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Volume 55, 1981

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Stock Center
Zealand 1981

Reports From Cooperators

Ashman, RB. 1981. MNL 55:50-51 -- Failure to verify the Ga9 locus on chromosome 4
Balaravi, P and Reddy, GM. 1981. MNL 55:45 -- Feeding studies with c1 and c2
Balaravi, P and Reddy, GM. 1981. MNL 55:45 -- Light requirements in anthocyanin synthesis
Balaravi, P and Reddy, GM. 1981. MNL 55:45 -- Role of c2 in the gene action sequence
Baszczynski, CL and Hughes, W. 1981. MNL 55:118-119 -- Tissue-specific electrophoretic differences in polypeptides from maize cultivars
Beckett, JB. 1981. MNL 55:27 -- Placement of vp1 near lg2 on the long arm of chromosome 3
Birchler, JA. 1981. MNL 55:81-82 -- A procedure for detailed cytogenetic localizations and the production of small interstitial duplications
Burnham, CR. 1981. MNL 55:88-89 -- Breeding behavior of plants with a ring of ten or twelve chromosomes
Burnham, CR. 1981. MNL 55:89 -- Discussions in cytogenetics
Camara-Hernandez, J and Mangelsdorf, PC. 1981. MNL 55:15-17 -- Crosses of Zea diploperennis with corn
Coe, E, Jr. 1981. MNL 55:26 -- The iojap gene reverts to normal
Coe, E, Jr. 1981. MNL 55:27 -- The occurrence of maternal white seedlings in ears from iojap x normal
Coe, E, Jr. 1981. MNL 55:27 -- The sh-bz-x1 mutation may include the C locus
Coe, EH et al. 1981. MNL 55:30-31 -- The phenotype of iojap plants: sorting-out of plastids vs.incoordination
Cohen, JI. 1981. MNL 55:111-112 -- Heterotic responses of maize hybrids containing alien germplasm
deKergommeaux, D and Walden, DB. 1981. MNL 55:124 -- Affinity distance in maize: Effects of mitogens on chromosome orientation
Doyle, GG. 1981. MNL 55:27-29 -- Progress on the allotetraploidization of maize as indicated by declines in quadrivalent frequencies
Dunn, G and Beck, DL. 1981. MNL 55:42 -- Selection for an early ornamental flint corn
Dunn, G et al. 1981. MNL 55:42 -- Hydroxamates (DIMBOA) in relation to resistance to corn leaf aphids
Echt, C and Schwartz, D. 1981. MNL 55:8-9 -- The wx locus is the structural gene for the Wx protein
Echt, C. 1981. MNL 55:9 -- Extraction of the Wx protein
Everett, HL. 1981. MNL 55:49 -- Iojap crosses
Friedemann, P and Peterson, PA. 1981. MNL 55:6 -- The Uq controlling element system: Change in nomenclature
Friedemann, P and Peterson, PA. 1981. MNL 55:6-7 -- Dosage effect of Uq on the mutability pattern
Galinat, WC et al. 1981. MNL 55:110-111 -- The small pollen of teosinte is coadaptive with the more slender, thin-walled styles of teosinte
Galinat, WC. 1981. MNL 55:107 -- Evergreen stalks as an indicator of perennialism
Galinat, WC. 1981. MNL 55:107 -- The inheritance and linkage of perennialism derived from diploperennis
Galinat, WC. 1981. MNL 55:109 -- The reciprocal switching of binate vs. solitary female spikes and spikelets during a separation of teosinte and maize
Galinat, WC. 1981. MNL 55:109 -- Regulation of secondary sex traits in Zea
Galinat, WC. 1981. MNL 55:109-110 -- Reversal of dominance for two-ranking in hybrids with low condensation eight-rowed maize
Geiser, M et al. 1981. MNL 55:23-24 -- Studies with a cDNA clone for endosperm sucrose synthase
Golubovskaya, IN and Mashnenkov, AS. 1981. MNL 55:78-80 -- Genetic control of chromosome segregation during the first meiotic division
Golubovskaya, IN and Urbach, VG. 1981. MNL 55:80-81 -- Allelic relationships between meiotic mutations with similar disturbances of meiosis
Goodman, MM et al. 1981. MNL 55:126-127 -- Linkage of several isozyme loci on chromosome 3
Goodman, MM et al. 1981. MNL 55:127-128 -- Additional evidence for the unusual electrophoretic migration of a hybrid dimer
Gracen, VE et al. 1981. MNL 55:49 -- Increase of inbreds in several cytoplasms
Hamid, AA et al. 1981. MNL 55:100-101 -- Inheritance of resistance to race 3 Cochliobolus carbonum
