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Volume 70, 1996

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Fauron, C. Update of the Physical Maps of the Maize Mitochondrial Master Chromosomes
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Reports From Cooperators

Abedon, B and Tracy, WF. 1996. MNL 70:34 -- Heterochrony and inbreeding
Abedon, B et al. 1996. MNL 70:34-35 -- Alteration in the timing of vegetative phase change associated with nine cycles of divergent selection for rind penetrometer resistance in Missouri Stiff Stalk Synthetic
Albertsen, MC et al. 1996. MNL 70:30 -- Mapping ms*-LI89
Albertsen, MC. 1996. MNL 70:30-31 -- Ms-gene designations
Ayliffe, M and Pryor, AJ. 1996. MNL 70:15-16 -- Linkage of Gdcp1 with the Rp1 locus
Azevedo, RA. 1996. MNL 70:48 -- Qualitative and quantitative analysis of storage proteins in single and double mutants
Bird, RMcK. 1996. MNL 70:36-37 -- Dual ancestry of Zea: sequence evidence at the adh1, adh2, sh1 and o2 loci
Bird, RMcK. 1996. MNL 70:37-38 -- The definition of experimental reference sets for Zea
Bird, RMcK. 1996. MNL 70:38 -- Phyllotaxy of maize
Bradeen, J et al. 1996. MNL 70:48 -- Are P-locus epiallele methylation status and phenotype set during inflorescence or embryo development by maternal influence?
Bylich, VG and Chalyk, ST. 1996. MNL 70:33 -- Existence of pollen grains with a pair of morphologically different sperm nuclei as a possible cause of the haploid-inducing capacity in ZMS line
Byrne, PF et al. 1996. MNL 70:18-19 -- Lost locus resurfaces? The possible involvement of brown pericarp1 in determining silk maysin concentration
Carlson, LA. 1996. MNL 70:58 -- The few days required to induce Zea diploperennis to flower in Minnesota
Carlson, W. 1996. MNL 70:28-29 -- High frequency centromeric misdivision
Castelli, S et al. 1996. MNL 70:41 -- Does the combined action of methylation and a maternally imprinted factor repress endosperm expression of paternal specific alleles of the zein multigene family?
Castiglioni, P et al. 1996. MNL 70:39-40 -- The dappled mutants affect endosperm development
Char, B and Hake, S. 1996. MNL 70:2-3 -- Identification of target genes of the KNOTTED1 homeodomain protein by subtractive hybridization
Chopra, S and Peterson, TA. 1996. MNL 70:7 -- Trans-factors affecting P-wr expression: Ufo and sm
Chopra, S and Peterson, TA. 1996. MNL 70:7-8 -- The P-wr gene contains a unique 3' end encoding a putative zinc finger domain
Chungu, C and Mather, DE. 1996. MNL 70:59-60 -- Reaction of waxy and non-waxy maize inbreds infected with Fusarium graminearum
Ding, QX et al. 1996. MNL 70:13-14 -- Transformation: ovary injection
Dolgykh, Y et al. 1996. MNL 70:41-42 -- Cross-tolerance to drought, salt and low temperature of maize plants regenerated from PEG-resistant cell lines
Drinic, S et al. 1996. MNL 70:71-72 -- Embryo salt soluble proteins as markers in research on the biological background of heterotic gene expression
Duncan, D and Widholm, JM. 1996. MNL 70:57-58 -- Wrinkled auricle (rough sheath?)
