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Volume 79, 2005

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Reports From Cooperators

      Akimova, G; Sokolova, M; Nechaeva, L. 2005. MNL. 79:16 -- Growth of maize primary roots under long-term impact of low temperature.

      Akimova, G; Sokolova, M; Makarova, LE; Nechaeva, L. 2005. MNL. 79:17 -- Low positive temperature impact on the growth of maize sprouts primary roots.

      Biasutti, C. 2005. MNL 79:9 -- Agronomic performance of high and low canopy temperature maize genotypes.

      Carlson, WR. 2005. MNL 79:14 -- Reduced transmission of deletion TB-9Sb's through the female meiosis.

      Cassani, E, et al. 2005. MNL. 79:25 -- The ra1-154 mutation is caused by K53 deletion in the zinc finger domain.

      Chattopadhyay, K; Sarkar, KR. 2005. MNL. 79:27 -- Standardization of a squash technique for endosperm cytology in maize (Zea mays L.).

Cheng, WY; Cheng, V; Cheng, P-C. 2005. MNL. 79:21 -- Auto-fluorescent spectra of leaf and pollen grain.

      Coe, E, Jr; Neuffer, MG. 2005. MNL. 79:7 -- Darker orange endosperm color associated with haploid embryos: Y1 dosage and the mechanism of haploid induction.

      Coe, E, Jr; Kass, LB. 2005. MNL. 79:72 -- Maize Genetics Cooperation News Letter files: Expanded chronological list of materials and related cooperation.

      Corcuera, V; Bernatene, EA; Salerno, JC; Tomas, P; Naranjo, C. 2005. MNL. 79:22 -- Evaluation of yields in precommercial waxy and double recessive hybrids developed in Argentina.

      Corcuera, V; Bernatene, EA; Naranjo, C. 2005. MNL. 79:23 -- Analysis of the chemical composition of quality maize inbreds and their hybrids.

      Corcuera, V; Naranjo, C. 2005. MNL. 79:23 -- Evaluation and analysis of heat unit requirements for silking in waxy and quality protein maize inbreds developed in Argentina.

      Faricelli, M; Di Renzo, M; Bonamico, N; Ibanez, M. 2005. MNL. 79:8 -- Discriminant analysis applied to phenotypic evaluation of Mal de Rio Cuarto disease in recombinant inbred lines of maize.

      Gerhold, A; Candela-Anton, H; Neuffer, G; Hake, S. 2005. MNL. 79:2 -- Identification of a new dominant leaf mutant from B73 EMS mutagenesis.

      Grabelnych, O, et al. 2005. MNL. 79:15 -- An influence of cold stress on different mitochondrial uncoupling systems function of maize shoots.

      Hocker, N; Hochholdinger, F. 2005. MNL. 79:44 -- Morphological characterization of heterotic traits in early root development of maize.

      Jackson, JD; Harper, C. 2005. MNL. 79:47 -- Allelism testing of spotted seedling leaf stocks in Maize Coop phenotype only collection.

      Jackson, JD; Stinard, P; Zimmerman, S. 2005. MNL. 79:47 -- Additional linkage tests of waxy1 marked reciprocal translocations at the MGCSC.

      Jackson, JD; Stinard, P; Zimmerman, S. 2005. MNL. 79:48 -- Additional linkage tests of non-waxy (Waxy1) reciprocal translocations involving chromosome 9 at the MGCSC.

      Ji, H; Brewbaker, J. 2005. MNL. 79:13 -- Comparison of husk leaves using visual score rating and direct measuring methods in maize (Zea mays L.).

      Ji, H. 2005. MNL 79:14 -- Tiller variation to seasonal effects in tillering maize inbreds (Zea mays L.).

      Ji, H; Brewbaker, J. 2005. MNL. 79:14 -- Genetic variation of husk leaves in the composite NE-EDR sh2 sweet corn population.

      Kass, L. 2005. MNL 79:52 -- Missouri compromise: tenure or freedom? New evidence clarifies why Barbara McClintock left academe.

      Katyshev, A; Klimenko, E; Chernikova, V; Kobzev, V; Konstantinov, Y. 2005. MNL. 79:20 -- The new member of superoxide dismutase gene family in maize - iron superoxide dismutase.

      Kolesova, A; Tyrnov, VS. 2005. MNL. 79:42 -- Manifestation of the character "polar nuclei fusion".

      Koterniak, VV. 2005. MNL. 79:30 -- A modifier of the Bg element.

      Koterniak, VV. 2005. MNL. 79:32 -- Probable Bg encoded proteins and origin of Bg-rbg and PIF families of transposable elements.

      Kynast, RG, et al. 2005. MNL. 79:38 -- Development of the first fertile plants with an addition of the whole maize chromosome 10 to the oat genome.

      Landoni, M; Cassani, E; Pilu, R. 2005. MNL. 79:25 -- Vejlupkova's maize DNA preps work even using milled dry seeds.

      Lorbiecke, R; Paul, C; Wienand, U. 2005. MNL. 79:12 -- The ZmJR2 gene encodes a putative GDSL-like lipolytic enzyme and is preferentially expressed during early maize (Zea mays L.) kernel development.

      Lunde, C, et al. 2005. MNL. 79:2 -- ZmKin1, a CLAVATA1-like sequence from maize, maps near two QTL for tassel long branch number.

      Lunde, C; Schultz, J; Rocheford, TR; Hake, S. 2005. MNL. 79:2 -- thick tassel dwarf1 maps to a QTL for spikelet density in long tassel branches.

