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Volume 54, 1980

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Stock Center
Zealand 1980

Reports From Cooperators

Albertsen, MC and Phillips, RL. 1980. MNL 54:110-112 -- Ethidium bromide ineffectiveness and production of all male-sterile progeny by combining tillering and genetic male sterility
Baszczynski, CL et al. 1980. MNL 54:75-77 -- Alterations of several nuclear processes in maize by cycloheximide
Beckett, JB. 1980. MNL 54:26-27 -- An efficient method for producing trisomic and telotrisomic plants in uniform backgrounds
Birchler, JA. 1980. MNL 54:12 -- The functioning of a mutable alleles in the absence of a conventional Dotted gene
Birchler, JA. 1980. MNL 54:13 -- A proposal for a uniform genetic marking of the maize genome
Bird, R and Beckett, JB. 1980. MNL 54:62-63 -- Notes on Zea luxurians (Durieu) Bird and some requests
Bird, R. 1980. MNL 54:59-61 -- Chromosome knob patterns in maize and annual teosinte
Bird, R. 1980. MNL 54:61-62 -- What is the age of the oldest Bat Cave maize?
Brettell, RIS. 1980. MNL 54:8 -- Maize anther culture
Burnham, CR. 1980. MNL 54:115 -- Notes on golden and brown midrib mutants
Burnham, CR. 1980. MNL 54:115 -- Tests for cytoplasmic restoration of genetic male sterility
Ceska, O et al. 1980. MNL 54:118-119 -- Isolation and characterization of maize flavonoids
Charbonnier, M and Berville, A. 1980. MNL 54:93-94 -- Genotypic effects on mitochondrial activities
Chou, T and Weber, DF. 1980. MNL 54:88-89 -- Visualization of sister-chromatid exchanges in maize mitotic chromosomes utilizing 5-bromodeoxyuridine
Chumak, M. 1980. MNL 54:126 -- Use of ig mutation for cms counterparts of corn lines
Coe, E, Jr. 1980. MNL 54:27 -- Recessive plant color intensifier a3 recombines with a1
Coe, E, Jr. 1980. MNL 54:28-30 -- Exceptional seedlings from iojap and chloroplast mutator
Coe, EH. 1980. MNL 54:27 -- Dominant dwarf D8 is between bz2 and gs on chromosome 1
Cohen, JI. 1980. MNL 54:122 -- Measurement of heterosis by both electrophoresis and yield in hybrids containing teosinte and Tripsacum germplasm
Cornu, A et al. 1980. MNL 54:42-44 -- Induction of resistance to Helminthosporium maydis, race T in Texas maize
Dollinger, EJ. 1980. MNL 54:123-124 -- Notes on the selection of point mutations in inbred lines
Dollinger, EJ. 1980. MNL 54:124 -- Vigor effects of visible recessive alleles in hybrids
Dooner, HK. 1980. MNL 54:79-80 -- gay, a new mutant in chromosome 1
Doyle, GG. 1980. MNL 54:24-26 -- A breeding strategy for the allotetraploidization of maize
Echt, C and Ferl, RJ. 1980. MNL 54:15 -- Induction of alcohol dehydrogenase by amino acids
Friedemann, P and Peterson, PA. 1980. MNL 54:2-3 -- The Ub controlling element system
Galinat, WC and Pasupuleti, C. 1980. MNL 54:120 -- Diploperennis, a premaize teosinte of value in corn breeding
Galinat, WC. 1980. MNL 54:120-121 -- Preliminary studies of maize vs. teosinte pollen-tube competition in short styles
Galinat, WC. 1980. MNL 54:121 -- Indeterminate vs. determinate ears
Galinat, WC. 1980. MNL 54:121-122 -- Priorities in sweet corn trials
Georgiev, T and Mouhtanov, I. 1980. MNL 54:102-105 -- Relationships among several characteristics in maize related to the kernel moisture content at harvest
Gerrish, EE. 1980. MNL 54:49-52 -- Non-Corn Belt Dent populations
Golubovskaya, IN and Khristolyubova, NB. 1980. MNL 54:90-91 -- An electron microscopic study of two meiotic mutants
Goodman, MM and Stuber, CW. 1980. MNL 54:100-101 -- Further genetics of MDH
