inheritance of maize chlorotic dwarf virus resistance in maize x Zea diploperennis backcrosses
Frova, C et al. 1982. MNL 56:116-117 -- Gametophytic expression of beta-glucosidase in maize pollen
Fuhe, L et al. 1982. MNL 56:118-119 -- Interaction between French or North American maize lines and two cytoplasms for male sterility
Galinat, WC. 1982. MNL 56:162 -- Key traits of maize expected by domestication
Galinat, WC. 1982. MNL 56:162 -- Perennialism: Dominant or recessive?
Galinat, WC. 1982. MNL 56:162 -- Vegetative vs. floral shoot proliferation and perennialism
Galinat, WC. 1982. MNL 56:163 -- Pollination technique for maintaining Vg Vg inbreds
Galinat, WC. 1982. MNL 56:163 -- Reconstruction of the missing links between teosinte and maize
Galinat, WC. 1982. MNL 56:163 -- The ae (amylose extender) gene is a modifier of agronomic value for sugary shrunken sweet corn
Galinat, WC. 1982. MNL 56:163-164 -- The cupule and spatial accommodation of different kernel types
Galinat, WC. 1982. MNL 56:164 -- The cupule, a secondary female trait of teosinte and maize, as evidence that the maize ear is derived from the teosinte ear
Gengenbach, BG and Umbeck, P. 1982. MNL 56:140-142 -- Characteristics of T-cytoplams revertants from tissue culture
Ghobrial, H and Burnham, CR. 1982. MNL 56:151-153 -- Effects of colchicine and colcemid seed treatment on the fertility of multiple chromosome interchange heterozygotes of corn
Goodman, MM and Stuber, CW. 1982. MNL 56:125 -- Localization of Gdh2 to chromosome 10
Goodman, MM and Stuber, CW. 1982. MNL 56:125-126 -- Further linkage studies with isozyme loci assigned to chromosome 1
Goodman, MM and Stuber, CW. 1982. MNL 56:126-127 -- Further variation encountered for Mmm
Hedman, KD and Boyer, CD. 1982. MNL 56:119-120 -- Allelic variation at the amylose-extender locus: Levels of soluble starch branching enzymes
Higgins, R and Neuffer, MG. 1982. MNL 56:43 -- Reduced crossing over between Y1 and Dt2
Jimenez, J and Jimenez, N. 1982. MNL 56:64-68 -- Pollen yield reduction in opaque-2 maize
Kato Y, T. 1982. MNL 56:33-34 -- Pollen grain size in perennial teosinte
Kato Y, T. 1982. MNL 56:34 -- Multivalent frequencies in tetraploid perennial teosinte
Kato Y, T. 1982. MNL 56:35 -- Knob constitution of perennial teosinte
Klein, AS and Nelson, OE, Jr. 1982. MNL 56:114-115 -- The increase of UFGT activity in in/in/in endosperms
Kowles, RV and Beckett, JB. 1982. MNL 56:59-61 -- Preliminary characterization of certain breakpoints in B-A translocations
Kriz, AL. 1982. MNL 56:14-15 -- In vivo labeling of embryo and endosperm proteins in intact kernels with 35S-methionine
Langridge, P et al. 1982. MNL 56:69 -- Transcriptional studies of the zein system
Magoja, JL and Benito, G. 1982. MNL 56:104-106 -- Heterosis in maize-perennial teosinte hybrids
Magoja, JL and Nivio, A. 1982. MNL 56:106-107 -- Specific relationship of storage proteins in maize and its wild relatives
Magoja, JL and Nivio, A. 1982. MNL 56:110-111 -- High-quality protein maize with normal genotype: Inheritance of lysine content
Magoja, JL. 1982. MNL 56:108-110 -- Genetic control of seed proteins by a spontaneous defective kernel mutant of maize
Manchester, CE et al. 1982. MNL 56:82 -- Availability of seed from Cornell's Cytoplasm Bank
Mashnenkov, AS. 1982. MNL 56:92-95 -- Analysis of combining ability of A344 line mutants
Mashnenkov, AS. 1982. MNL 56:95 -- Synthesis of macromolecules in corn kernel mutants
McCormick, S. 1982. MNL 56:10-11 -- Peptide mapping of the Sh1 encoded sucrose synthetase and the residual sucrose synthetase
Mi, CC et al. 1982. MNL 56:142-144 -- Partial synchronization of maize cells in liquid suspension culture
