Dear Maize Cooperators,


We are writing to solicit your contributions to the Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter for 2013.  The deadline for receipt of contributions for the print version is May 1, 2013. 


Contributions of interesting findings, technical tips, new mutations,mapping information et cetera that would benefit fellow maize workers are welcome. We reiterate that notes in the newsletter do not constitute formal publications and should be cited as personal communications with permission of the author. The purpose of the newsletter is to foster communication and cooperation among maize workers. It is this cooperation that has helped maintain maize as a model system of scientific investigation. It is therefore assumed that any materials described in newsletter notes will be made freely available, with minimal restrictions, to other cooperators. 



Send your notes as attachments or as the text of an email addressed to [email protected] (we will acknowledge receipt, and will contact you further if necessary). If email is not feasible, please mail a double-spaced, letter-quality copy of your note, preferably with a disk containing an electronic version to Mary Schaeffer, 203 Curtis Hall, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65211-7020. Please consult a recent issue for style format. Figures, charts and tables should be compact and camera-ready, and supplied in electronic form (jpg or gif) if possible. To separate columns in tables, please tab instead of using spaces, to ensure quality tabulations on the web. Your MNL Notes will go on the Web verbatim promptly, and will be edited and prepared for printing in the annual issue. Submissions must require only minimal editing. 



To arms,


Co-editors  Jim Birchler; Mary Schaeffer &

Distinguished  Editor Ed Coe