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Volume 76, 2002

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Reports From Cooperators

Akimova, G et al. 2002. MNL 76:35-36 -- Metabolism DL-C14-tryptophan in the maize root cells at low temperature
Anderson, L and Stack, S. 2002. MNL 76:30 -- The relationship between synapsis, recombination nodules, and crossing over in maize
Barkan, A et al. 2002. MNL 76:81 -- NSF plant genome project: Functional genomics of chloroplast biogenesis
Bennetzen, J. 2002. MNL 76:93-94 -- Assessment of gene content, colinearity and evolution in barley, maize, rice, sorghum and wheat
Bily, A et al. 2002. MNL 76:52 -- Variations in levels of dehydrodimers of ferulic acid in the pericarp of maize infected by Fusarium graminearum
Birchler, J. 2002. MNL 76:77-78 -- Functional genomics of plant polyploids
Bommert, P and Werr, W. 2002. MNL 76:19-20 -- Dynamics of Shrunken1 (Sh1) transcriptional activity during maize embryogenesis
Buckler, E, IV et al. 2002. MNL 76:86-88 -- Evolutionary genomics of maize
Buss, J et al. 2002. MNL 76:69-70 -- Maize small heat shock protein 18-9 exhibits characteristics of a molecular chaperone in vitro
Carvalho, C et al. 2002. MNL 76:69 -- Maize root tip cell cycle synchronization
Chalyk, ST et al. 2002. MNL 76:13-14 -- New scheme of haploid recurrent selection in maize
Cheng, P et al. 2002. MNL 76:8-9 -- Bio-photonic crystal: SHG imaging
Cheng, WY et al. 2002. MNL 76:22-24 -- The vascular development in the na2/na2 mutant
Cheng, WY et al. 2002. MNL 76:24-26 -- The number of vascular bundles in 18 different cultivars of inbred, hybrid or commercial sweet corn
Cheng, WY et al. 2002. MNL 76:26-27 -- A visualization of airflow pattern around a maize plant
Cheng, WY et al. 2002. MNL 76:27-28 -- Mechanical properties of stem vascular bundle
Cheng, WY et al. 2002. MNL 76:28-29 -- Distribution of vascular bundles in Ohio43/KYS stem
Cheng, WY et al. 2002. MNL 76:29 -- Method for visualizing the vascular bundles in stem
Cheng, Y and Lin, B. 2002. MNL 76:61-62 -- The cytological B-breakpoints of seven B-10L translocations
Cheng, Y and Lin, B. 2002. MNL 76:62 -- Cytological 10L-breakpoints of B-10L translocations
Chernov, AA and Mihailov, M. 2002. MNL 76:13 -- Maize embryo culture as a test for productivity
Ching, A and Rafalski, A. 2002. MNL 76:47-49 -- Rapid EST mapping and SNP genotyping of individuals using pyrosequencing
Coe, E, Jr et al. 2002. MNL 76:78-79 -- The Maize Mapping Project: Comprehensive genetic, physical and database resources for maize
Conrad, L et al. 2002. MNL 76:81--83 -- Regional mutagenesis utilizing Activator (Ac) in maize
Consortium, PC. 2002. MNL 76:91-92 -- Functional Genomics of Chromatin: a progress report for maize
Corcuera, V and Sandoval, M. 2002. MNL 76:44-45 -- New maize inbreds in Argentina. II. Response to Puccinia sorghi (Schw.)