Mikula, BC and Smith, AG. 1982. MNL 56:62-63 -- Light and temperature-related behavior of coleoptiles and epicotyls
Miranda, LT et al. 1982. MNL 56:32-33 -- Linkages of root characteristic from Pueblo maize II
Miranda, LTde et al. 1982. MNL 56:28-30 -- Genetics of environmental resistance and super-genes
Miranda, LTde et al. 1982. MNL 56:30-32 -- Genetics of insect resistance and super-genes
Modena, SA and Coe, E, Jr. 1982. MNL 56:51-52 -- White pollen as a basis for a male-sterile system
Modena, SA. 1982. MNL 56:48 -- Progress report on locating whp
Modena, SA. 1982. MNL 56:48 -- Test of the effectiveness of white pollen as a male sterile
Modena, SA. 1982. MNL 56:48-49 -- Examination of the white pollen sterility effect
Modena, SA. 1982. MNL 56:49 -- Possible successful pollination with white pollen
Molina, MC and Rosales, TP. 1982. MNL 56:97-98 -- Preliminary studies on the hybrid Zea mays x Tripsacum dactyloides
Molina, MC. 1982. MNL 56:96 -- Cytogenetic studies on Zea perennis
Molina, MC. 1982. MNL 56:96-97 -- Cytogenetic studies on interspecific hybrids between Zea diploperennis and Zea perennis
Mottinger, J et al. 1982. MNL 56:84-89 -- More on Aberrant Ratio
Mottinger, J. 1982. MNL 56:89-90 -- Mutations of Adh induced by barley stripe mosaic virus
Mouhtanov, I and Georgiev, T. 1982. MNL 56:138 -- Relationships between husk number and several characters in dent maize hybrids
Nesticky, M and Piovarci, A. 1982. MNL 56:156-157 -- Variability of aleurone thickness in single and multilayer aleurone types
Nesticky, M et al. 1982. MNL 56:155-156 -- Genetic analysis of callus growth
Neuffer, MG. 1982. MNL 56:42 -- A serious error in recommended method for treatment of pollen with EMS
Newton, KJ et al. 1982. MNL 56:154-155 -- Localization of Esterase-8 to the short arm of chromosome 3
Novak, FJ et al. 1982. MNL 56:156 -- Influence of genetic background on callus culture
Palacios, I. 1982. MNL 56:102-103 -- Nuclear DNA content in F1 hybrids between perennial teosinte and maize (Gaspe line)
Palacios, I. 1982. MNL 56:103-104 -- Nuclear DNA content in F2 plants of a hybrid between perennial teosinte and maize
Peeters, JP. 1982. MNL 56:26-27 -- Presence of additional RNA and DNA during microsporogenesis of Sikkim Primitive
Phillips, RL et al. 1982. MNL 56:146-148 -- Evidence for disproportionate replication of ribosomal RNA genes during endosperm development
Pintor-Toro, JA et al. 1982. MNL 56:68-69 -- Cloning and analysis of genes of the zein multigene system
Piovarci, A. 1982. MNL 56:157 -- Genetic expression of brevis-2 mutant in comparison with its normal counterpart
Plewa, M and Dowd, P. 1982. MNL 56:157-159 -- Induction of forward mutation in somatic cells of maize after acute or chronic exposure to ethylmethanesulfonate
Poethig, RS. 1982. MNL 56:53-54 -- The cell lineage of the maize leaf
Pogna, NE et al. 1982. MNL 56:153-154 -- ys2, a new mutant in the short arm of chromosome 1
Polacco, M and Mills, S. 1982. MNL 56:46-47 -- hcf*-19: linkage with ys3 and d; allelism of hcf*-19A and hcf*-19B
Polacco, M and Neuffer, MG. 1982. MNL 56:44-46 -- Isolation of a viable virescent mutant with high chlorophyll fluorescence
Racchi, ML. 1982. MNL 56:117-118 -- pr expression in endosperm culture
Rapela, M and Molina, MC. 1982. MNL 56:101-102 -- Preliminary cytological observations on the effect of lysine-threonine in floury-a maize root tip cells
Rapela, M. 1982. MNL 56:100-101 -- Study on seedlings derived from whole kernels in lysine-threonine medium
Rapela, M. 1982. MNL 56:98-100 -- Polyacrylamide gel electrophoretic analysis applicable to the lysine-threonine potential selection method: A possible prediction of the genotype dependent behavior of maize lines
