Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter vol 85 2011




Saratov State University

The new technology of maize breeding by parthenogenesis  


Tyrnov, VS; Smolkina, YuV


A technology of haploids production on the basis of the induced parthenogenesis with frequencies up to 10-12% had been developed in our previous work.

                   By present time a technology of  haploids production with frequencies up to 50-100% is worked out. Alongside with haploids homozygous autodiploids, that is lines without additional diploidization, arises up to 5-8% (more often 2-3 %). An additional advantage of the given technology is that a genetical factors of parthenogenesis are introduced into selection material and the given stuff increases opportunities and chances of diploid or polyploid apomictic maize forms development. The last is shown by us in model experiments.



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