In November, 1947, I visited the place in Nayarit, in western Mexico, where Kempton found a giant variety of corn 25 or 30 years ago. (See Journal of Heredity 15:337‑344. 1924.) The variety still grows there, but the ears are smaller than they were at the time of Kempton's visit. The longest that I found were about 15 inches. He reported some 24 inches in length. In addition to the large variety, a smaller one is now also grown in the same valley. Although the two are planted two months apart, there is evidence of hybridization, and that is probably the explanation of the decrease in size of the large one.


I have a small amount of seed of both varieties and shall be glad to divide with others who are interested as long as the supply lasts. The large variety probably cannot be grown anywhere in the United States except in the extreme southern part.


Paul Weatherwax