3. The report two years ago (Maize Genetic Cooperation News Letter 23:4) that green seedlings grown from yellow seeds seemed to be significantly taller at end of 21 days than green seedlings grown, from white seeds in same progeny has been further investigated. Not all progenies which segregate yellow and white seeds in 481 pedigree show this growth difference in seedlings. Several other pedigrees tested did not show any difference in stature between seedlings from yellow seeds and those from white seeds in same progenies. So it would seem that this difference is not due to presence of carotene in yellow seeds but is due rather to a gene or set of genes for increased vigor and that this gene or set of genes is linked in coupling phase with gene for yellow endosperm (most likely Y1, on chromosome 6, but not for certain). Several progenies in pedigree 481 showed this interesting correlation.