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Volume 52, 1978

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Reports From Cooperators

Baum, JA and Scandalios, J. 1978. MNL 52:96 -- Expression and intracellular localization of superoxide dismutases
Beckett, JB and Leto, KJ. 1978. MNL 52:80 -- Position of rgd, po, and hcf*-26 with respect to TB-6Sa
Beckett, JB. 1978. MNL 52:79 -- Allelism of pg14 and g5
Beckett, JB. 1978. MNL 52:79 -- Narrow leaf probably on the long arm of chromosome 10
Birchler, JA. 1978. MNL 52:27-30 -- The location of Adh relative to certain translocation breakpoints
Birchler, JA. 1978. MNL 52:30-32 -- On the nature of the compensation of alcohol dehydrogenase in a dosage series of 1L
Birchler, JA. 1978. MNL 52:32-35 -- Protein profiles in selected dosage series
Bird, R. 1978. MNL 52:90-92 -- Archaeological maize from Peru
Bird, R. 1978. MNL 52:92-93 -- The CIMMYT maize germplasm catalog data base
Bosch, L et al. 1978. MNL 52:122-123 -- Pollination effects on the grain yield and the qualities of the fertilized plants, II: self pollination with o2 pollen vs. cross-pollination with o2+ pollen
Brannen, E. 1978. MNL 52:45 -- Fractional formation is caused by instability of the B9 isochromosome at the second pollen mitosis
Brettell, D and Ingram, D. 1978. MNL 52:10-11 -- Selection of maize callus resistant to Helminthosporium maydis T-toxin
Briggs, RW. 1978. MNL 52:18-19 -- Treatment procedures in an attempt to induce cytoplasmic male sterility with ethidium bromide
Brink, RA. 1978. MNL 52:110-112 -- Identity and sources of a sugary enhancer gene significant for sweet corn quality
Brink, RA. 1978. MNL 52:112-114 -- Genes that retard water loss in maturing sweet corn kernels
Burnham, CR. 1978. MNL 52:71-72 -- Progress report on inactivated Ms* alleles
Burnham, CR. 1978. MNL 52:72 -- Cytoplasmic restoration of nuclear genetic male sterility
Burnham, CR. 1978. MNL 52:73 -- Discussions in Cytogenetics
Burnham, CR. 1978. MNL 52:73 -- Placement of genes in 5L using T5-9a data
Carlson, W. 1978. MNL 52:38-39 -- Possible nonrandom disjunction of the B9 chromosome during meiosis
Carlson, W. 1978. MNL 52:39-41 -- Telocentric B9's produce incomplete nondisjunction and generate isochromosomes at the second pollen mitosis
Carlson, W. 1978. MNL 52:42-43 -- Isochromosomes from telocentric B9's
Carlson, W. 1978. MNL 52:43-45 -- Genetics of the original B9 isochromosome
Ceska, O. 1978. MNL 52:108 -- Ellagic acid in maize
Chang, D and Scandalios, J. 1978. MNL 52:95 -- The effect of light on subcellular distribution of catalase in the leaves of maize
Chang, HR and Zuber, MS. 1978. MNL 52:80-82 -- Interactions among endosperm mutants for amylose synthesis and total starch content
Chourey, PS and Nelson, OE, Jr. 1978. MNL 52:125-127 -- Studies on sucrose synthetase in the developing endosperms and embryos of normal and shrunken genotypes
Chourey, PS and Nelson, OE, Jr. 1978. MNL 52:127-128 -- Interallelic complementation at the sh locus at the enzyme level
Coe, E, Jr. 1978. MNL 52:82-83 -- Nucleus and cytoplasm in the segregation and effects of iojap
Doyle, GG. 1978. MNL 52:77 -- A method for obtaining homozygous duplications
Doyle, GG. 1978. MNL 52:77 -- An ageotropic primary root mutant
Doyle, GG. 1978. MNL 52:77-79 -- The genic balance of replicated elements and heterosis
Freeling, M and Woodman, JC. 1978. MNL 52:9-10 -- NADP-dependent cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenases (CDH)
Freeling, M. 1978. MNL 52:8-9 -- Comments on mutant Adh1-S1951a
Galinat, WC et al. 1978. MNL 52:58-59 -- Leaf-burning in Ia5125, a monogenic trait bearing on C3-C4 photosynthesis
Galinat, WC. 1978. MNL 52:59 -- The evolution of string cob corn
Galinat, WC. 1978. MNL 52:60 -- The breeding of two-rowed (airplane) sweet corn