Egli, MA and Gengenbach, BG. 1996. MNL 70:58-59 -- Plastid localization of a multifunctional acetyl-CoA carboxylase
Essers, L and Kunze, R. 1996. MNL 70:46 -- Identification of an interaction domain of the Ac transposase protein
Essers, L and Kunze, R. 1996. MNL 70:46-47 -- The carboxy-terminus of the Ac transposase can activate gene expression in S. cerevisiae
Eubanks, M. 1996. MNL 70:22-23 -- Promising germplasms for rootworm resistance in maize
Fluminhan Jr., A et al. 1996. MNL 70:60-61 -- Heterochromatic knob-specific repeated sequence is associated with the formation of chromosome bridges in cultured cells and in germinating roots of aged seeds
Fridlender, M and Levy, A. 1996. MNL 70:55-56 -- Transcriptional regulation of Ac by its own transposase
Gabay-Laughnan, SJ. 1996. MNL 70:65 -- Chromosome locationi of the three Oh51A pseudorestorer genes and their usefulness in studying apparent cases of gene silencing
Galinat, WC. 1996. MNL 70:67 -- Canopy and yield enhancement per acre with dense populations
Galinat, WC. 1996. MNL 70:67-68 -- Evolutionary diversification in low density isolated gardens
Galinat, WC. 1996. MNL 70:68 -- Diversification of U.S. grain hybrids away from B73-Mo17 with some new hybrids derived from adapted exotic races
Galinat, WC. 1996. MNL 70:68 -- Bl (Broadleaf), a genetic trait that may enhance yields by contributing to the canopy
Galinat, WC. 1996. MNL 70:68 -- Reversal of dominance and wild type during the origin of maize
Galinat, WC. 1996. MNL 70:69 -- The symbolic identity of key trait alleles before and after a reversal of both dominance and wild type
Gorbunova, V and Levy, A. 1996. MNL 70:56-57 -- Ac joined ends are detected upon element excision
Grimanelli, D et al. 1996. MNL 70:38-39 -- Studies on the genetic control of apomixis in Tripsacum
Hanten, J et al. 1996. MNL 70:62-63 -- RFLP map position of the caseine kinase 2 (CK-S) alpha subunit in maize
Hardeman, KJ and Rivin, C. 1996. MNL 70:19-20 -- Effects of somatic embryogenesis and genetic background on the phenotype of the shootless mutant dks8
Hardeman, KJ et al. 1996. MNL 70:20-21 -- The maize shootless mutation dks8 does not map to known Knotted-like genes or shootless dek loci
Helentjaris, T and Fincher, RR. 1996. MNL 70:31 -- Description of a corn genome project at Pioneer Hi-Bred
Hochholdinger, F et al. 1996. MNL 70:23 -- Juvenile-adult phase transition of vegetative traits is not affected in the root deficient mutant rtcs
Hoekenga, O and Cone, KC. 1996. MNL 70:17-18 -- Pl-Rhoades is more susceptible to DNaseI cleavage than Pl-Blotched
Hubbard, L and Hake, S. 1996. MNL 70:3 -- Dosage analysis on the teosinte branched1 mutation suggests it is an antimorphic dominant mutation
Ishige, T. 1996. MNL 70:63 -- Agrobacterium-mediated gene transformation in maize
Jackson, D and Hake, S. 1996. MNL 70:2 -- Mapping of the abphyl locus which regulates phyllotaxy in maize
Jackson, J. 1996. MNL 70:65 -- Is tb*-8963 really an allele of tb1?
Jackson, J. 1996. MNL 70:65 -- Allelism testing of unplaced golden stocks in Maize COOP's collection
Jackson, J. 1996. MNL 70:65-66 -- g4 recovered from Maize COOP stocks
Jackson, J. 1996. MNL 70:66 -- Reverse germ orientation in maize. Recovery of rgo1
Jackson, J. 1996. MNL 70:66 -- Recovery of rgo1
James, MG. 1996. MNL 70:4-5 -- Genetic analysis of su1-R2412, an allele of su1 with an intermediate phenotype
Jesaitis, L and Freeling, M. 1996. MNL 70:15 -- Vestigial glume (Vg1-R) plants exhibit cell death in the ligule
Kamps, TL and Chase, CD. 1996. MNL 70:24-25 -- The maize inbred line Va20 carries a new restoring gene for S-type cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS)
Kato, A. 1996. MNL 70:25-26 -- Induction of bicellular pollen and dihaploidization of tetraploid maize
Katzir, N et al. 1996. MNL 70:25 -- Mapping of RAPD markers linked to chromosomal regions affecting sugar accumulation in sugary enhancer sweet corn
Khavkin, EE and Coe, EH. 1996. MNL 70:42-45 -- The clusters of development genes as seen against the UMC 1995 map
Konstantinov, K et al. 1996. MNL 70:72-73 -- F1 embryo proteins as valuable tools in better understanding of heterosis
Konstantinov, Y et al. 1996. MNL 70:29-30 -- Protein synthesis in mitochondria under different redox conditions
Krech, AB et al. 1996. MNL 70:23-24 -- Genomic organization of the maize HMGa gene
Lane, B and Freeling, M. 1996. MNL 70:14 -- Macrohairless (mhl1), a new recessive mutation
Lane, B and Freeling, M. 1996. MNL 70:14 -- Linkage of semi-dominant Rolled1 mutant alleles
Li, X et al. 1996. MNL 70:8 -- Analysis of the P-rr promoter in transgenic maize
