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Volume 53, 1979

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Reports From Cooperators

Bianchi, G et al. 1979. MNL 53:103 -- The absence of fatty aldehydes in gl1 gl2 waxes
Birchler, JA. 1979. MNL 53:103-106 -- The construction of testers useful in the detection of dosage series at the kernel stage
Bird, R. 1979. MNL 53:53-54 -- The evolution of maize: a new model for the early stages
Bird, R. 1979. MNL 53:54 -- Perennial teosinte: replanting in Jalisco, Mexico
Bird, R. 1979. MNL 53:55 -- The USDA teosinte germplasm collection
Blanco, M et al. 1979. MNL 53:10-11 -- Relationship between "reversed germ" (r.g.), kernel weight, and number of rows of the ears
Blanco, M et al. 1979. MNL 53:9-10 -- Inheritance of "decussate" character: Differences between the offspring from reciprocal crosses
Bosch, L et al. 1979. MNL 53:11 -- Heterosis between a spontaneous mutant, "floury-1," and normal inbred lines
Bosch, L et al. 1979. MNL 53:8-9 -- Relationship between pg 11 pg 12, earliness and modification of some parts of the plants
Burnham, CR. 1979. MNL 53:88-89 -- Tests for cytoplasmic restoration of nuclear genetic male sterility
Burnham, CR. 1979. MNL 53:89 -- Alternate explanations for male sterility governed by an interaction between nuclear genes and cytoplasm
Ceska, O and Styles, D. 1979. MNL 53:96-97 -- Flavonoids in coleoptiles of bronze seedlings
Coe, E, Jr and McCormick, S. 1979. MNL 53:29-30 -- White pollen
Coe, E, Jr. 1979. MNL 53:27-28 -- The recessive intensifier of plant color (a3)
Coe, E, Jr. 1979. MNL 53:28-29 -- MESS--Missouri Early Stressed Synthetic
Coe, EH and Walbot, V. 1979. MNL 53:30-31 -- The pattern of striping in iojap plants
Contarino, J and Fleming, AA. 1979. MNL 53:6 -- Effect of cytoplasm on various maize characters
Contarino, J and Fleming, AA. 1979. MNL 53:6 -- Methods of seed preparation for cytoplasmic studies
Cross, HZ. 1979. MNL 53:40-41 -- Diallel analysis of the variable expression of R-nj phenotypes
Dhaliwal, H and King, PJ. 1979. MNL 53:13-14 -- Haploid and aneuploid corn cultures
Dhaliwal, H and Lorz, H. 1979. MNL 53:14 -- In vitro shoot cultures of teosinte and corn
Earle, ED and Gracen, VE. 1979. MNL 53:51 -- Fusion of T cytoplasm corn protoplasts with soybean protoplasts confers resistance to Helminthosporium maydis race T toxin
Everett, HL and Stockmeyer, E. 1979. MNL 53:48 -- Studies on multi-male hybrids
Ferl, RJ and Schwartz, D. 1979. MNL 53:24 -- Anaerobic stress and RNA production in seedling roots
Fleming, AA. 1979. MNL 53:6-7 -- Controlling weeds in maize nursery plots
Gabay-Laughnan, S and Laughnan, JR. 1979. MNL 53:92-93 -- Chromosomal location of 58 naturally-occuring cms-S restorers
Galinat, WC and Tracy, WF. 1979. MNL 53:98 -- On the low quality of certain sugary hybrids segregating shrunken-2
Galinat, WC. 1979. MNL 53:100 -- On the usage of the terms pedicel and rachilla in description of the cob, the female spikelet and the grain in maize
Galinat, WC. 1979. MNL 53:97-98 -- A hypothesis on the burn-blotch syndrome of Ia5125
Galinat, WC. 1979. MNL 53:98 -- Dingy pericarp color as a complication to the breeding and use of the y ms system to eliminate detasseling
Galinat, WC. 1979. MNL 53:98-99 -- Small pollen in modern teosinte as a secondary adaptation for self-fertilization
Galinat, WC. 1979. MNL 53:99-100 -- A miniature fruit-case type of teosinte as the wild ancestor of the first maize
Gavazzi, G and Todesco, G. 1979. MNL 53:63 -- Further data on the location of pro
Gavazzi, G. 1979. MNL 53:62-63 -- Locating duplications Dp 10-1, -3, -4 in relation to the o7 marker
