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University of Illinois
New chromosome 7L male-sterile mutant ms34
--Trimnell, MR, Patterson, E, Albertsen, MC

Earl Patterson of the University of Illinois sent us several male-sterile mutants that he had found over the years. We have been looking at these for the past few years to further characterize them. One of these Earl had identified as ms*-6004. He had found that this male-sterile was located on Chromosome 7L by using B-A translocations. He also found that several other unknown male-steriles were allelic to ms*-6004. They were ms*-6010, ms*-6013 and ms*-6014. These male steriles were not allelic to ms7 or va1 (see MNL 69:126-128).

After receiving these male sterile mutants, we made reciprocal test-crosses (when possible) between ms*-6013 and ms22 (located on chromosome 7S) and the unmapped known male-steriles ms24 and ms27. Progenies of the test-crosses were grown from 1997-1998, and all fertile plants were observed (at least 40 plants per test-cross were observed), indicating that ms*-6013 is not allelic to ms22, ms24 or ms27. We believe this is a new male-sterile on chromosome 7L, and we are designating ms*-6004 as the reference allele for a new designation, ms34. The alleles described here will be identified as ms34-6010, ms34-6013 and ms34-6014.

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