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Volume 82, 2008

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To celebrate the 50th Annual Maize Genetics Conference, Washington DC 2008

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Individual Reports From Cooperators

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      Anami, ES. 2008. MNL. 82:22-23. -- Progress in transformation and regeneration of tropical inbred maize lines in Kenya.

      Balconi, C. 2008. MNL. 82:5-6. -- Evaluation of inoculation techniques for Fusarium verticillioides ear rot and fumonisin contamination of maize hybrid genotypes.

      Cassani, E. 2008. MNL. 82:21. -- Tomato and Arabidopsis plants overexpressing the Ramosa1 maize gene show cell expansion.

      Cook, KA. 2008. MNL. 82:2-3. -- Linkage disequilibrium in a maize F2 population of B73 x Mo17.

      Foard, A. 2008. MNL. 82:13-15. -- Collection of quantitative images of leaves in the field and greenhouse.

      Haney, LJ et al. 2008. MNL 82:4-5. -- Allelism testing of Maize Coop Stock Center lines containing unknown brown midrib alleles.

      Harper, L. 2008. MNL. 82:6. -- Screening male-sterile mutants in Berkeley for anther development mutants.

      Jackson, JD. 2008. MNL. 82:31. -- New alleles of pale yellow9 found in viviparous stocks in Maize Coop phenotype-only collection.

      Jackson, JD. 2008. MNL. 82:31. -- "Allelism testing of phenotype only stocks in Maize Coop collection uncovers new viviparous5, waxy1 and shrunken2 alleles".

      Kandus, MV. 2008. MNL. 82:10. -- Performance of inbred lines considering different agronomic traits.

      Kandus, MV. 2008. MNL. 82:9. -- Effect of ethyl methane sulfonate (EMS) on ear weight in maize.

      Kandus, MV. 2008. MNL. 82:9. -- Increase of chlorophyll deficient mutants in a maize line induced by ethyl methane sulfonate (EMS).

      Karl, JR. 2008. MNL. 82:18. -- Jala maize - giant?.

      Karl, JR. 2008. MNL. 82:18-19. -- Getting seed from the maize race Montaña.

      Kass, LB. 2008. MNL. 82:17. -- "Centennial Celebration: Cornell's Department of Plant Breeding, 1907-2006".

      Kazic, T. 2008. MNL. 82:13. -- A collection of les mutants.

      Kazic, T. 2008. MNL. 82:12-13. -- Recording field narratives.

      Kazic, T. 2008. MNL. 82:15-16. -- Scripts and methods for tag production.

      Kittur, FS. 2008. MNL. 82:6-8. -- The b-glucosidase null phenotype in maize is due to a jacalin-related chimeric lectin and its lectin domain is responsible for b-glucosidase aggregati on.

      Kreff, ED. 2008. MNL. 82:10. -- Mal de Río Cuarto virus in maize: QTL mapping analysis.

      Kynast, RG. 2008. MNL. 82:19-21. -- Maternal and paternal transmission to offspring of B chromosomes of Zea mays L. in the alien genetic background of Avena sativa L..

      Lawrence, CJ. 2008. MNL. 82:2. -- Maize genetics outreach to American Indians.

      Narro, LA. 2008. MNL. 82:3. -- Direct and correlated responses to selection for earliness in a tropical maize population.

      Navas, AA. 2008. MNL. 82:3-4. -- Molecular studies for determination of quantitative trait loci for acid soil tolerance in maize.

      Pasini, P. 2008. MNL. 82:25-26. -- "Mapping, positional cloning and expression profiling of mutants affecting endosperm development".

      Pilu, R. 2008. MNL. 82:22. -- First evidence of non-Mendelian inheritance of the lpa1 trait in maize.

      Robbins, ML. 2008. MNL. 82:28-30. -- Identification and characterizations of P1-wr epialleles in maize that show a gain in pericarp function.

      Rotarenco, VA. 2008. MNL. 82:11-12. -- Using haploid plants for the creation of high yield populations in maize.

      Salerno, JC. 2008. MNL. 82:10. -- Chromosome segments involved with hybrid vigor in maize (Zea mays L.).

      Salerno, JC. 2008. MNL. 82:10-11. -- Markov chain in the analysis of the chromosome segment in maize.

      Salvi, Silvio. 2008. MNL. 82:8-9. -- A Gaspé flint x B73 introgression library suitable for the genetic dissection of flowering time and other agronomic traits.

      Slewinski, TL. 2008. MNL. 82:27-28. -- Two new PCR based polymorphic markers in bin 5.09.

      Sokolov, VA. 2008. MNL. 82:23-25. -- Effect of mutagens on imprinting expression in apomicts.

      Walbot, V. 2008. MNL. 82:26-27. -- Screening for male-sterile mutants that act before meiosis to disrupt normal cell fate specification in maize anthers.

Please Note: As is the policy with the printed version, notes submitted to the Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter may be cited only with consent of the authors.

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