2. Glossies.


Intercross tests for allelism have been made both with previously-numbered glossies and with new glossy lines obtained from other sources, chiefly by muta­tions. The tests indicate that the gl8 is the same (or an allelele of) gl6 and the gl10 is the same as gl5. A stock listed under the symbol of glx is also the same as gl5. The stock listed as gl9 showed no glossy which could be recognized under our conditions.    Among our new mutants we have

obtained several recurrences of gl1, gl5 and gl7 and one each of gl2, and gl4. One additional glossy has been obtained. These results will be repeated for confirmation. We shall also be glad to check any glossy stocks sent to us. Stocks of the three widely used gl1, gl2 and gl3 are probably all reliable. But, as our present tests do not conform to the information given in the linkage summary of Emerson, Beadle, and Fraser, 1935, it would be well to have all stocks of gl4 to gl10 checked. We have verified the reported linkage of gl8 with genes from chrom. 5.


Anderson, et al


Quantitative determinations of the wax on the surface of seedling leaves are being made. The glossies differ from each other, but all have less than the normals. Glossy2 appears to have about one‑half the normal amount of wax and gl1 less than ane‑fourth.


Edward Kurtz