3. No supplemental light needed for certain corn plants.


The normal segregates from the heterozygous CG+ plants backcrossed to +, when planted at intervals of two weeks from August 15th, have been grown in the greenhouse without any addi­tional light. The norml plants show no

Tendency towards sex reversal that is usually found in plants started in the early fall when the days are becoming shorter. Normal plants from several

different sowing dates produced plants with good tassels and no silks at all in the tassel. Possibly the ++ plants received modi­fying genes from the Corn Grass. Or is corn perhaps not as sensi­tive to light as we have previously supposed? No controls were grown so we cannot answer these questions. It is interesting that entirely normal corn plants can be grown in the fall of the year when the days are becoming rapidly shorter. The normal plants have

been selfed and will be tested in the greenhouse this autumn.