Isolation of the new root mutant slr1 affecting lateral root formation
--Hochholdinger, F, Park, WJ, Feix, G

In an effort to identify mutants with deficiencies in the formation and morphogenesis of roots we identified in the segregating F2 population of mutator MU tagged material a monogenic and recessive new root mutant (designated slr1 for short lateral roots) concerning lateral root formation. Lateral roots normally start to appear on all different root types (primary-, lateral seminal-, crown- and brace roots) at 6-7 days after root initiation. slr1 seedlings initiate lateral root growth at normal frequency compared to wildtype seedlings of the same age, however at reduced length as shown in the Figure. This is in contrast to the previously described mutant lrt1 (Hochholdinger and Feix, MNL 1997) which displays no lateral roots 14 days after germination. In slr1 plants, in addition to the shortened lateral roots, the first two leaves are pale green, which represents a further trait convenient to being used in screening programs. An allele test with lrt1 and gene isolation attempts are in progress.

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