Corcuera, V et al. 2002. MNL 76:42-44 -- New maize inbreds in Argentina. I: Heat unit requirements
Danilova, S et al. 2002. MNL 76:47 -- Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated genetic transformation of maize
Dondo Gosic, S et al. 2002. MNL 76:3-4 -- The antagonistic effect of endophytic bacteria on phytopathogenic fungi
Dooner, HK. 2002. MNL 76:83 -- A set of transgenic maize lines for localized mutagenesis based on the Ac-Ds transposon system
Edwards, D et al. 2002. MNL 76:77 -- A small but significant maize functional genomics facility
Elumalai, R et al. 2002. MNL 76:92-93 -- Maize cDNA microarrays
Fox, T et al. 2002. MNL 76:37 -- Male-sterile mutant ms24 mapped to chromosome 10
Gonzalez, G et al. 2002. MNL 76:42 -- Meiotic analysis of the artificial hybrids between Zea luxurians and the subspecies of Zea mays
Hake, S et al. 2002. MNL 76:75 -- Regulation of maize inflorescence architecture
Han, Y et al. 2002. MNL 76:70-72 -- Physical mapping of the 5S and 45S rDNA in teosinte
Hannah, C et al. 2002. MNL 76 -- Oliver Evans Nelson, Jr. (August 16, 1920 - November 6, 2001)
Hartings, H et al. 2002. MNL 76:5-6 -- Genetic relatedness and variability among maize inbred lines selected in Italy
Hazen, S et al. 2002. MNL 76:80-81 -- Functional genomics of hemicellulose biosynthesis in cereals
Hurkman, M and Tracy, WF. 2002. MNL 76:45-46 -- tb1 is epistatic to ba2
Ikhim, YG et al. 2002. MNL 76:15 -- Postradiation effect of the electric field
Jackson, JD et al. 2002. MNL 76:65-67 -- Additional linkage tests of waxy1 marked reciprocal translocations at the MGCSC
Jackson, JD et al. 2002. MNL 76:67-68 -- Additional linkage tests of non-waxy (Waxy1) reciprocal translocations involving chromosome 9 at the MGCSC
Jatimliansky, J- et al. 2002. MNL 76:45 -- Exposure of Zea mays, Tripsacum dactyloides and its hybrid Zea x Tripsacum to short periods of chilling (5 C)
Khatypova, IV et al. 2002. MNL 76:50-52 -- Cytoembryological study of maize-Tripsacum hybrids
Kolesnichenko, AV et al. 2002. MNL 76:34-35 -- Regulation of plant uncoupling protein CSP 310 content in maize mitochondria during cold stress
Konstantinov, Y et al. 2002. MNL 76:36 -- The effects of hydrogen peroxide on the translational activity in mitochondria
Konstantinov, Y et al. 2002. MNL 76:36-37 -- Redox modulation of activity of DNA-binding protein factors in mitochondria
Koterniak, VV. 2002. MNL 76:54 -- On the timing of the rbg excisions from the o2-hf allele
Koumbaris, G and Bass, HW. 2002. MNL 76:62-63 -- Pachytene arm ratios for maize chromosome 9 in OMAd9.2, a maize chromosome addition line of oat
Kravchenko, OA and Kravchenko, A. 2002. MNL 76:15-16 -- Effect of high and low temperature on male gametophyte viability of waxy maize
Kumar, A et al. 2002. MNL 76:49-50 -- Analysis of genetic relationships among Indian maize lines differing in their response to Brown Stripe Downy Mildew
Laborda, P et al. 2002. MNL 76:9-10 -- Genetic diversity among tropical maize inbred lines as revealed by SSR markers
Landi, P et al. 2002. MNL 76:7-8 -- Development and preliminary evaluation of near-isogenic maize lines differing for a QTL which affects leaf ABA concentration
Lauter, N and Doebley, JF. 2002. MNL 76:54-55 -- Evidence for genetic variation for phenotypically invariant traits in teosinte
Magni, A et al. 2002. MNL 76:46 -- Cesium tolerance trait in maize
Maslobrod, S et al. 2002. MNL 76:17-18 -- The influence of preplant g-ray treatment of maize hybrids on bioisomery of the germs, grown from pairs of adjoining seeds. Electromagnetic mechanism
Messing, J et al. 2002. MNL 76:83--86 -- Collinearity of maize and sorghum at the DNA sequence level
Mihailov, M and Chernov, AA. 2002. MNL 76:13 -- The supposed pleiotropic effect of the p1 locus
Newton, K et al. 2002. MNL 76:79-80 -- Sequence, expression and evolution of mitochondrial genomes in the genus Zea
Okagaki, R et al. 2002. MNL 76:55-57 -- Do transposon sequences in genic regions efficiently participate in recombination?
