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Akimova, G; Sokolova, M; Maricheva, E. 2006. MNL. 80:13 -- Organic acids in maize seedling root cells growing at normal lower temperatures.

Balconi, C, et al. 2006. MNL. 80:3 -- The maize ribosome-inactivating protein b-32: role in the defence against fungal pathogens.

Carvalho, C; Saraiva, LS; Mendonca, M. 2006. MNL. 80:35 -- Flow cytometry analysis of DNA content in diploid and autotetraploid maize with B chromosomes.

Chourey, PS. 2006. MNL. 80:11 -- Nomenclature of sucrose synthase genes and the gene products.

Clancy, M; Hannah, LC. 2006. MNL. 80:11 -- The mutations sh2-i and sh2-N2340 share an identical intron splice site mutation and are most likely the same allele.

Coe, E, Jr; Neuffer, MG. 2006. MNL. 80:6 -- Some more data on endosperm color and embryo form in relation to haploidy.

Coe, E. 2006. MNL 80:7 -- Complementations, allelisms, and placements of mutants.

Corcuera, V; Salmoral, M; Canon, L; Poggio, L. 2006. MNL. 80:17 -- Chemical composition of F2 kernels from high quality maize single crosses.

Gadag, R; Jha, S; Singh, A. 2006. MNL. 80:20 -- Physical characteristics of different types of maize kernels.

Geiger, HH, et al. 2006. MNL. 80:28 -- Variation for female fertility among haploid maize lines.

Has, V; Nagy, E; Has, I. 2006. MNL. 80:29 -- Effects of the Ht1 or Ht2 gene in five maize inbred lines on quantitative resistance to Exserohilum turcicum .

Jackson, JD; Stinard, P; Zimmerman, S. 2006. MNL. 80:29 -- Additional linkage tests of non-waxy ( Waxy 1) reciprocal translocations involving chromosome 9 at the MGCSC.

Jackson, JD; Stinard, P; Zimmerman, S. 2006. MNL. 80:30 -- Additional linkage tests of waxy1 marked reciprocal translocations at the MGCSC.

Jackson, JD. 2006. MNL. 80:31 -- Three point linkage data for Og*-Catlin places it on 10S.

Ji, H; Brewbaker, J. 2006. MNL. 80:11 -- Segregation of resistance to southern corn rust in set M RIL population.

Kalia, V; Basandrai, AK; Thakur, S; Jarial, R. 2006. MNL. 80:10 -- Identification of sources of resistance against Erwinia stalk rot ( Erwinia chrysanthemi pv. Zeae) among medium maturing inbred lines of maize.

Katyshev, A; Kobzev, V; Konstantinov, Y. 2006. MNL. 80:15 -- Identification of cDNA for a new chloroplast Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase in maize.

Kim, S; Yoon, N; Kim, H; Kim, Y; Lee, GH. 2006. MNL. 80:9 -- Progress of maize research in North and South Korea and other countries of Asia and Africa.

Koterniak, VV. 2006. MNL. 80:21 -- Bg transposon: a possibility of regulation of transcription through formation of Z-DNA and Z-DNA binding properties of its encoded proteins.

Kumari, J; Gadag, R; Jha, G. 2006. MNL. 80:18 -- Heritability and correlation studies in sweet corn for quality traits, field emergence and grain yield.

Lamb, JC; Han, F; Auger, DL; Birchler, J. 2006. MNL. 80:4 -- A trans-acting factor required for non-disjunction of the B chromosome is located distal to the TB-4Lb breakpoint on the B chromosome.

Llama, A, et al. 2006. MNL. 80:16 -- Evaluation of incidence and severity of Puccinia sorghi and other diseases in the inbreds of Andino-Patagonico in Argentina.

Mihailov, M; Chernov, AA. 2006. MNL. 80:16 -- Using double haploid lines for quantitative trait analysis.

Mondin, M; Gardingo, J. 2006. MNL. 80:23 -- A seed-by-seed strategy to study the paramutation at r1 locus.

Nedev, T; Krapchev, B. 2006. MNL. 80:27 -- In vivo and in vitro comparison of the heterotic effect in sweet corn.

Nepomnyaschih, D; Dietrich, A; Konstantinov, Y. 2006. MNL. 80:13 -- The study of foreign DNA's association with the main mitochondrial chromosome using isolated mitochondria.

Okagaki, R; Schmidt, C; Stec, A; Rines, H; Phillips, RL. 2006. MNL. 80:26 -- How many maize genes are not in B73?.

Pan, D. 2006. MNL 80:18 -- Defect of maltase enzyme activity in the sugary enhancer (se) mutant.

Scandolieri, R; Koyanagui, A; Takahashi, F; Fluminhan, A, Jr.. 2006. MNL. 80:24 -- Changes in chromosomes in highly embryogenic cultured cells and in germinating stored seeds of maize.

Sokolova, M; Akimova, G; Nechaeva, L. 2006. MNL. 80:12 -- Glycolytic enzyme activity level in maize roots under low temperatures.

Stinard, P. 2006. MNL 80:31 -- Three mutable and two stable r1 haplotype-specific aleurone color enhancers map to the same location on chromosome 2.

Stinard, P. 2006. MNL 80:32 -- The isolation and characterization of Fcu germinal revertants, part 3.

Stinard, P. 2006. MNL 80:32 -- New inr1 and inr2 alleles.

Stinard, P. 2006. MNL 80:33 -- Five point linkage data for Fcu with respect to the chromosome 2 markers fl1, v4, w3, and ch1 .

Stinard, P. 2006. MNL 80:33 -- Near colorless (Nc) enhancing effects of the Fcu/Arv r1 haplotype-specific aleurone color enhancers.

Stinard, P. 2006. MNL 80:34 -- Mapping data for arv-m694, Fcu-R2003-2653-6, and Arv-V628#16038 with respect to wx1 T2-9d .

Sturaro, M; Salamini, F; Schnelzer, E; Motto, M. 2006. MNL. 80:2 -- Characterization of gl1, a maize gene that affects cuticular wax accumulation.

Subota, I; Arziev, A; Tarasenko, V; Konstantinov, Y. 2006. MNL. 80:14 -- Inhibitory analysis of protein phosphorylation/dephosphory-lation in mitochondria.

Tyrnov, VS; Kolesova, A; Smolkina, Y. 2006. MNL. 80:27 -- The possibility of producing tetraploid analogies from maize parthenogenetic lines.

Wu, M-S; Wang, X-F. 2006. MNL. 80:25 -- Effects of plant growth regulator 2,4-D, KT and BA on callus induction and plant regeneration from mature embryos of maize.

Zeng, M; Zeng, Z; Ji, H. 2006. MNL. 80:2 -- Effect of space on leaf cell plasmadesma in maize ( Zea mays L.).

*Note: We elected to use html format for the individual reports to permit rapid on-line access. Because these reports were converted from the final redacted copy  using Microsoft word, there will an occasional error.  These errors are not found in the pdf version, accessible at the top of this page.

Please Note: As is the policy with the printed version, notes submitted to the Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter may be cited only with consent of the authors.

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