Golubovskaya, IN. 1979. MNL 53:66-70 -- Meiotic mutation in maize
Goodman, MM and Stuber, CW. 1979. MNL 53:72-73 -- Further report on the genetics of MDH
Gorman, M and Peterson, PA. 1979. MNL 53:4 -- Controlling element components function in a tissue culture system
Hadjinov, MI and Mashnenkov, AS. 1979. MNL 53:108-111 -- Dominant mutation Sup1-W70 o2/o2, improving opaque-2 endosperm pattern
Hake, S and Walbot, V. 1979. MNL 53:84-87 -- Reassociation kinetics of nuclear DNA
Kato Y, T. 1979. MNL 53:26 -- Different ploidy in perennial teosinte from Jalisco, Mexico
Kelley, T and Sorenson, JC. 1979. MNL 53:81-82 -- Isolation of polyribosomes from maize
Kheyr-Pour, A et al. 1979. MNL 53:48-51 -- Genetics of cms-C fertility restoration
King, PJ et al. 1979. MNL 53:12-13 -- Initiation of corn cell lines
Laughnan, JR and Gabay-Laughnan, S. 1979. MNL 53:90-92 -- Nuclear control over reversions to male fertility in cms-S maize strains
Leto, KJ and Miles, CD. 1979. MNL 53:37-38 -- Arm location and allelism tests among several high fluorescent maize mutants
Leto, KJ and Miles, D. 1979. MNL 53:38-40 -- Further characterization of photosystem II mutants
Leto, KJ et al. 1979. MNL 53:35-37 -- Effect of chromosome arm dosage on the activity of isolated maize chloroplasts
Levings, CS, III et al. 1979. MNL 53:83-84 -- The basis for cytoplasmic instability in S cytoplasm
Levites, EV. 1979. MNL 53:70-71 -- Effects of translocations on the interallelic interactions in the alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) system in maize
Maguire, MP. 1979. MNL 53:7 -- A search for parthenogenetic maize
Maguire, MP. 1979. MNL 53:7 -- Direct cytological evidence for true terminalization of chiasmata
Maguire, MP. 1979. MNL 53:8 -- Probable presynaptic alignment of homologues
Mashnenkov, AS. 1979. MNL 53:111-112 -- The induced mutations increasing lysine level in corn kernels
McCormick, S. 1979. MNL 53:31-32 -- C-I and light
McCormick, S. 1979. MNL 53:32 -- c-m2 and light
McCormick, S. 1979. MNL 53:32-33 -- Pigment development on immature c-p ears
McCormick, S. 1979. MNL 53:33 -- Aleurone pigment and plant color factors
McCormick, S. 1979. MNL 53:33-35 -- Light inducibility of anthocyanins in vp aleurone
McCoy, T et al. 1979. MNL 53:112-113 -- Reduced outcross seed set in 2NOR stock controlled by chromosome 4 gametophyte factor
McElhannon, W and Fleming, AA. 1979. MNL 53:6 -- The cytoplasm and nutrient absorption
McMillin, DE and Scandalios, J. 1979. MNL 53:79-80 -- Chromosome location of two mitochondrial malate dehydrogenase structural genes
Misharin, SI et al. 1979. MNL 53:44-46 -- Protein polymorphism in maize and its nearest relatives
Mottinger, J. 1979. MNL 53:52-53 -- Aleuroneless mosaic: A conditional developmental mutant
Nelson, OE Jr. 1979. MNL 53:56 -- More precise linkage data on fl3
Nelson, OE, Jr. 1979. MNL 53:57-58 -- The appearance of C-I in a stock carrying an Spm-controlled c-mutable
Newton, KJ. 1979. MNL 53:16-17 -- Genetic analyses of MDH: An operational model
Newton, KJ. 1979. MNL 53:17-18 -- Evidence that the soluble MDH genes are duplicate in maize
Newton, KJ. 1979. MNL 53:18-19 -- A gene affecting the electrophoretic mobilities of the mitochondrial MDH's is on chromosome 1
Newton, KJ. 1979. MNL 53:20 -- The gene encoding the most active form of mMDH is uncovered by TB-6Lc
Newton, KJ. 1979. MNL 53:20-21 -- A "null activity" allele of the mitochondrial MDH gene on chromosome six
Newton, KJ. 1979. MNL 53:21 -- A third independently segregating mitochondrial MDH structural gene has been localized to 3L
Newton, KJ. 1979. MNL 53:21-23 -- On the nature of the mMDH-1 and mMDH-2 bands
