Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter vol 88 2014





Maize Genetics Cooperation Stock Center


2012/2013 allele tests at the Maize Genetics Stock Center.


            ‑‑Stinard, PS and Sachs, MM


            During the past year, we obtained positive allele tests for the following previously uncharacterized mutants:  te*‑87‑2490‑22 is allelic to te1 and is now called te1‑87‑2490‑22.  stb*‑N938C is allelic to oro1 and is now called oro1‑N938C.  vp*‑UFMu‑03777 is allelic to vp5 and is now called vp5‑UFMu‑03777.


            We obtained negative allele tests for the following mutants:  clpp1‑ys is not allelic to oro1.  l3, a poorly characterized pale luteus seedling mutant on 6L, is not allelic to l10.  Previous tests showed that l3 is not allelic to l12 or l15.  l3 still remains to be tested against the 6L mutants w1 and w15, which also have a pale luteus phenotype.


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