Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter

Volume 88, 2014

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Reports From Cooperators

Best NB, Budka JS, Schulz B, Weil C and Dilkes BP. New EMS-induced allele of terminal ear 1 (te1) in the B73 background. PDF | HTML

Di Renzo MA, Bonamico NC Ibañez MA, Salerno JC and Balzarini MG. Inheritance of resistance to Mal de Río Cuarto disease in maize using recombinant inbred lines. PDF | HTML

Fissore MJ, Ibañez MA, Bonamico NC, and Di Renzo MA. Stalk and root rot in maize hybrids: analysis of gentoype X environment interaction using GGE biplots. PDF | HTML

Karl JR. indeterminate is falsely day length, in maize. . PDF |

Karl JR. Maize reacts to night light; day length and night break. PDF |

Karl JR. The maximum plant height seen in the maize subspecies courtesy of tall Tehua accessions; flowering. PDF |

Kumar A, Kumari J, Rana, JC, Paul D, Kumar R, Singh H and Singh TP. Variation in agronomic performance and grain quality of Indian maize landraces of high altitude region of Jammu Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. PDF | HTML

Lanzanova C, Torri A, Locatelli S and Balconi C. Bilateral collaboration Italy-Canada for maize Fusarium resistance in the Canadair project PDF | HTML

Mutinda C, Makumbi D, Njoka S and Mauara F. Evaluation of new maize hybrids for yield and adaptation in the Mt. Kenya region. PDF | HTML

Palii A and Batîru G. The dosage effect of the opaque-2 gene on the amino acid composition of proteins from tetraploid maize grain. PDF | HTML

Panikhin PA, Abdyrakhmanova EA, Blakey CA and Sokolov VA. The Maize-Gamagrass Hybrids (2n=56, 20Zm + 36 Td) Carrying Genomes of the Lines Used for Obtaining Heterosis F1. PDF | HTML

Rossi EA, Bonamica NC, Ortiz, ME and Di Renzo MA. Quality and nutritional value of corn silage hybrids evaluated by multivariate analysis. PDF | HTML

Stinard PS. Maize Genetics Stock Center 2014 allele test results. PDF |

Stinard PS. Placement of the lw5 lw6 duplicate factor loci to chromosome arm. PDF |

Stinard PS. A dominant enhancer of yellow color in albescent1 mutant endosperms identified in South American orange flint lines. PDF |

Stinard PS and Sachs MM. 2012/2013 allele tests at the Maize Genetics Stock Center. PDF | HTML

Stinard, PS and Sachs, MM. zebra7 and luteus17 are allelic to lemon white1. PDF | HTML

Tafuri A, Alfieri M and Redaelli, R. Method improvement for the determination of total phenolics content in yellow maize flour. PDF | HTML

Xie X-y, Xue L, Chen G-q, Lu H-h, Shi M-l and Xie L-m. Summary on Inheritance and Utilization Research of Chinese Waxy Corn Heterosis. PDF | About Author X-y Xie

Zhukov BS and Volkova NE. Microsatellite analysis of y1 and vp5 maize genes. PDF |

Historical Note

MG Neuffer as interviewed by J Birchler. PDF | HTML

Maize Genetics Cooperation

2014 Stock Center Report. PDF |

Additions To the Stock Center Catalog Since MNL 87. PDF |

2014 MaizeGDB Report. PDF

2014 MaizeGDB Editorial Board.

2014 McClintock Prize Winner David Balcombe

MGEC 2014 community survey results.

56th Maize Genetics Conference.

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