Most of the 116 cultures propagated the past summer were planted to renew viability and seed supply of old stocks. Further attempts were made to clean up certain of the stocks which had previously been outcrossed to adapted inbreds for the purpose of adding vigor to these stocks. In addition, stocks of two new genes and two new multiple‑gene chromosome 5 linkage testers were incorporated into our supply. These are listed below with the Cošp culture numbers.


1. Richey's dominant inhibitor or partial inhibitor of yellow endosperm

Co 48‑71


2. Randolph's a2 bt bv pr

Co 48‑75


3. A2 bt bv pr

Co 48‑21


4. Horovitz's early grasshopper resistant, ag

Co 48‑76


The last may be of special interest to corn breeders in those states where the grasshopper is a serious menace. Therefore, in addition to selfing this line, we crossed it to two adapted New York inbreds. Plenty of seed of both are now available for anyone who may want them.


If any other cošperator has a supply of gene stocks which were not listed in our inventory in the 1948 News Letter, it would be helpful if he would forward a small supply to the Cošp for incorporation into our seed supply.


James E. Wright, Jr.