Miscellaneous allelism tests
--Stinard, PS

Over the past few years, we have conducted allelism tests between mutants with similar phenotype, especially if they have been found to have the same chromosome location. We report here the results of four such positive allelism tests:

Notes written on old envelopes of seeds of the mutant opaque9 (o9) indicated that this mutant might be allelic to shrunken4 (sh4). Crosses made between o9 and sh4 confirmed this result. We suggest that o9 be renamed sh4-o9.

Richard Whalen reported to us the similarity in phenotype between white sheath3 (ws3) and virescent26 (v26), both located on chromosome 2, and both producing virescent seedlings that mature to plants with white leaf sheaths. We conducted allelism tests between the v26 allele v26-N453A and the ws3 reference allele, and found them to be allelic. We propose that v26-N453A be renamed ws3-N453A, and that the other v26 alleles be renamed as ws3 alleles in a corresponding manner.

A couple of years ago, we noted that the light yellow endosperm3 (lty3) mutant of Dollinger produces plants with a weak albescent phenotype. We placed lty3 in our TB mapping block this past summer, and at the same time set up allelism test crosses with albescent1 (al1). We found that lty3 is uncovered by TB-3La-2S(6270), and is indeed allelic to al1, which is located on 2S. We propose that lty3 be renamed al1-lty3.

A small kernel, white endosperm mutant producing green seedlings was found segregating in a stock of pitted1-Mu1568, a Mutator-induced defective kernel mutant. This new mutant was named y*-129E. Subsequent allelism tests proved it to be allelic to y1. The mutant is now designated y1-129E. Tests are in progress to determine whether the small kernel phenotype is part of the y1 phenotype, or whether it is due to a tightly linked small kernel mutation.

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