Goodman, MM et al. 1980. MNL 54:101-102 -- Five sets of enzyme genes encompassing 13 loci on 4 chromosomes--some possible implications for chromosome segment duplications
Gross, DF. 1980. MNL 54:44-45 -- Results of a comprehensive genic male sterility conversion program
Hake, S and Walbot, V. 1980. MNL 54:107-109 -- DNA/DNA hybridization of maize to related grasses
Hughes, W and Walden, DB. 1980. MNL 54:74-75 -- Two-dimensional electrophoresis of maize proteins: pollen
Hughes, W. 1980. MNL 54:69-72 -- Two-dimensional electrophoresis of maize proteins: methodology
Hughes, W. 1980. MNL 54:72-74 -- Two-dimensional electrophoresis of maize proteins: computerized densitometry
Johri, MM and Coe, E, Jr. 1980. MNL 54:30-33 -- Clonal analysis of development in corn
Johri, MM. 1980. MNL 54:33-34 -- Effect of growth regulators on the expression of Pt, Tu, sk and bk2
Kermicle, JL and Demopulos-Rodriguez, J. 1980. MNL 54:84-85 -- Location of indeterminate gametophyte (ig) on chromosome 3
Khehra, AS et al. 1980. MNL 54:79 -- Correlated response for maydis leaf blight incidence in a maize population improved for brown stripe downy mildew resistance
Kheyr-Pour, A and Gracen, VE. 1980. MNL 54:57-59 -- Genetics of cms-C fertility restoration
Kim, BD et al. 1980. MNL 54:46-48 -- Mitochondrial DNA transposition associated with reversion to fertility in cms-Vg maize
Kowles, RV and Beckett, JB. 1980. MNL 54:40-42 -- Cytological observations of several B-A translocation hyperploid stocks
Leto, KJ and Arntzen, CJ. 1980. MNL 54:115-117 -- Does the nucleus control certain chloroplast transcriptional translational events?
Lin, B. 1980. MNL 54:102 -- Map position of male sterile-10
Mascia, PN et al. 1980. MNL 54:112 -- Localization, multiplicity, and repeat size of the 5S rRNA genes
Mashnenkov, AS. 1980. MNL 54:125-126 -- Effect of Sup-W70 o2/o2 gene on fractional composition of endosperm proteins
Mazoti, LB. 1980. MNL 54:64-65 -- Inheritance of induced molecular variation
McCormick, S. 1980. MNL 54:45-46 -- Friable maize callus and suspension cultures using IAA-amino acid conjugates
Micu, V. 1980. MNL 54:63-64 -- Two-tassel mutant of maize
Miranda, LTde. 1980. MNL 54:15-18 -- Inheritance and linkages of multiple aleurone layering
Miranda, LTde. 1980. MNL 54:18-19 -- Inheritance and linkage of root characteristic from Pueblo maize
Molnar, SJ et al. 1980. MNL 54:52-53 -- Initiation of totipotent tissue cultures from undeveloped axillary and secondary ears
Mozgova, EA et al. 1980. MNL 54:55-57 -- Antigen and isozyme spectra of maize and teosinte
Neuffer, MG and Pawar, SE. 1980. MNL 54:34-36 -- Dominant disease lesion mutants
Newton, KJ. 1980. MNL 54:13-14 -- Mapping of three independently inherited genes encoding mitochondrial malate dehydrogenase isozymes
Newton, KJ. 1980. MNL 54:14 -- Localizations of the independently inherited duplicate genes encoding the soluble malate dehydrogenase isozymes
Newton, KJ. 1980. MNL 54:14 -- A further cytogenetic localization of bz2
Nowick, E and Peterson, PA. 1980. MNL 54:3-4 -- The diversity of En states arising from two autonomous alleles
Ottaviano, E and Sari-Gorla, M. 1980. MNL 54:86-87 -- Gametophyte competitive ability in maize: haploid determination and effects on the sporophytic progeny
Paillard, M and Berville, A. 1980. MNL 54:92-93 -- Mitochondria studies of the mutagenesis progenies
Paillard, M et al. 1980. MNL 54:94-95 -- Effect of toxins on T corn mitochondria: permeabilization
Pal, SS et al. 1980. MNL 54:78-79 -- Genetic variation for protein concentration in a random mating opaque-2 variety of maize