Liu, Y et al. 1996. MNL 70:12-13 -- Analysis of biochemical constitution of new germplasm in sweet corn
Llaca, V and Messing, JW. 1996. MNL 70:48-50 -- Positional cloning of dzr1: physical analysis of the 22-kDa a-zein cluster region
Locatelli, F et al. 1996. MNL 70:40-41 -- Transformation of maize endosperm cells by electroporation
Lutz, S and Gengenbach, BG. 1996. MNL 70:59 -- Characterization of two unique Long Interspersed Nuclear Elements (LINEs), colonist1 and colonist2
Mikula, BC and Kappen, T. 1996. MNL 70:21-22 -- Epigenetic programming of paramutant R allele expression with light and temperature conditions applied at a specific stage of seedling development
Moro, GL et al. 1996. MNL 70:64 -- Update on the genetic mapping of the opaque2-modifier genes
Moro, GL et al. 1996. MNL 70:64-65 -- Elongation factor-1a (EF-1a) is a biochemical marker for lysine content in maize endosperm
Muller, E et al. 1996. MNL 70:25 -- Chalcone synthase antisense expression in transgenic maize leads to white pollen phenotype
Neuffer, MG. 1996. MNL 70:18 -- An allele of sh2
Phelps, TL and Buckner, B. 1996. MNL 70:31-33 -- Microsatellite repeat variation within the y1 gene of maize and teosinte
Pryor, AJ and Brock, Dick. 1996. MNL 70:16 -- 'Trisomic' 10S maize lines
Raina, R and Fedoroff, NV. 1996. MNL 70:8-9 -- Spm element: significance of multiple TnpA binding sites
Reid, LM and Hamilton, RI. 1996. MNL 70:47-48 -- Release of inbreds with high Gibberella ear rot resistance
Robertson, DS. 1996. MNL 70:5-7 -- Three putative Mutator-induced alleles of bm4
Rubin, E and Levy, A. 1996. MNL 70:54-55 -- Evolution of Ac/Ds transposable elements
Rudenko, GN and Kunze, R. 1996. MNL 70:45-46 -- Towards an in vitro recombination system mediated by the maize Activator (Ac) element transposase
Scanlon, MJ and Freeling, M. 1996. MNL 70:14-15 -- The semaphore1 mutation maps to 9S
Scanlon, MJ and Freeling, M. 1996. MNL 70:15 -- The leaf blade reduction mutant nl*-1517 maps to 3S
Schlappi, M and Fedoroff, NV. 1996. MNL 70:9-12 -- A highly sensitive plant hybrid protein assay system based on the Spm promoter and TnpA protein for detection and analysis of transcription activation domains
Schneeberger, RG et al. 1996. MNL 70:14 -- humpback1, a new recessive leaf mutant, maps to chromosome 1S
Senior, ML et al. 1996. MNL 70:50-54 -- Mapping simple sequence repeats in maize
Shalev, G and Levy, A. 1996. MNL 70:57 -- Ac-induced homologous recombination in transgenic tobacco
Shi, YG et al. 1996. MNL 70:69-70 -- Mapping cms-S restorer gene Rf3 with RFLPs and RAPDs
Song, Y et al. 1996. MNL 70:70-71 -- Simultaneous chromosome G-banding and in situ hybridization of RFLP markers in maize
Taylor, RD and Walbot, V. 1996. MNL 70:62 -- The effect of 5-azacytidine treatment on Mutator activity when applied to developing kernels
Taylor, RD et al. 1996. MNL 70:62 -- Toxicity of cyanidin and anthocyanidin 3-glucoside accumulation in the gametophyte
Ting, Y and Nguyen, D. 1996. MNL 70:16 -- Genic instability of a maize inbred line derived from anther culture
Ting, Y and Nguyen, D. 1996. MNL 70:16-17 -- Tassel plant of maize
Tyers, R and Freeling, M. 1996. MNL 70:15 -- Generation of heritable unstable chromosome 7S stocks from TB-7Sc
Wang, Liming and Kunze, R. 1996. MNL 70:47 -- Methylation of transposase binding sites at the 5'-end of Ac differs in the active and inactive states of the element
Wang, Z et al. 1996. MNL 70:12 -- RAPD analysis of mtDNAs from multiplasmic cms lines
Weck, EA and Grasso, G. 1996. MNL 70:66 -- How similar are plant telomeres?
White, CN et al. 1996. MNL 70:19-20 -- GA signalling in the developing embryo: evidence for a GA / ABA balance governing vivipary and maturation
Willmott, R et al. 1996. MNL 70:17 -- Probes for small transfer cell-specific proteins
Winkler, RG. 1996. MNL 70:63-64 -- Identification of anonymous maize coding sequences by evolutionary considerations
Zabrodina, M et al. 1996. MNL 70:42 -- Tissue-specific isoperoxidases in differentiating and dedifferentiating maize cells
Zhang, Peifen and Peterson, TA. 1996. MNL 70:7 -- The P locus in teosinte
Zhang, X and Hallauer, AR. 1996. MNL 70:3-4 -- Anther color in BSSS-101 inbred line
Zheng, Y-Z and Carlson, W. 1996. MNL 70:26-27 -- Analysis of the chromosome-type breakage-fusion-bridge cycle
Zheng, Y-Z and Carlson, W. 1996. MNL 70:28 -- Construction of 9S telocentrics
Zheng, Y-Z. 1996. MNL 70:27-28 -- Mini-chromosomes

Please Note: As is the policy with the printed version, notes submitted to the Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter may be cited only with consent of the authors.

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