Some observations on morphological characters.


1. Midget: Associated with seed size. Ears of heterozygous mi selfed or backcrossed to mi show variation in seed size. Larger seeds gave mostly normal plants and smaller seeds mostly midget.


K. L. Retherford

E. G. Anderson


2. Tassel‑seed 6. Glumes on the cobs of Ts6 plants are longer than on the normals,and often bifurcated. The glumes of ts1 ts2 Ts3 ts4 and Ts5 appear normal.


E. S. Dale


3. A recessive character found in one of the translocation lines has ears like silky 1 (Fraser) and is completely male-sterile with short abortive silks in the tassel. It does not appear to be associated with the translocation.


E. E. Dale

E. G. Anderson