USDA-ARS and University of Missouri
Allelism of v28 stock with yg2
--Coe, EH

My stock of v28, obtained from M.G. Neuffer (27:[email protected]), aka v*-N27, does not complement yg2. By oversight, I had not previously conducted an allelism test. This mutant complements pyd1 but does not complement any known wd1 mutation. Its phenotype is like that of yg2, varying with background, like yg2-ref. The designation of the v28 mutation should be yg2-N27, based on its original designation as v*-N27 (aka v*-27, aka v28). Our paper on physical and genetic mapping of terminal deficiencies in 9S (Chao et al., Genetics 143:1785-1794, 1996) reported that the map site of v28 was not separated from that of yg2 by RFLP markers or by wd1 deficiencies, and the results of the allelism test are consistent with those results. Unfortunately, this reduces the number of mutants by which deficiencies in 9S might be discriminated. Isolate v*-N697, which is allelic to v*-N27 (tests by M.T. Chang), has not been tested directly against yg2, but presumably it is allelic. Both stocks have been provided to the Stock Center (per D. England). The wd1 deficiencies reported in the 1996 paper will be made available at the Stock Center.

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