1. A mutants from aged ap seed.


Several mutants from the ap allele to new alleles have been found when plants arising from eight‑year‑old seed of ap ap constitution were pollinated by recessive a pollen. Two of the mutants were to alleles similar to recessive a in their aleurone and plant color effects but produced the dominant brown pericarp of ap. They do not respond to the action of Dt. A third mutation was to an unstable condition which gives mosaic (pale and colorless sectors) aleurone as well as variegated culms (red‑brown and brown or green stripes) presumably due to mutations of ap to a. That this unstable ap allele also mutates to A is indicated by the presence of numerous deep colored dots of color in the aleurone similar to those produced on a Dt kernels. The mutability of this allele is not affected by Dt.