Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter vol 84 2010

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Cherry pericarp color confirmed in R1‑r(Ecuador1172) Lc1 stock.


                                          ‑‑Stinard, PS


                                                      Dominant alleles at the Lc1 locus confer cherry pericarp color in the presence of sunlight or Pl1 (Bray 1964, MNL 38:134), a pattern of expression similar to that of the displaced r1 genes Sn1 and Hopi1.  The Maize Genetics Stock Center has been maintaining a line of Lc1 in coupling with R1‑r(Ecuador1172) (stock number X19E).  However, during the course of its propagation, this line was maintained by crossing to R1‑g and re‑extracting a homozygous R1‑r(Ecuador1172) isolate.  The presence of the linked Lc1 allele was inferred, but never directly tested.  Last winter, we crossed our R1‑r(Ecuador1172) Lc1 stock to an r1‑r B1 Pl1 line in order to test for cherry pericarp expression of Lc1.  F1Ős were grown to maturity in our observation nursery last summer and all ears on these plants had deep cherry pericarp, confirming the presence of Lc1 in the R1‑r(Ecuador1172) line.  We are in the process of checking other Stock Center Lc1 lines by crossing with Pl1.