Hamid, AA et al. 1981. MNL 55:101-103 -- The significance and analysis of host-pathogen interactions for polygenic resistance in maize
Hedman, KD and Boyer, CD. 1981. MNL 55:77-78 -- Levels of starch branching enzyme IIb and gene dosage at the ae locus
Hooker, AL. 1981. MNL 55:87-88 -- Resistance to Helminthosporium turcicum from Tripsacum floridanum incorporated into corn
Hughes, W and Walden, DB. 1981. MNL 55:120-122 -- SDS-PAGE electrophoretic study of maize pollen polypeptides
Hughes, W et al. 1981. MNL 55:116-117 -- Improved conditions for the extraction of maize polypeptides
Johri, MM and Coe, E, Jr. 1981. MNL 55:31-38 -- Clonal analysis of development in corn
Kang, MS and Zuber, MS. 1981. MNL 55:24-25 -- Inheritance of trapped-silk trait
Kang, MS. 1981. MNL 55:26 -- Inheritance of brittle node
Khehra, AS et al. 1981. MNL 55:66-67 -- Selection for resistance to brown stripe downy mildew in maize--study of original and improved populations in crosses
Kowles, RV and Beckett, JB. 1981. MNL 55:38-42 -- Determination of breakpoints in B-A chromosome translocations
Kowles, RV et al. 1981. MNL 55:97-100 -- Cytological observations and measurements of endosperm nuclei
Leto, KJ et al. 1981. MNL 55:103-104 -- Probing photosystem II structure in maize mutants--herbicide binding studies
Liu, EH et al. 1981. MNL 55:43-44 -- Peroxidase isozymes in maize: characterization of locus Px7
Magoja, JL and Benito, G. 1981. MNL 55:58-60 -- Inheritance of some characters in maize-perennial teosinte hybrids
Magoja, JL and Nivio, A. 1981. MNL 55:62-63 -- Influence of perennial teosinte germplasm on polypeptidic pattern of maize endosperm proteins
Magoja, JL and Nivio, A. 1981. MNL 55:66 -- High-quality protein maize with normal genotype: changes in endosperm protein pattern
Magoja, JL. 1981. MNL 55:63-65 -- Inheritance of modified endosperm structure in floury-a maize
Maguire, MP. 1981. MNL 55:7 -- Apparent chiasma maintenance and terminalization across a region homoeologous for a segment derived from Tripsacum
Maguire, MP. 1981. MNL 55:7-8 -- A search for the synaptic adjustment phenomenon in maize
Mangelsdorf, PC et al. 1981. MNL 55:19-21 -- Crosses of Zea diploperennis with corn
Mazoti, LB. 1981. MNL 55:57-58 -- Behavior of the nuclear elements in Zea mays
McKinley, C and Grell, R. 1981. MNL 55:82-83 -- Early appearance of the synaptonemal complex in maize
Micu, VE. 1981. MNL 55:83-84 -- Genetical studies of a collection of maize samples
Miranda, LTde. 1981. MNL 55:18-19 -- Allometric genetics
Modena, SA and Coe, E, Jr. 1981. MNL 55:115 -- Linkage studies to locate whp
Molina, MC. 1981. MNL 55:51-52 -- Cytogenetic studies on Zea diploperennis
Molina, MC. 1981. MNL 55:52 -- A new hybrid between Zea diploperennis and Zea perennis
Nelson, OE Jr. 1981. MNL 55:68-73 -- A reexamination of the Aberrant Ratio phenomenon
Nelson, OE, Jr. 1981. MNL 55:67 -- Erratum
Nelson, OE, Jr. 1981. MNL 55:68 -- The mutants opaque-9 through opaque-13
Neuffer, MG and Sheridan, WF. 1981. MNL 55:29-30 -- A group of new mutants defective in kernel development--the dek mutants
Nivio, A and Magoja, JL. 1981. MNL 55:60-61 -- Inheritance of endosperm storage proteins in reciprocal hybrids between maize and perennial teosinte
Palacios, I. 1981. MNL 55:51 -- Relative DNA content in isogenic lines of maize in their own cytoplasm and in annual teosinte cytoplasm
Pasupuleti, C and Galinat, WC. 1981. MNL 55:108 -- Preliminary observations on Zea diploperennis and its hybrid with Zea mays
Phillips, RL and Wang, A. 1981. MNL 55:89-91 -- Distribution of rRNA genes in the nucleolus organizer region
Phillips, RL and Wang, A. 1981. MNL 55:91-93 -- Nuclear volume, nucleolar volume and rDNA changes during endosperm development
Polowick, PL et al. 1981. MNL 55:116 -- In vitro liquid culture of corn tassels
Rao, PN. 1981. MNL 55:105-106 -- Trisomics in Coix aquatica
Rao, PN. 1981. MNL 55:106 -- Inheritance of adherent seedling leaves in Coix
