Institute of Crop Breeding & Cultivation
The ultrastructure of developmental anthers of genic male sterile ms10 in maize
--Zhou, H, Sun, R

Anther development of ms10 was studied by transmission electron microscopy. The results indicated that the ultrastructure of the male sterile line was different from that of the fertile line. ms microspores could not continue their development after tetrads. Faces of microspores and inside faces of tapetal cells did not form "U body", but formed many filiform structures (see photo). From this time on, microspore development stopped, and almost all matter in cells degraded and caused sterility. This filiform structure was not reported before. We conducted two years of observation using Huangzao4(ms10), and the results were the same.

Figure. Huangzao4(ms10) microscopes, filiform structure(Fi-S) on the faces.

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