Allelism testing of zebra necrotic stocks in Maize COOP Stock Center collection
--Jackson, JD

This report summarizes allele testing of stocks of zebra necrotic mutations characterized by phenotype only in the Maize COOP Stock Center collection. Some of these mutations have been found in other COOP stocks and some have been sent in by cooperators over the years. In most cases crosses were made between known heterozygotes and homozygous zn2 plants. Plants were scored at the seedling stage and again at maturity. Proposed new designations have been assigned to these alleles. These stocks have been increased and placed on the 1999 stocklist. During the screening of green stripe mutants, one culture was observed to have more of a zebra necrotic phenotype and upon testing was determined to be allelic to zn2. It is expected that with further sorting of mutations characterized by phenotype only, additional zebra necrotic mutants will be discovered and allele tested.
previous designation allelism test with zn2 allelism test with gs1 new designation
zn*-PI251887 (8-m168-10) positive negative zn2-PI251887
zn*-PI236997 (8-m87-2) positive negative zn2-PI236997
zn*-PI239110 (m110) positive negative zn2-PI239110
gs*-56-3012-10 positive negative zn2-56-3012-10

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