1. Attention is called to a recent paper dealing with the inheritance of number of kernel rows in maize (Tavcar, Alois - Beitrag zur Vererbung der Kornreihenanzahl an Maiskolben. Zeitschrift für Züchtung, Pflanzenzuchtung, 20: 364-376. 1935). A 4-rowed type is described and its genotype is assumed to be Rw1 Rw1. Crosses of 4-rowed with 8-rowed forms exhibit monohybrid F2 and backcross ratios. To the genes differentiating these two forms are assigned the symbols Rw2 rw2. 4-row = Rw1 Rw1 rw2 rw2; 8-row = Rw1 Rw1 Rw2 Rw2. Rw1 and Rw2 are inherited independently of each other and of P and Y1. [Since, on the author's assumption, Rw1 is homozygous in both the 4-rowed and 8-rowed types used in these crosses, no evidence is presented for the independence of Rw1 from Rw2, P and Y1. Of course Rw1 could be used as a symbol for the residual genotype of a 4-rowed form, but there seems no more need for such a symbol here than in many other cases.]