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Volume 91, 2017

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Reports From Cooperators

Zhu C, Im YJ, Cargill E. DNA synthesis and cell division in haploid maize shoot apical meristem cells during seed germination. PDF

Zhuo C, Guo-liang X, Jun R, Yu-xian D, Ming-yan Y, Shu-hua L, Xiao-dan L, Qi G, Li-na W, Ming-tang C. High spontaneous male-fertility-restorer frequency in maize. PDF

Kass, LB. Barbara McClintock rests at Cold Spring Harbor, New York. PDF

Mikhailov, ME. Spontaneous chromosome doubling in maize haploids: the cases of high frequency. PDF

Derkach K. V., Satarova T. M., Dzubetsky B. V., Borysova V. V., Cherchel V. Yu., Cherenkov A.V. Relationship between maize lancaster inbred lines according to SNP-analysis. PDF

Doebley, John. Teosinte as a Grain Crop. PDF

Jyoti Kaul, Ramesh Kumar, Usha Nara, Khushbu Jain, Dhirender Olakh, Om Prakash Yadav, Sain Dass. Indian maize cultivar database (IMCDB): a tool for breeders. PDF

Barca H. J., M. Collado, M. Aulicino, M. Molina. Salinity stress in maize: presence of genetic variability in the mechanism of tissues tolerance. PDF

Stinard PS. A newly identified dominant silk scar/pericarp color mutant, Sksc1. PDF

Stinard PS, Sachs MM. Allele test results for Maize Genetics Stock Center "phenotype only" shrunken stocks. PDF

Marcela A.B. Fagiani, Luís S.L.S. Reis, Kerle A.S. Leite, Vivian V. Zandonato, Antonio Fluminhan. Comet assay stained with Giemsa as a suitable method for evaluation of mutagenicity in maize. PDF

Karl, J. Maize Plant Height from Delayed Flowering Time and Indeterminance: Leaf Number and Internode Length from Phytochrome and Day Length/Photoperiod, Greenhouse, Teosinte, Short Day/Tropical Day Length, Gibberellin, Polyploidy, Leafy1, lazy plant1, indeterminant1, delayed flowering1, Tassel seed5, and elongated mesocotyl1. PDF

Karl, J. The Genetic Origin and Remnants of the Historical Giant Ear Length of Maize. PDF

Silva W.L., Lourenço G.A., Peruchi D.R.E, Lustri E.A., Silva R.P.F., Fluminhan A. Chromosomal instability in immortalized cell cultures of maize. PDF

Maize Genetics Cooperation

2017 Stock Center Report PDF | New Stocks.

2017 MaizeGDB Report PDF

2017 McClintock Prize Winner Michael Freeling.

MGEC 2017 Report PDF.

59th annual Maize Genetics Conference.

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