6. Oil yel.


A deep "oily" yellow seedling type which becomes green or golden-green as a mature plant, answering closely the description of Eyster's oil yellow. An excellent seedling character easily classified throughout seedling stage and often recognizable even in the mature plant. Viability good. Chromosome 10. Loosely linked to R on the basis of seedling tests as follows:


Crosses with colored aleurone gave F1s which on selfing gave 9-7

segregation of aleurone. These segregated for oil yellow in the following percentages:




oil yel

per cent

colored seeds




colorless seeds





This corresponds to about 25 to 30% of crossing over between oil yel and either C or R. Cultures segregating for oil yellow and waxy showed no linkage. Pollinations by TB‑9b gave only green seedlings thus eliminating the distal half of the short arm of chromosome 9. Pollinations by TB‑10a likewise eliminated the distal part of the long arm of chromosome 10. Thus the data would indicate a locus near the central portion of chromosome 10, possibly not far from golden or lineate. For most purposes it is a better marker gene than either of these.


E. G. Anderson