4.  Association of endosperm color, vivipary, and chlorophyl deficiency.


A stock received from one of our hybrid seed producers in 1943 segregates 3 yellow : 1 white when plants heterozygous for endosperm color are selfed. Yellow kernels usually have normal embryos and produce normal green seedlings; white kernels are usually viviparous and produce albino seedlings. Two green seedlings have been produced from approximately 200 white kernels; one of these is now being grown in the greenhouse to determine if it is a crossover type or the result of heterofertilization. No albino seedlings have been produced from yellow kernels. Enough viviparous yellow kernels have been found to suggest that the kernel color‑vivipary association is the result of relatively close linkage and not of multiple effects of a single gene. The latter possibility for the association of endosperm color and chlorophyll deficiency cannot as yet be ruled out.


Earl R. Leng