7. We apparently have two complementary factor pairs for yellow endosperm. I have tentatively designated one of them Y4 and the other It (intensifier). I have only one stock of Y4 Y4 it it, but It is carried by several white stocks, in fact, all so far tested except one a-tester. It might be an allelomorph of A. F1 seed of the cross Y4 Y4 it it x y4 y4 It It is all yellow. The F2 ears segregate fairly well into a 9:7 ratio for yellow and white, showing several intensities of yellow. I do not think the stock of Y4 Y4 it it is the same as Y1. It is much lighter in color and shows segregation well only in very flinty corneous stocks. The intensifier stocks, y4 y4 It It, also intensify the yellow color of Y1.