Tests of seedling mutants on 9S
--Coe, EH

Results of some complementation tests of seedling chlorophyll mutants are shown in Table 1. Direct tests of v*-N1893 showing it is not allelic to yg2, combined with results with wd1, indicate that this mutant is an allele of pyd1 (i.e., pyd1-N1893). This mutant arose in a bz2-m experiment -- if it should prove not to be a deficiency, it is a genic mutation in the region that pyd1 deficiencies on 9S uncover. Tests of w*-N1865, which does have a white phenotype, indicate it is a wd1-like deficiency. Tests of w*-N1854, with a white to near-white phenotype, also suggest it may be a wd1-like deficiency, but in the absence of tests on pyd1 this remains uncertain. Both of the latter mutants arose in an a1-m experiment. I appreciate the help of Dan England in selecting these mutants, and in advising on their origin and pedigree.

Table 1. Complementation tests among chlorophyll mutants on 9S. Phenotypic designations are virescent (v), pale yellow (py), yellow-green (yg), and white (w). Tester stocks were homozygous yg2 yg2, and stocks segregating for heterozygosity for v28, pyd1, v31, or wd1. Numbers with + marks represent the number of non-complementing tests in which the mutant was known to be present in the pollen parent.
Mutant Phenotype yg2 v28 pyd1 v31 wd1
v*-N1893 v>py>w 3+ 8+ py (3 tests) 5+ w (1 test)
w*-N1854 py?>w yg yg - 2+ w (1 test)
w*-N1865 w yg yg py (1 test) 3+ w


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