Newton, KJ. 1979. MNL 53:23-24 -- Proposed revisions in nomenclature for the maize MDH loci
Nitsch, C et al. 1979. MNL 53:27 -- Maize anther culture
Ottaviano, E and Soave, C. 1979. MNL 53:58 -- Inheritance of isoelectric-focusing (IEF) zein pattern
Peterson, PA. 1979. MNL 53:3 -- Activities associated with a controlling element allele
Phillips, RL and Thompson, SA. 1979. MNL 53:115-116 -- Cytogenetic localization of a high chlorophyll fluorescence mutation (hcf-26) within the chromosome 6 satellite
Phillips, RL and Wang, A. 1979. MNL 53:114-115 -- Introduction of genetic markers and interchanges into inbreds A188, A619, A632, and W23
Phillips, RL. 1979. MNL 53:116 -- Stock request
Plewa, M. 1979. MNL 53:93-96 -- Isolation of chemical mutagen-induced oil content mutants of maize
Potrykus, I et al. 1979. MNL 53:15 -- Corn protoplasts
Pring, DR et al. 1979. MNL 53:42 -- Heterogeneity within the C group of male-sterile cytoplasms
Pryor, AJ. 1979. MNL 53:25-26 -- Mapping of glutamic dehydrogenase (Gdh) on chromosome 1, 20.1 recombination units distal to Adh1
Racchi, ML and Gavazzi, G. 1979. MNL 53:63-64 -- Isolation of new alleles at the pro locus
Rao, AG and Fleming, AA. 1979. MNL 53:56 -- Cytoplasmic-genotypic effects in maize inbreds
Rhodes, CA and Green, CE. 1979. MNL 53:87-88 -- Tissue culture of monoploid maize
Robertson, DS. 1979. MNL 53:4-5 -- Further evidence on the timing of Mu activity
Robertson, DS. 1979. MNL 53:5 -- The relationship of Mu to the Fcu controlling element system
Roupakias, DG et al. 1979. MNL 53:79 -- Catalase gene mapping on the maize genome
Sari-Gorla, M and Croci, E. 1979. MNL 53:59-60 -- Amino acid effect on in vitro pollen germination and growth
Sharma, RC and Payak, MM. 1979. MNL 53:65-66 -- Resistance to common rust of maize in India
Stephens, S. 1979. MNL 53:71-72 -- Hermaphrodite florets in a derivative of a corn x teosinte hybrid
Stockmeyer, E and Everett, HL. 1979. MNL 53:47-48 -- Studies on the mechanism of Al response in maize
Strauss, A and King, PJ. 1979. MNL 53:14 -- Selection of amino-acid analogue resistant corn cell lines
Stuber, CW and Goodman, MM. 1979. MNL 53:73-75 -- Genetics and linkage of PGM
Stuber, CW and Goodman, MM. 1979. MNL 53:75-76 -- Genetics and linkage of GOT
Sukhapinda, K and Peterson, PA. 1979. MNL 53:3 -- Enhancement of genetic exchange in maize: Intragenic recombination
Thomas, E et al. 1979. MNL 53:15-16 -- Corn anther culture
Ting, Y and Yu, M. 1979. MNL 53:107-108 -- Chromosomes and genes of Chinese maize
Ting, Y et al. 1979. MNL 53:106 -- Meiotic studies of the P2 progeny of maize pollen-plants
Ting, Y et al. 1979. MNL 53:106-107 -- Maize tissue culture
Tonelli, C and Bertani, A. 1979. MNL 53:61-62 -- Determination of P5C reductase activity in the proline mutant
Tonelli, C et al. 1979. MNL 53:60-61 -- Benzyladenine and anthocyanin biosynthesis
Tsaftaris, AS and Sorenson, JC. 1979. MNL 53:80-81 -- Studies on the catalase inhibitor
Voronova, LP et al. 1979. MNL 53:43-44 -- Nitrate reductase activity and stability in inbreds and their crosses
Ward, EJ. 1979. MNL 53:100-102 -- A postulated origin of the B chromosome
Whalen, RH. 1979. MNL 53:24-25 -- Linkage tests of golden-2
Yen, R and Scandalios, J. 1979. MNL 53:76-79 -- Hormonal modulation of catalase expression in maize scutellum
Zeleneva, IV et al. 1979. MNL 53:42-43 -- Adenylate content and the energy charge as related to seedling growth in inbred strains

Please Note: As is the policy with the printed version, notes submitted to the Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter may be cited only with consent of the authors.

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