Genetic analysis of QPM
--Zeng, M, Yang, T, Liu, Y

In our previous paper (MNL, 69: 17-18), we described analyses of the endosperm lysine accumulation controlled by the o2 gene and breeding for High Quality Protein Maize (QPM). The purpose of this paper is to present the results of genetic analysis on QPM and its controls (soft endosperm). Three QPM inbred lines (T.T/02, Yi041/02 and Yi140/02), two normal opaque-2 inbred lines (Yi040, opaque-2) and ten normal maize inbred lines (I1278C, Mo17, Zi24, 525, Dwarf C103, Hai7-1, Dwarf 15-1, Duo 229, Bolicui and Ji B) were used as experimental materials. The results showed that the o2 gene of QPM is a monogenic recessive gene the same as normal opaque-2 (see Table 1). It controls the accumulation of increased lysine in endosperms, tassels and leaves at the seedling stage. The chromatogram of two-dimensional electrophoresis indicated the effects of the o2 gene and its modifiers on the synthesis of zeins. In Mo17 and Mo17/02 endosperms the synthesis of 27KD, 22KD, 20KD and 15 KD Zein was severely suppressed. In QPM and opaque-2 endosperms little difference existed.

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