Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter vol 85 2011 Engaging an audience beyond the journals

Authors: Bodnar AL1, Andorf C,2 Lawrence CJ2.

Ames, Iowa

1Iowa State University and the 2USDA Agricultural Research Service


 At the 52nd Maize Meeting, the Maize Genetics Executive Committee  called for improved  public communication of research relevance and results (e.g., press  releases, etc.) from the community at large. They argued there was a  need to communicate basic and applied research in a way that is  accessible and comprehensible to non-scientists. In pursuit of this  goal, was developed by Anastasia Bodnar with  technical assistance from Carson Andorf. This website is designed to  be an information hub for all things maize research. To our knowledge,  this is the only broad initiative to discuss maize research on the  web. The blog format allows scientists to interact with each other and  with non-scientists in unique ways. The website promotes the work of  maize researchers, provides a venue for communication between  scientists,  and makes the research more accessible to non-scientists. Scientists  can use to engage an audience beyond the scientific  journals. We encourage others to participate in this outreach project.  There are many opportunities, including providing summaries of  published research, writing articles about research or current events,  searching the web for interesting maize related stories, and much  more. Please email Anastasia Bodnar at [email protected] for  details.


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