Okagaki, R et al. 2002. MNL 76:88 -- A radiation hybrid system for the genetic and physical mapping of the corn genome
Papst, C et al. 2002. MNL 76:30-34 -- Evaluation of international resistance genes against the European corn borer under Central European conditions
Paterson, AH. 2002. MNL 76:77 -- Comparative genomics of maize and sorghum
Peterson, TA et al. 2002. MNL 76:75 -- Nested deletions: a new tool for plant genomics
Pilu, R et al. 2002. MNL 76:46 -- Isolation and preliminary characterization of a maize low phytic acid mutant
Qin, T-c et al. 2002. MNL 76:72-73 -- Study on male-sterility in Zea mays. XIII. RFLP analysis of mtDNA of YII-1 type maize male-sterile cytoplasm
Riehl, M et al. 2002. MNL 76:18-19 -- Maize pollen expresses a truncated version of the transcriptional coactivator Ada2
Rossi, V et al. 2002. MNL 76:4 -- Maize Rpd3-type histone deacetylase and retinoblastoma-related proteins cooperate in repressing gene transcription in a plant system
Rotarenco, V and Maslobrod, S. 2002. MNL 76:16-17 -- Study of the phenomenon of antidromy with diploid and haploid maize
Rotarenco, V and Mihailov, M. 2002. MNL 76:11-13 -- The use of haploid plants for evaluation of population genetic structure
Rotarenco, V. 2002. MNL 76:16 -- Production of matroclinous maize haploids following natural and artificial pollination with a haploid inducer
Rusanovskaya, E and Krivov, NV. 2002. MNL 76:14-15 -- The influence of the temperature, sufficient humidity and illumination duration on the (Cg2/+) hybrid expression
Satarova, TN and Chernousova, N. 2002. MNL 76:21-22 -- The role of weather conditions in donor plant cultivation in corn anther culture
Scott, M. 2002. MNL 76:2 -- Phenotypic characterization of inbred lines and their o2 conversions
Shotwell, MA. 2002. MNL 76:60-61 -- Maize crosses to illustrate epistatic ratios of kernel colors
Simmons, CR et al. 2002. MNL 76:40-41 -- Maize pathogen defenses activated by avirulence gene avrRxv
Slotkin, RK et al. 2002. MNL 76:6-7 -- Mu Killer (MuK) causes epigenetic silencing of Mutator elements
Stinard, P. 2002. MNL 76:63 -- Three-point linkage data for du1, inr1 and g1 on 10L
Stinard, P. 2002. MNL 76:63-64 -- The isolation and characterization of su3 and su4 duplicate loci
Stinard, P. 2002. MNL 76:64-65 -- Differences in phenotypic expression between brn1-R brn2-R and brn1-Nelson brn2-Nelson mutant kernels are attributable to the brn1 locus
Stinard, P. 2002. MNL 76:65 -- Failure to replicate the "cytoplasmic glossy" effect
Tang, J et al. 2002. MNL 76:73-74 -- Mapping the major restorer genes for C-type cytoplasmic male sterility using SSR markers
Ting, Y and Tran, L. 2002. MNL 76:11 -- More studies of day length effect on cloning gene in tetraploid maize
Trimnell, M et al. 2002. MNL 76:37-38 -- We made a mistake! ms35 is allelic to ms23, but what is the correct map location?
Trimnell, M et al. 2002. MNL 76:38 -- New chromosome 10 male-sterile mutant: ms47
Trimnell, M et al. 2002. MNL 76:38 -- New chromosome 9L male-sterile mutant: ms48
Trimnell, M et al. 2002. MNL 76:38-39 -- New chromosome 10 male-sterile mutant: ms49
Trimnell, M et al. 2002. MNL 76:39 -- New chromosome 6L male-sterile mutant: ms50
Trimnell, M et al. 2002. MNL 76:39 -- Nwe male-sterile mutant alleles of known male-steriles
Urechean, V and Naidin, C. 2002. MNL 76:59-60 -- Local maize populations: sources of genetic variability for maize improvement programs
Urechean, V. 2002. MNL 76:58 -- Morpho-physiological aspects of seedlings in a local maize population under abiotic stress conditions
Urechean, V. 2002. MNL 76:58-59 -- Interspecific crossing: Zea mays L. x Mamillaria spp.--content of amino acids
Viccini, LF and de Carvalho, CR. 2002. MNL 76:41-42 -- Influence on seed size of chromosomal abnormalities in maize cells resulting from irradiated pollen
Vincent, PLD et al. 2002. MNL 76:20-21 -- The development of a Plant Ontology Consortium and Plant Ontologies
Walbot, V et al. 2002. MNL 76:88-90 -- 2001 report from the Maize Gene Discovery Project
Wang, K et al. 2002. MNL 76:75-76 -- Establishment of robust maize transformation systems for the public sector
Wang, Z and Zhang, Y. 2002. MNL 76:57-58 -- Identification and characterization of three mutational NILs in maize
Wen, TJ et al. 2002. MNL 76:76-77 -- High-throughput mapping and gene discovery tools for maize genomics
Zeng, M and Yang, T. 2002. MNL 76:2-3 -- Common and different band for isozyme of the multiplasmic lines in maize (Zea mays L.)
Zhu, X et al. 2002. MNL 76:53-54 -- A gene for resistance to northern leaf blight is inhibited by CO325

Please Note: As is the policy with the printed version, notes submitted to the Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter may be cited only with consent of the authors.

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