4. Linkage of a new glossy character in chromosome 5.


This new glossy gives a semi‑dwarf plant with transverse bands of necrotic tissue. The absence of recombinations with brittle‑1 indicates it lies close to the centromere of chromosome 5. McClintock's failure to find glossy sectors in her studies with ring chromosomes composed of proximal portions of the short arm of 5 would suggest that this new glossy gene lies in the long arm of 5.


F2 data from Bt gl/bt Gl plants. Pr is segregating as is A2 but an aleurone ratio of 27:37 indicates three aleurone genes are segregating.


Pr Bt

pr Bt

Pr bt

pr bt

wh Bt

wh bt


Gl gl

Gl gl

Gl gl

Gl gl

Gl gl

Gl gl


464 264

91 9

6 0

10 0

409 216

318 0

Total 1787


M.M. Rhoades and Ellen Dempsey