Rhoades, MM and Dempsey, E. 1982. MNL 56:18-21 -- The architecture of abnormal chromosome 10
Rhoades, MM and Dempsey, E. 1982. MNL 56:21-26 -- The induction of mutable systems in plants with the high-loss mechanism
Rhodes, CA et al. 1982. MNL 56:148-149 -- Regenerable maize tissue cultures derived from immature tassels
Robertson, DS. 1982. MNL 56:2 -- The effects of temperature on striping in Mu plants
Robertson, DS. 1982. MNL 56:2-4 -- The effects of ultraviolet light (U.V.) or ethylmethanesulfonate (EMS) mutagenesis on Mu
Robertson, DS. 1982. MNL 56:4-8 -- The effect of inbreeding mutator stocks on Mu activity
Sachan, JKS and Sarkar, KR. 1982. MNL 56:122-124 -- Plant type of 'Sikkim Primitives'
Sachan, JKS et al. 1982. MNL 56:121-122 -- Fluorescence banding of constitutive heterochromatin in Zea
Sallee, P. 1982. MNL 56:41-42 -- Prefixation of the somatic chromosomes of corn
Schwartz, D and Echt, C. 1982. MNL 56:15-16 -- An Ac dosage effect on the protein products of the wx-m-9 gene
Sheldon, E and Hannah, LC. 1982. MNL 56:71-73 -- The isolation and characterization of a Sh1 candidate clone
Sheridan, WF and Neuffer, MG. 1982. MNL 56:168 -- Recent progress in the study of maize developmental mutants
Sheridan, WF and Neuffer, MG. 1982. MNL 56:168-169 -- The continuing search for maize auxotrophs
Simons, P and Brettell, RIS. 1982. MNL 56:11-12 -- Does T-toxin bind specifically to Texas male-sterile cytoplasm mitochondria?
Sisco, PH and Gracen, VE. 1982. MNL 56:83-84 -- B and D cytoplasms, atypical members of the S group
Sisco, PH et al. 1982. MNL 56:80-82 -- Revised restoration ratings for Cornell's Cytoplasm Bank
Sisco, PH et al. 1982. MNL 56:82 -- NY821LERf--A universal restorer of fertility
Sisco, PH et al. 1982. MNL 56:82-83 -- "LBN"--A newly-designated member of the S group of male-sterile cytoplasms
Stuber, CW and Goodman, MM. 1982. MNL 56:127-132 -- Isozyme (allozyme) genotypes for 406 publicly available inbred lines.
Styles, ED. 1982. MNL 56:160-161 -- Unstable pigmenting factors
Timothy, DH et al. 1982. MNL 56:133-134 -- Zea diploperennis may have plasmid-like mitochondrial DNAs
Ting, Y and Yu, M. 1982. MNL 56:35-36 -- Further studies of F1 hybrids of maize x diploid perennial teosinte
Tonelli, C. 1982. MNL 56:115-116 -- Response of the proline requiring mutants to D-proline
Tracy, WF and Everett, HL. 1982. MNL 56:77-78 -- Variable penetrance and expressivity of grassy tillers, gt
Tracy, WF et al. 1982. MNL 56:78 -- Selection for male sterile versions of A632 in Pr-cytoplasm
Tracy, WF et al. 1982. MNL 56:79-80 -- The effect of growth chamber temperatures on the stability of male sterility induced by Pr-cytoplasm in the inbred A632
Wang, A et al. 1982. MNL 56:144-146 -- Cell cycle parameters and doubling time of Black Mexican Sweet corn suspension cultures
Weissinger, A et al. 1982. MNL 56:133 -- Mitochondrial DNA variation in Latin American maize races
Wilkes, HG and Peeters, JP. 1982. MNL 56:27-28 -- Sikkim Primitive
Williams, A. 1982. MNL 56:164-165 -- Maize ear and floret response to dinitroaniline herbicides
Xie, Y and Gengenbach, BG. 1982. MNL 56:138-140 -- Identification of two cytoplasmic male sterile sources from the People's Republic of China
Yamada, M and Ohkawa, Y. 1982. MNL 56:166-167 -- In vitro germination of pollen grains from F1 plants in maize
Yu, M and Gong, L. 1982. MNL 56:37 -- Electrophoretic patterns of maize anther callus lines
Yu, M and Ting, Y. 1982. MNL 56:36 -- Further studies on maize anther culture in vitro

Please Note: As is the policy with the printed version, notes submitted to the Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter may be cited only with consent of the authors.

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