2. Chlorophyll deficiency studies.


Recently lines have been developed similar to the one reported in the 1945 Maize News Letter by Brunson, in which the dark kernels are always correlated to normal green seedlings, while the light kernels germinate to give chlorophyll deficient seedlings. Note also the Y7 gene on chromosome 7 reported by Graner in Maize News Letter of 1947. These chlorophyll deficiencies range from albino to pseudo‑normal pale green in color and, as reported in Genetics Abstracts (33:609 Everett 1948), are caused by the presence of an albino mutation and a subsequent suppressor gene mutation respectively. These deficiency types will be supplied to Cornell for distribution next fall by Eyster of the Kettering Laboratory who has offered to increase the stocks this summer in cošperation with the Connecticut Station. Studies of these chlorophyll types are in progress and will be describled more completely in a future publication.


Herbert L. Everett