National Chung Hsing University
Physical mapping of AFLPs and RFLPs by B-10L translocations
--Cheng, Y-M, Lin, B-Y

Hypoploids of 34 B-10L translocations (Lin, MNL 48:182-184, 1974) were used to map seventeen AFLPs located on the proximal half of 10L (Cheng and Lin, MNL 72:77-78, 1998). The hypoploids were produced by crossing the translocations (W22) as male with B73. The position of marker loci was determined by the "uncovering" analysis of each locus on the hypoploid DNAs. Figure 1 shows the order of 17 AFLP loci relative to the breakpoints of 34 B-10L translocations. Also integrated into the map are the locations of five RFLPs analyzed in conjunction with 17 AFLPs as well as that of six morphological genes (zn, du1, bf2, li, g1 and r). Thirty four B-10L translocations divide 17 AFLPs into six groups, five of which include only a single AFLP and the other one more than ten. This map differs from that of Neuffer et al. (in Mutants of maize, 1997) in that the order of csu613 and umc259 is reversed between the two maps, and so is the order of csu276 and umc259.

Figure 1.

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