Recovery of lw1-6474
--Jackson, JD

While sorting through the Stock Center collection of mutants characterized by phenotype only, an albino (w*-6474) was found that is tightly linked to pale endosperm color on ears segregating 3:1 for yellow vs. pale. The Stock Center has also been maintaining a w*-6474 (stock number 124L) that had been placed to 1L by a 1976 TB test. This one also segregates for pale yellow kernels linked to albino seedlings. Both stocks have been allele tested to other mutants in this class (pale yellow endosperm, albino seedlings) with positive results for lw1. The lw1-6474 allele has been given stock number 118CD.

Don Robertson had previously reported a lw1-6474 allele (Robertson, J. Hered. 66:67-74, 1975). This is probably the same allele. The COOP's source was E. G. Anderson 1967-2111-3 .

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