1. I have been studying an abnormal tassel type that I propose to call ramose tassel. It gives some variation in ear type. Some strains show crooked rows and generally a few sterile male florets on the tip of the ear. In other cases the upper half of the ear is divided somewhat like ramose-1. In crosses, however, either of these types can be separated from ra1 with considerable accuracy. Linkage studies of ramose tassel were made last year using F2 data from crosses with representative genes of the ten groups. It is linked with na1 cr1 and py in group 3 [py is in group 6]. It has occurred to me that this may be the same factor or an allelomorph of ra2 reported by Brink but not published. [Brink's linkage data (Linkage Summary, pp. 41, 42) give a1-ra2 51% and ra2-Rg 34% recombination.]