Garwood, DL. 1978. MNL 52:101-102 -- Procedure for identification of publicly released sweet corn inbreds
Gavazzi, G and Sandri, M. 1978. MNL 52:62-63 -- Further analysis of duplication strands with a duplicate segment in a displaced position on the long arm of chromosome 10
Gavazzi, G and Sandri, M. 1978. MNL 52:63-64 -- Differential effect of benzyladenine (BA) on PDp and P gene expression
Gavazzi, G et al. 1978. MNL 52:66-67 -- Location of the pro mutant to chromosome arm
Georgiev, T. 1978. MNL 52:123-124 -- Relationship between pericarp thickness and several characteristics of maize kernels
Georgiev, T. 1978. MNL 52:124-125 -- Rapid measurement of mature maize pericarp
Goodman, MM and Stuber, CW. 1978. MNL 52:98 -- Public inbred lines resistant to the heat and drought conditions encountered in the Southeast in 1977
Goodman, MM et al. 1978. MNL 52:99-100 -- Genetics of Mdh
Gregory, L et al. 1978. MNL 52:100-101 -- Resistance in sweet corn to Colletotrichum graminocolum
Gupta, D and Kovacs, I. 1978. MNL 52:2-3 -- Observations on the leaves per plant in opaque-2 and analogous normal maize
Hibberd, K and Green, CE. 1978. MNL 52:73-75 -- Azide as a mutagen in corn
James, J. 1978. MNL 52:12-13 -- Maize x Sorghum
Kumar, D and Sarkar, KR. 1978. MNL 52:119 -- Studies on R-nj
Lee, S-LJ et al. 1978. MNL 52:17-18 -- Cytology of pollen abortion in cytoplasmic male sterile corn anthers
Leuck, J and Dummer, R. 1978. MNL 52:75-76 -- Hoyer's acetocarmine (HAC): a one-step staining and mounting technique for chromosome preparation
Levings, CS, III et al. 1978. MNL 52:96-98 -- Terminal inverted repeats in the unique DNAs associated with the S cytoplasm
Lin, B. 1978. MNL 52:114-116 -- The cytological basis of the failure of non-disjunction associated with a B-10 translocation
Magoja, JL. 1978. MNL 52:37 -- Reciprocal crosses between Euchlaena perennis Hitch. and Zea mays L.
Magoja, JL. 1978. MNL 52:37 -- Floury--a high lysine system
Magoja, JL. 1978. MNL 52:37 -- High-quality protein maize with normal genotype
Maguire, MP and de la Cerda, J. 1978. MNL 52:104-105 -- The extent of sister chromatid cohesiveness in the centromere region of prophase II dyads
Mascia, PN. 1978. MNL 52:51-53 -- Luteus alleles at the oil yellow (oy) locus
Mascia, PN. 1978. MNL 52:54-56 -- Mutants defective in conversion of Mg protoporphyrin monomethyl ester to protochlorophyllide
Mascia, PN. 1978. MNL 52:56-58 -- Genetic studies of luteus mutants
Mazoti, LB. 1978. MNL 52:35-36 -- Interaction between "jumping" gene C*-IE7002, activator genes and Euchlaena mexicana "prepotent" cytoplasm
Mazoti, LB. 1978. MNL 52:36 -- Activator cytoplasm of the C*-IE7002 gene
Mazoti, LB. 1978. MNL 52:36 -- Pseudo-mutational cyclic explosion hypothesis
McCormick, S. 1978. MNL 52:76-77 -- Light-induced pigmentation of c-n and c-2420 due to Bh interaction
Meadows, G and Walden, DB. 1978. MNL 52:109 -- Isolation and recovery of protoplasts from young leaf tissue
Mottinger, J. 1978. MNL 52:102-104 -- A new paramutagenic allele at the R locus
Nel, PM and Neuffer, MG. 1978. MNL 52:116-118 -- Induction of meiotic mutants by EMS
Neuffer, MG et al. 1978. MNL 52:84-88 -- Rescue of lethal defective kernel mutants by genetic manipulation
Ott, L and Scandalios, J. 1978. MNL 52:93-94 -- Nomenclature for isozyme genes in maize
Phillips, RL. 1978. MNL 52:67-70 -- Development of a nuclear male-sterility system for hybrid seed corn production
Phillips, RL. 1978. MNL 52:70-71 -- Cytogenetic location of opaque-2
Pryor, AJ. 1978. MNL 52:13-14 -- A genetic test demonstrating that -glucosidase activity is not involved in the mechanism of hypersensitive resistance to maize rust
Pryor, AJ. 1978. MNL 52:14 -- Mapping of glucosidase on chromosome 10.
