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Reports From Cooperators*

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Balconi, C. 2007. MNL. 81:2-3 -- Evaluation of maize hybrid genotypes for resistance to Aspergillus flavus.

Bernardo, R. 2007. MNL. 81:26 -- Marker-assisted selection without QTL mapping: prospects for genome-wide selection for quantitative traits in maize.

Bonea, D. 2007. MNL. 81:29-30 -- Studies concerning the heredity of some characteristics of the corncob.

Brewbaker, JL. 2007. MNL. 81:15 -- Near isogenic lines (NIL) of inbred Hi27.

Brewbaker, JL. 2007. MNL. 81:15-16 -- Grassy tiller and sweet corn.

Carroll, KA. 2007. MNL. 81:12-13 -- Microarray evidence for ABA-GA antagonism during embryo maturation.

Carroll, KA. 2007. MNL. 81:13-14 -- Practical advice on using the maize oligonucleotide microarray.

Corcuera, VR. 2007. MNL. 81:19 -- Maize quality breeding in Argentina. I. Chemical analysis of waxy maize starch.

Corcuera, VR. 2007. MNL. 81:19-20 -- Maize quality breeding in Argentina. II. Determination of lysine and fatty acids by chromatography.

Corcuera, VR. 2007. MNL. 81:20-21 -- Heterosis percentage of yield traits in quality maize single cross hybrids developed in Argentina.

Dooner, HK. 2007. MNL. 81:24-25 -- Suggested guidelines for naming helitrons.

Harper, LC. 2007. MNL. 81:5-7 -- Identifying low-copy loci by FISH on chromosomes in 3-D: Position of p1, the 22kDa alpha zein cluster, and the 5S rDNA locus.

Has, V. 2007. MNL. 81:30-31 -- Breeding implication of intra- and interheterotic group crosses as a source of new inbred lines in maize.

Has, V. 2007. MNL. 81:31 -- Effects of different cytoplasms on quantitative characters in maize.

Jackson, JD. 2007. MNL. 81:31-32 -- Allelism testing of miscellaneous stocks in Maize COOP phenotype only collection.

Jackson, JD. 2007. MNL. 81:32 -- Additional new alleles of pink scutellum1 found in Maize COOP phenotype-only collection.

Jackson, JD. 2007. MNL. 81:32 -- A survey of viviparous stocks in Maize COOP phenotype-only collection for new alleles of viviparous9.

Ji, HC. 2007. MNL. 81:8-9 -- Inheritance of ear shank length in maize (Zea mays L.).

Josue, AD. 2007. MNL. 81:16-17 -- Heterosis among near-isogenic lines of Hi27.

Kim, SK. 2007. MNL. 81:14 -- "Severe epidemics of downy mildew (Perosclerospora sorghi) on maize in Cambodia, East Timor and Vietnam".

Koterniak, VV. 2007. MNL. 81:22-23 -- Bg transposon transcription from both strands: two products similar to NFI and SET domain proteins may be involved in transcription and chromatin modu lation. PDF

Kynast, RG. 2007. MNL. 81:17-19 -- Adding B-chromosomes of Zea mays L. to the genome of Avena sativa L..

Lebaka, NG. 2007. MNL. 81:21-22 -- Quantitative trait loci for ruminal starch degradability of opaque2 maize (Zea mays L.).

Lisch, D. 2007. MNL. 81:7-8 -- Mu killer locus available in multiple inbred backgrounds.

Makhijani, R. 2007. MNL. 81:14-15 -- A searchable database linking maize experts from around the world.

Manzotti, PS. 2007. MNL. 81:22 -- Linkage data for sml.

Nehvi, FA. 2007. MNL. 81:29 -- Genetic divergence among local maize (Zea mays L.) cultivars of the Kashmir valley.

Ornella, LA. 2007. MNL. 81:23-24 -- Prediction of maize (Zea mays L.) combining ability using molecular markers and mixed linear models theory.

Ornella, LA. 2007. MNL. 81:25-26 -- A machine learning approach for heterotic performance prediction of maize (Zea mays L.) based on molecular marker data.

Palaniswamy, S. 2007. MNL. 81:12 -- GRASSIUS: A first step in establishing regulatory networks in maize and other grasses.

Pirona, R. 2007. MNL. 81:4-5 -- Transcriptome analysis of opaque2 and opaque7 mutants in maize endosperm.

Rather, AG. 2007. MNL. 81:28-29 -- Combining ability analysis for maize (Zea mays L.) lines under the high altitude temperate conditions of Kashmir.

Rotarenco, VA. 2007. MNL. 81:9-10 -- The influence of ear age on the frequency of maternal haploids produced by a haploid-inducing line.

Rotarenco, VA. 2007. MNL. 81:11 -- Using oil content to identify kernels with haploid embryos.

Rotarenco, VA. 2007. MNL. 81:11-12 -- Gamma-irradiation of seeds with haploid and diploid embryos. PDF

Sofi, PA. 2007. MNL. 81:26 -- Triple test cross analysis for detection of epistasis for ear characteristics in maize (Zea mays L.).

Sofi, PA. 2007. MNL. 81:26-27 -- Studies on genetic variability, correlation and path analysis in maize (Zea mays L.).

Stinard, PS. 2007. MNL. 81:32-33 -- Additional r1 haplotype-specific aleurone color enhancer mapping results.

Stinard, PS. 2007. MNL. 81:33-35 -- An r1 haplotype-specific aleurone color enhancer expressed only in female outcrosses.

Subota, IY. 2007. MNL. 81:17 -- Presumable redox control of phosphorylation of the mitochondrial chaperonin hsp60.

Whalen, RH. 2007. MNL. 81:8 -- Mapping of ragged (rg*) mutation using classical and molecular markers.

Zeng, M. 2007. MNL. 81:2 -- RAPD analysis on the variation and mutant types induced by the special environment of space in maize (Zea mays L.).

*Note: We elected to use html format for the individual reports to permit rapid on-line access. Because these reports were converted from the final redacted copy  using Microsoft word, there will an occasional error.  These errors are not found in the pdf version, accessible at the top of this page.

Please Note: As is the policy with the printed version, notes submitted to the Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter may be cited only with consent of the authors.

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