2. Additional note. In terminology of genetics, each row and column alone of these tables is a sample from a distribution having the essential characteristics of a backcross. Such distributions are generated as the product of a constant gamete and a gametic array. This provides first degree regression of offspring phenotype on number of plus genes in the specific gamete from the array. This gene number in turn is related linearly to phenotype per se of homozygous parents or to mean phenotype of offspring of either homozygous or heterozygous parents. The backcross distribution is not skewed by dominance since the distribution merely reflects a gametic array.


Any whole table is a sample from a distribution having essential characteristics of an F2, the product of two gametic arrays. Offspring phenotype is a second degree function of gene numbers of two parent gametes. Such distributions are skewed by dominance since regression is not first degree.


For simplicity present technics of treating the whole table as a series of backcrosses rather than as an F2 is proposed. But, of course, there is no fundamental difference in the two viewpoints.


Fred H. Hull