      Makarova, LE; Akimova, G; Luzova, GB; Sobenin, AM; Sokolova, M. 2005. MNL. 79:18 -- Relationship between the levels of free L-phenylalanine and L-tyrosine and phenol compounds in maize root cells at lowered temperatures.

      Maslobrod, S. 2005. MNL 79:7 -- Physiological effect of the distant relation between plants conditioned by the "memory" of the system of two jointly swelling seeds of maize.

      Medici, LO; Pereira, M; Lea, PJ; Azevedo, RA. 2005. MNL. 79:42 -- Combining ability of maize lines with varied responses to applied nitrogen.

      Meena, C; Gadag, R; Singh, B; Singh, RD. 2005. MNL. 79:25 -- Analysis of productivity and kernel composition in Indian maize local cultivars and land races.

      Meena, C; Singh, RD; Singh, B; Gadag, R. 2005. MNL. 79:26 -- Evaluation of crosses between field and sweet corns for productivity and kernel biochemical composition.

      del Carmen, MM; Chorzempa, S; Garcia, MD. 2005. MNL. 79:5 -- Meiotic pairing in the hybrid (Zea mays x Zea diploperennis) x Zea luxurians.

      Mondin, M; Gardingo, J. 2005. MNL. 79:37 -- Evidence of natural occurrence of paramutation at p1 locus.

      Morales Yokobori, M; Decker, V; Ornella, LA. 2005. MNL. 79:36 -- Analysis of heterotic maize (Zea mays L.) populations using molecular markers.

      Mutinda, C; Gethi, M; Diallo, AO. 2005. MNL. 79:11 -- Development and dissemination of improved maize cultivars in Kenya: quality protein maize (QPM).

      Okagaki, R. 2005. MNL 79:39 -- Chromosome hopping: using intragenic recombination to positionally clone maize genes.

      Pan, D. 2005. MNL 79:24 -- Glucose-1,6-bisphosphate as substrate for enzymatic phosphorylation of starch.

      Rosado, T; Carvalho, C; Saraiva, LS. 2005. MNL. 79:48 -- DNA content of maize metaphasic A and B chromosomes determined by image cytometry.

      Saraiva, LS; Carvalho, C. 2005. MNL. 79:49 -- A putative short paracentric inversion in chromosome 9 induced by B chromosome in maize.

      Savage, D, et al. 2005. MNL. 79:50 -- Real-time mining of maize genome data for simple sequence repeat (SSR) and single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) molecular genetic markers.

      Shaver, DL. 2005. MNL. 79:39 -- 50 generations of selection for perennialism in maize.

      Shaver, DL. 2005. MNL. 79:40 -- 25 generations of mass selection for perennialism in diploid maize.

      Shaver, DL. 2005. MNL. 79:41 -- Is the "Country Gentlemen" phenotype a better bet than prolificacy in maize yield enhancement?.

      Sokolov, VA; Kravchenko, A; Belova, I; Tarakanova, T. 2005. MNL. 79:29 -- The fate of backcross offspring of apomeiotic maize x gamagrass hybrids.

      Stankovic, G; Delic, N; Stankovic, S; Babic, M; Andjelkovic, V. 2005. MNL. 79:3 -- Changes in genetic gain from selection by the introduction of exotic germplasm into local synthetic populations of maize (Zea mays L.).

      Stinard, P. 2005. MNL 79:45 -- Mutable r1 haplotype-specific aleurone color enhancers Fcu and arv-m594 map to the same location.

      Stinard, P. 2005. MNL 79:46 -- "The isolation and characterization of Fcu germinal revertants, part 2".

      Stinard, P. 2005. MNL 79:46 -- "The dominant inhibitor of R1-ch aleurone color, M-ch, and the Spotted-dilute inhibitor Dil map to the same location as inr1 and are likely inr1 alleles".

      Stinard, P. 2005. MNL 79:46 -- New alleles of vp10.

      Subota, I; Konstantinov, Y; Arziev, A; Tarasenko, V. 2005. MNL. 79:16 -- The effects of hydrogen peroxide and glutathione on protein phosphorylation in mitochondria.

      Tarasenko, V; Subota, I; Kobzev, V; Konstantinov, Y. 2005. MNL. 79:19 -- Protein factor binds specifically to putative origin of replication of the mitochondrial 1.9 kb plasmid.

      Tarasenko, V; Garnik, E; Kobzev, V; Konstantinov, Y. 2005. MNL. 79:20 -- Differential expression of mitochondrial genes under redox state changes caused by respiratory inhibitor antimycine A.

      Tyrnov, VS; Smolkina, Y; Kolesova, A. 2005. MNL. 79:42 -- "The occurrence of matroclinal haploids among lines of haploid origin, produced with use of pollen haploinductors".

      Urechean, V; Bonea, D; Paraschivu, M. 2005. MNL. 79:10 -- The influence of the low temperatures on seed germination in local populations of maize.

      Warburton, M, et al. 2005. MNL. 79:24 -- CIMMYT molecular characterization data for maize.

      Wong, AYM; Colasanti, JJ. 2005. MNL. 79:11 -- Sucrose affects ID1 protein expression in developing leaves.

      Zeng, M; Zeng, Z; Ji, H. 2005. MNL. 79:3 -- Quantitative trait variation induced by space flight.

Please Note: As is the policy with the printed version, notes submitted to the Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter may be cited only with consent of the authors.

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