Rao, PN. 1981. MNL 55:106-107 -- Chromosome pairing in interspecific hybrids between Coix aquatica (2n=10) and C. lacryma-jobi (2n=20)
Rapela, M. 1981. MNL 55:53 -- Effects of aspartate derived amino acids on floury-a maize embryos
Rapela, M. 1981. MNL 55:54 -- Suggesting a new use of LT inhibition
Rapela, M. 1981. MNL 55:54-55 -- Isolating LT insensitive normal maize embryos: an induction-selection model
Rapela, M. 1981. MNL 55:55-57 -- Threonine inhibitory root growth effects: encircling the problem and a new point of discussion
Reddy, LV and Peterson, PA. 1981. MNL 55:4-5 -- Culturing of endosperm tissue
Rhoades, MM and Dempsey, E. 1981. MNL 55:12 -- On the linear order of genes in the distal region of 10L
Rhoades, MM and Dempsey, E. 1981. MNL 55:9-12 -- Further studies on the structure of abnormal chromosome 10
Rhoades, MM. 1981. MNL 55:13 -- Did abnormal 10 arise from a translocation between Tripsacum and maize chromosomes?
Rhodes, CA and Green, CE. 1981. MNL 55:93-94 -- An in vitro detection system for monoploid maize tissue cultures
Robertson, DS. 1981. MNL 55:115 -- Seedling mutants l*-Blandy3 and l*-Blandy3drk: a clarification
Robertson, DS. 1981. MNL 55:2-3 -- The striping phenotype in mutator stocks: A viral etiology?
Robertson, DS. 1981. MNL 55:3 -- Forward mutation frequency of Bt in the presence of Mu
Robertson, DS. 1981. MNL 55:4 -- Mutator activity in Mu x Mu plants
Sari-Gorla, M and Valsecchi, M. 1981. MNL 55:75-77 -- In vitro germination and tube growth of maize pollen
Sederoff, RR et al. 1981. MNL 55:86-87 -- Sequence rearrangements occur frequently in the evolution of mitochondrial DNA of maize and teosinte
Shadley, J and Weber, DF. 1981. MNL 55:124-125 -- Further localization of a dosage-dependent factor on 5L which alters lipid composition in maize embryos
Shadley, J and Weber, DF. 1981. MNL 55:126 -- Identification of a dosage-dependent region on chromosome 10 in maize which alters lipid composition in maize embryos
Sheridan, WF and Neuffer, MG. 1981. MNL 55:43 -- Developmental mutants--a group of defective kernel mutants blocked in early embryo development
Startek, K and Walden, DB. 1981. MNL 55:122-123 -- Pollen germination influenced by genotype and/or agrichemicals
Stuber, CW and Goodman, MM. 1981. MNL 55:126 -- Compilation of isozyme genotypes for 342 inbred lines
Styles, ED and Ceska, O. 1981. MNL 55:105 -- Flavonoids in maize pollen
Sukhapinda, K and Peterson, PA. 1981. MNL 55:5-6 -- A case of non-reciprocal cross-incompatibility of maize
Sukhorzhevskaia, T and Khavkin, EE. 1981. MNL 55:46-47 -- Isozymes of 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase (6PGD): a presumable mode of control
Sukhorzhevskaia, T and Khavkin, EE. 1981. MNL 55:47-49 -- Isozymes of NAD-dependent glutamate dehydrogenase (GDH) mark cell epigenotypes in roots of different origin
Szundy, T and Kovacs, I. 1981. MNL 55:73-75 -- Correlation between certain characters for earliness in hybrids produced on systematic heterozygous series
Ting, Y and Yu, M. 1981. MNL 55:23 -- Continued studies on the chromosomes of maize from China
Ting, Y et al. 1981. MNL 55:21-22 -- Meiotic observations of diploid perennial teosinte
Ting, Y et al. 1981. MNL 55:22 -- Advances in anther culture of maize
Weissinger, A et al. 1981. MNL 55:84-86 -- Plasmid-like mitochondrial DNAs from Latin American maize races
Wilkes, HG. 1981. MNL 55:13-15 -- Maize in India
Williams, A. 1981. MNL 55:112-113 -- Genetic variation at the vp7 locus
Williams, A. 1981. MNL 55:113-114 -- Seed development on prematurely harvested maize ears
Xie, Y and Gengenbach, BG. 1981. MNL 55:95-96 -- Tissue culture potential of inbreds from the Peoples' Republic of China
Yu, M. 1981. MNL 55:22 -- Fine structure of maize anther callus

Please Note: As is the policy with the printed version, notes submitted to the Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter may be cited only with consent of the authors.

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