1. The John Innes Moves.


The move from our previous site at Kerton, Surrey, less than ten miles southwest from London's Centre to the above address at Hertford, situated at twenty miles north of London has meant that the quantity of maize grown in 1950 was on a limited scale. In addition the present writer was away sick for nearly a year.


Mr. M.B. Crane, F.R.S, maintained a small plot of material we have been inbreeding and also multiplied up stocks of Extra Early Bantam, inbred C13, and their hybrid. Some of the inbreds from Canada Gold are now approaching unifomity and in 1951 it is proposed to make top‑cross hybrids between Early Golden Market and these inbreds. These would represent 'reciprocals' of top‑cross hybrid "Canada Cross" (Syn. John Innes. Hybrid No. 2) which does well in England.