Racchi, ML. 1978. MNL 52:64-65 -- Studies of callus tissue: growth behavior of three lines of maize
Rafaill, W. 1978. MNL 52:3-5 -- The initiation of callus tissue from immature embryos of maize
Raman, K. 1978. MNL 52:109-110 -- Shoot tip culture: Possibilities for the propagation of clonal lines
Rao, PN and Narayana, D. 1978. MNL 52:3 -- Semigamy in Coix aquatica
Rhoades, MM and Dempsey, E. 1978. MNL 52:20-23 -- Further observations on the nature of the B chromosome-Knob interaction resulting in chromatin loss
Rimieri, P. 1978. MNL 52:38 -- Perennial character segregating in F2 of Euchlaena perennis Hitchc. X Zea mays L. hybrid
Robertson, DS and Mascia, PN. 1978. MNL 52:46-47 -- Evidence on when in ontogeny mutations are induced by Mu
Robertson, DS. 1978. MNL 52:47-49 -- Ear Maps of Mu induced events
Robertson, DS. 1978. MNL 52:49-50 -- Female transmission of Mu
Robertson, DS. 1978. MNL 52:50-51 -- Distribution of Mu induced mutants
Sachan, JKS and Sarkar, KR. 1978. MNL 52:119-120 -- Reversed germ orientation
Sachan, JKS et al. 1978. MNL 52:120-121 -- C-banding pattern in some Indian and exotic strains of maize and teosinte
Saraiva, LS. 1978. MNL 52:23-26 -- Proof that the hi-loss phenomenon is caused by late knob replication
Sarkar, KR et al. 1978. MNL 52:121-122 -- Gene sequence from preferential segregation frequencies
Sheridan, WF et al. 1978. MNL 52:88-90 -- Rescue of lethal defective endosperm mutants by culturing immature embryos
Smith, JD and Fuchs, R. 1978. MNL 52:105-107 -- ADPGlucose pyrophosphorylase activity in various endosperm mutants
Smith, JD et al. 1978. MNL 52:107-108 -- Regulation of embryo growth by abscisic acid in vitro
Sprague, GF. 1978. MNL 52:19 -- Cytoplasmic glossy--an unusual interaction system
Stockmeyer, E et al. 1978. MNL 52:15-16 -- Aluminum tolerance in maize seedlings as measured by primary root length in nutrient solutions
Stockmeyer, E et al. 1978. MNL 52:17 -- Multiple male single cross
Styles, ED. 1978. MNL 52:108-109 -- Multiple gene combinations--flavonoid factors
Ting, Y et al. 1978. MNL 52:6 -- Maize tissue culture
Ting, Y. 1978. MNL 52:5-6 -- Observations of maize from China
Tracy, WF et al. 1978. MNL 52:60-62 -- More on pericarp and aleurone thickness in maize and its relatives
Weber, DF. 1978. MNL 52:19-20 -- Maize monosomic mutational mapping
Woodman, JC. 1978. MNL 52:6-8 -- An organ-specific reciprocal effect demonstrated by Adh1 alleles

Please Note: As is the policy with the printed version, notes submitted to the Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter may be cited only with consent of the authors.

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