Pawar, SE and Neuffer, MG. 1980. MNL 54:36-37 -- Possible relation between level of cyclic hydroxamate and lesion formation
Phillips, RL and Thompson, SA. 1980. MNL 54:110 -- Chromosome 6 satellite location of a high chlorophyll fluorescence mutation (hcf*-26)
Pogna, NE et al. 1980. MNL 54:105-107 -- A maize trisome which produces hypertriploid (3n + 2) plants
Pollacsek, M and Caenen, M. 1980. MNL 54:21-22 -- Mutation for earliness
Pollacsek, M. 1980. MNL 54:22 -- Looking for mutations affecting crossing over
Rao, AG et al. 1980. MNL 54:78 -- A cytoplasmic influence on tassel seed gene
Rayburn, AL et al. 1980. MNL 54:22-23 -- Determination of chromosome knob number in Mexican races of maize
Rayburn, AL et al. 1980. MNL 54:23-24 -- Procedure for Giemsa staining Zea mays pachytene chromosomes
Rhoades, MM and Dempsey, E. 1980. MNL 54:8-12 -- Genic content and structure of abnormal chromosome 10
Robertson, DS. 1980. MNL 54:4 -- Request for stock
Robertson, DS. 1980. MNL 54:4-5 -- A new r mutant
Robertson, DS. 1980. MNL 54:5-6 -- Testing Ac-Ds controlling element system for mutator activity
Robertson, DS. 1980. MNL 54:6-7 -- Mu activity in pollen samples collected on consecutive days
Sarkar, KR and Sachan, JKS. 1980. MNL 54:87-88 -- Isolation of the individual constituent genes of the anthocyanin gene cluster at the R locus in R-ch
Shadley, J and Weber, DF. 1980. MNL 54:89-90 -- Using compound B-A translocations in maize to segment chromosomes
Sheridan, WF and Neuffer, MG. 1980. MNL 54:48-49 -- The continued search for maize auxotrophs
Sheridan, WF et al. 1980. MNL 54:38-39 -- Anther culture studies
Shimamoto, K and Nelson, OE, Jr. 1980. MNL 54:80-84 -- Translocation of 14C-compounds from maternal tissue into maize seeds grown in vitro: A test of a hypothesis concerning the absence of auxotrophs in higher plants
Siemenroth, A et al. 1980. MNL 54:53-54 -- Biochemical studies on the iojap mutant of maize
Spruill, W et al. 1980. MNL 54:97-99 -- A comparison of maize mtDNA from normal and male sterile cytoplasms
Startek, K and Walden, DB. 1980. MNL 54:66-67 -- A pollen bio-assay for agrichemicals
Stuber, CW and Goodman, MM. 1980. MNL 54:100 -- Genetics of IDH isozymes in corm
Stuber, CW and Goodman, MM. 1980. MNL 54:99 -- Genetics of 6-PGD isozymes in corn
Timothy, DH et al. 1980. MNL 54:96-97 -- Inverted repeats in chloroplast DNA from the genus Zea
Ting, Y and Yu, M. 1980. MNL 54:21 -- Regeneration from maize anther calli
Ting, Y et al. 1980. MNL 54:19-20 -- Cytological stability of maize anther calli
Ting, Y et al. 1980. MNL 54:20-21 -- Cytological stability of maize pollen (H1) plants
Tracy, WF and Everett, HL. 1980. MNL 54:57 -- A mutant for condensed plant type in the inbred NY544
Umbeck, P and Gengenbach, BG. 1980. MNL 54:112-114 -- Field tests of toxin-resistant plants derived from tissue cultures of T-cytoplasm maize
Vosa, C and Mogford, DJ. 1980. MNL 54:95 -- A fluorescence technique for the detection of chromosome knobs in maize
Walden, DB and Raman, K. 1980. MNL 54:67-68 -- Syngamy from in vitro germinated pollen grains
Walden, DB. 1980. MNL 54:65-66 -- Pollen studies
Weber, DF. 1980. MNL 54:90 -- Proof that univalent chromosomes undergoing equational division at anaphase I are not lost during the second meiotic division
Williams, A. 1980. MNL 54:122-123 -- Anthranilic acid accumulation and pistil proliferation: a second instance?

Please Note: As is the policy with the printed version, notes submitted to the Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter may be cited only with consent of the authors.

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