1. Inheritance of chocolate colored pollen.


In a plant of the genetic constitution, li rrr A1A2 B Pl, the pollen was of a chocolate color. Through self‑polliation strain with that pollen color was obtained.


Some crosses of these plants with plants of a constitution, Li rrr A1A2 b Pl, and a yellow pollen plant were made. In the F1 the pollen was of a light chocolate color. The chocolate color is due to a dominant factor for which we use the symbol Co.


The following relations of the phenotypes of the mentioned backcross were obtained:



a Pl Co

178 chocolate pollen


B Pl co

169 yellow      "


B Pl Co

180   "         "


B pl co

173   "         "


B Pl Co

167 chocolate   "


B Pl co

171 yellow      "


b pl Co

166   "         "


b pl co

181   "         "






Li Co

698 chocolate pollen, green leaves


Li co


127 yellow      "   ,   "     "


li Co


139 chocolate   "   , lineate "


li co


719 yellow      "





The chocolate pollen has developed only in plants with purple anthers. This means that there is an interaction of the factor for purple anthers and chocolate color.


A linkage of 15.8% exists between the factor for chocolate pollen and the factor for lineate leaves, located in chromosome 10.