1. A new mutable gene.


Mutable alleles have been found at the P, Bt, and Wx loci. These mutable alleles may be described as recessives with a high mutation rate to the dominant allele. In addition there is the genically induced mutability of recessive a by the Dt gene. The effect of Bh on recessive c probably belongs in this category. A new type of mutable allele has recently been found. A dominant allele mutates with high frequency in both somatic and germinal tissue to an intermediate allele producing light aleurone color and red‑brownish plant color. The effect on pericarp color has not yet been determined. An example of the mutation rate of this mutable A allele (designated Am) is as follows: The cross of a x Am gave 74 kernels with self‑colored aleurone, 61 kernels mosaic for deep and light colored aleurone, and 24 with light colored aleurone. At least two different intermediate alleles, differing in intensity of color in aleurone and plant, have been found.