10. Short‑plant types.


Fourteen unrelated short‑plant stocks were grown in the nursery in 1949, along with a number of additional derived and recovered lines. A number of these stocks were crossed with multiple linkage‑testers. An active search for new short‑plant mutations is continuing.


The "Oakes dwarf" gene, provisionally located in the short arm of chromosome 3 (Maize News Letters No. 15 and No. 16) was found not to be the same as Singleton's rd. Crosses between rd and the "Hy dwarf" gave normal F1's, also indicating that the "Hy dwarf" gene is not rd. In this connection, it should be noted that this "Hy dwarf", which was obtained by a number of corn workers from a comnon source, is not a mutation arising directly from inbred Hy, but was found in one of the more extreme Hy variants.


Earl R. Leng